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What To Do With Extra Rooms In My House

What to do with extra rooms in my house?

My house has two floors. Currently, my older sister pretty much dominates the lower of the two. Downstairs has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a den.She is about to move out and go to college.
I am planning on using the den as my bedroom and a TV room for inviting friends over to watch movies and stuff. My sister's bedroom will be turned into my closet! Which is pretty much amazing, because I have always have a small closet. I am about to have the closet of a lifetime! (If you can't tell, I am planning on taking full advantage of my sister's moving out)
This still leaves one extra bedroom. I don't necessarily have to use this room. I was just wondering what my options are for this room. There is door to the outside from downstairs with its own small patio apart from the main back patio, its own gate, and a bit of an area to park. The patio can be used as a sitting area along with the den/bedroom. So, I don't need a sitting room. I do not need a study or home office. I am only going to be a junior in high school. If there are no other options for this room, I guess that's ok! Just wondering if you had any!!

What would you do with an extra room in your house?

I'd turn it into a hobby room, a home office or a guest room. If I really was being decadent, I'd use it for storage - a"junk" room.
I liked your idea of a study, but in my case, I'd just have a comfy reading chair with a good light and a small table to hold a beverage next to it. Perhaps a TV or stereo system (CD/DVD/DVR AUDIO/VIDEO EQUIPMENT) and maybe even a small desk for my laptop and printer. I would love to just "kick back" in that sort of uncluttered space.

I would see if the room had good natural light, and if so I might put some plants near the window. Maybe I'd get an aquarium or just keep it simple and have a terrarium. Some people might like to put exercise equipment in there.

Since money is an issue, you could have a "daybed" which is like a futon or a couch that can become bed for guests. But for book cases or other furniture, depending on your tastes, go to garage or rummage sales, or thrift shops like Goodwill, and buy simple bookcases or chairs or even inexpensive antiques. Buy only what you like, because these may stay with you awhile. I still have wooden chairs I bought when I was 20-Something for $2.00 each 35 years ago. I painted them colorful colors, and now they are part of the family!
I detest IKEA RTA (ready-to-assemble) particle board stuff, becuase it is made cheaply and may not last as long as a classic oak antique chair, but everyone has their tastes & style preferences.
FYI -Particle board stuff can give off formaldyhyde fumes. Not good. Particleboard is made of wood shavings held together with a formaldehyde-based resin that outgasses. You can see the wood shavings throughout the board on both the flat side and the cut side and it has an odor--strong when new. Formaldehyde offgasses from particleboard until there is no more formaldehyde to offgas. It is very intense when the particleboard is new and decreases over time. I read that the half life of formaldehyde in particleboard is three to six years, but can still contribute to indoor air pollution 12 to 24 years after installation (Spectrum--Newsletter of the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, Vol 26, No. 1). This seems reasonable to me. How long any given installation takes to full outgas depends on the conditions. More heat will make it outgas faster.

Good Luck! It's nice to have you own place all to yourself. ENJOY it while you can!

What should I do with the extra bedrooms in my house?

well first of all congrats on the pregnancy i hope your baby comes out very healthy!
well you have two rooms taken care of. one for the baby one for you guys (decorating the baby's room should be super fun!)
i would say make like two rooms a guest room because i mean you never know when people are going to drop in and it's always nice to have enough prepared room for everyone. depending on how big the rooms are you might not neven need a toy room (at least not till he or she is older.) but if that's something you really want to do then go for it!.
that last room could be used for any hobbies you or your boyfriend have. do you paint? make it an art room. you know what i'm sayin? it would be nice to have a room to yourself to think and have some alone time. hope this helps :]

I want to add an extra room in my house, with a bathroom and shower and closet. How much am i looking at?

This site has construction estimators. The cost of building an addition can depend on several factors these include,

size of house,
type/shape of house
foundation construction
area building codes
quality of amenities

Cost per square foot can run anywhere from $50 to $150 a square foot.

Suggestions about contacting a contractor is applicable.

Good Luck.

Five extra rooms in my house? What to do with them?


A few months ago, I got married to my husband Mike. We met when the company I own and run was doing business with the company that he owns and runs. We got married and we have recently bought our first house. It's quite large, but we've managed to fill it up pretty well. A lot of extra bedrooms (we plan to have kids), a future playroom, a lounge room with a bar, a lounge room that opens up to the pool built in the center of the house, a few formal dining rooms. But after filling up most of it with the necessary rooms and a few guest rooms, we still have five extra rooms, left. What should we do with them?

We've already filled some of them with couches to make them lounge areas, but I dont' want to have a bunch of lounge areas in the house, because we'll never use all of them. I already made a library that's two-stories with the second floor open to the bottom, and a small study connected to it. I also have another study that opens to the pool for warmth, French doors opening. We already have three studies. I already have an entertainment room with a pool table and ping-pong table, and I've already added an at-home gym. I already have, connected to the entertainment room, a TV room full of DVDs and a stereo system with speakers all around the house, and you can choose which speakers to shoot the music out of.

What in the world should I do with those extra rooms? Should I just turn it into storage? I already have so many closets that aren't even NEAR full and it seems so silly to make it into yet MORE storage!

Is it illegal to rent out rooms from your house?

My neighbor is renting out rooms in his house it is a 4 bedroom house with a porch Inclosed made into a bedroom without permits there are 4 different family's renting out rooms. There are 2 restrooms and with a septic tank I'm tired of people coming and going all day and night it's like a freeway. There are a total of 15 people Living in the house is it legal and who can I call to fix problem I am a home owner and we share the same driveway with all the people and traffic

Can I add/build an extra room in my house specifically to rent on Airbnb?

Different communities have different rules. Check the zoning rules in your community, municipality, county, etc. The rules are very specific. An example of this is Las Vegas where you can do Airbnb if no one within a certain radius of your house is doing it and if your house has less than 5 bedrooms. If you have a 5 bedroom or more house, you can’t do it. It’s all about zoning, home owners association rules, and other ordinances. Do you homework before you invest in your remodeling project.

We bought a house with extra room built no permit. The city suddenly issued an inspection what now?!?

What I'm understand here is when you bought the house, the extra room (studio) was already added on the before you bought it, but you knew there was no permit issued.

They're probably coming over for the inspection, because of the shed you're building. Obviously one of your neighbors doesn't like the sight of it for some reason. They'll the placement of the shed, if sheds are allowed where you live. They're basically doing it, because a neighbor called and didn't like having to look at it out what ever window they look out of. They discuss the lack of permit with you when they get there. They could tell you to remove it or just move it to another location. Don't know if you'll get a fine right then and there or if you don't comply. You'll find that out soon enough.

As for the added studio, I don't know, because I'm not sure if you built it or the former owners did. If the former owners build the extra room, and you knew of the "no permit" then that problem may be passed on to you. Is it stated anywhere in the paper work when you bought the house that there was "no permit" issued for the room addition, then don't say anything unless they have blueprints of the house when it was originally built and doesn't show the extra room.

If you build the addition with out a permit they could go by the book, because there a laws about such things as you are aware. They could have you remove the room or what ever your city or township requires. You could get off with a fine if the room doesn't intervere with lot lines.

I remember a case where I live. Guys boat house either burned down or he wanted to repair or rebuild another. Law had been passed, no more boat houses. This went on for three years ... back and forth to court .... he loosing thousen's of dollars in court costs all the while rebuilding his boad house. I guess he thought he would win the case. He lost the case and had to tear down the new boat house he insisted on rebuilding.

All I can say at this point is laws or laws. Get a permit next time.

If I rent out a room in my house for $500 per month, with about half of that to cover utilities, is all of that considered income?

Assuming you are in the US you’ll need Schedule E for rents and royalties. The first section covers the income received, which will be $6000 for the year. The second section covers expenses which can be anything from utilities to insurance to taxes etc.If you’re renting part of your house you’ll need to figure what utilities are actually used. If you’re a single person and your tenant is single you might figure 50% of the water bill is a fair assessment; if they get one room and you get six rooms then 16% of the electricity bill is closer to the mark. Heating could be tricky, especially if you’ve got different views on an ideal temperature. The approach I used for a time (when it was relevant for me) was to come up with the fairest approximation I could muster, figuring I may need to justify it to the IRS if they did select me for audit, and use it consistently.Be aware that if you include utilities in your rent then your state may expect you to pay use taxes on them. That one caught me by surprise.If your taxes are as simple as you make out you don’t need to pay an accountant, you just need to take some time and work through the forms. Get yourself a free account with TurboTax or similar. When I had to file my first US return I went through TurboTax step by step, used it to figure out which forms I needed to file, and then took the time to read the instructions for each form so I understood what needed to be done.