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What To Do With My Life Job Wise

Tattoos affect do they have affect on your future life college wise job wise? should have thought about this before you got the ink! but tattoos are more and more prevalent, i wouldn't worry too much. i would think the computer field is more forgiving of tattoos than say a more corporate career...but if i were you, i wouldn't get anymore.

How do I know what to do with my life (job, career & work wise) before it’s too late?

What does “too late” mean? I’m fifty and just changed my whole professional life, from corporate to freelancing coaching; last summer started to do what I could not do in my youth - singing. You do not know what to do… you simply like and dislike some of what you are, do and have.Observe these and adjust where possible. Enjoy each and every day as it is, as you live it at the maximum of your potential. Can you do more? Than do! Learn, apply, laugh, cry, suffer, love...there is no recipe for life.And than, when you stop seeking “the life” this life simply starts to be enjoyable and you allow gratefulness and harmony to step in.Cheers!

Why am i so fickle about what i want to do with my life (career wise)? Any wise advice?

Hello to all who read this.

My whole life i haven't been sure what i wanted to do with it, career wise. i'm 27 years old and i'm just about to complete a program in which i would obtain a Paralegal Certification. ... i *thought* being a Paralegal would be what i wanted to do with my life, but i feel like i'm just not "into it" anymore. i thought my passion was there, but now i feel apathetic about it; i feel like i'm going to be very lazy and i'm going to procrastinate when it comes to finding a Paralegal related job.

Right now i *am* currently working, mind you, so that's not an issue at this moment. For a long time now; many years in fact, i've always in the back of my mind given though to truck driving of all things (i'm obviously talking big rig driving). It keeps popping back up in my head. ...i mean...should that be what i go for? i've always felt pretty strongly towards it, but i'm still not 100% sure if that's what i want to do.

Either way, i've seemed to have lost this desire to become a Paralegal, and i feel like i just don't know what to do. i always feel like i'm at a dead end when it comes to figuring out what i truly want to do with my life. But i do know i absolutely love to drive and that i really like the sound of being paid for it; but i don't know if that's really what i want to do with my life.

i just can't seem to figure out where my heart lies. i know it's not uncommon for people in my age group to feel this way, but it's really frustrating. i always think about what i want to do, but i never really give thought to my future (career wise). Any advice?

HELP!Im panincing about what to do with my life (career wise) and I feel like time is running out!?

I went into college to do hair and make up when I was younger but because I had a lot of personal problems and because I couldn't deal with katti and competitive people I dropped out and went into health and social care instead.

Now Im thinking about going into the make up artist industry make up and art have always been a passion of mine, and Im thinking about doing a home course with ICS which will last 6 - 12 months, but I want to learn everything ells as well, waxing, electrolysis, nail technology extention and art, and complimentary therapy.

If Im going to go into anything I want to be a complete success but it will take me 3 - 4 years in college just to get my foot through the door! I also want to go traveling to exotic countries with the job and then settle down with my own luxury salon abroad somewhere.

Im panincing about what to do about my life now because some of my friends have either almost finished with university / got diplomas in what they like doing, have moved out of the family home and had children etc ect you get the picture.

Now my parents are putting pressure on me to find a full time job, but I just don't want to settle yet, I want a high level of qualifications so that I can afford to live without benefits when Im older, I want to move out of this country I want to travel, I feel all mixed up about everything I want a job and a family but I also want to travel and go into higher education.

Im just so scared of failing and living a life of misery where I have to work my *** off for nothing.

Some people have told me that Im just a babie (Im 19) and others are telling me to find a full time job.

How can one truly decide what to do with their life, career wise?

Plato said "there is a place you're to fill and no one can fill, something you are to do, which no else can do".  When you can't decide, how about choosing a career where you actually enjoy the work it involves? When you enjoy what you do, you feel more fulfilled and happier in life.  What if you enjoy lots of things, then what? Well, most people enjoy doing things they're good at.  Why are we good at something? As adults, this might have taken golf.  I enjoy playing golf now but only because of years spent practicing at the range.  Does that mean I want to become a golf instructor or own a golf shop? Maybe not.  To really get down to the core of what you find enjoyable, don't think about activities you enjoy now as an adult.  Revert back to when you were a child.  Do you remember what you were doing when you had free time? When your parents didn't tell you to do something in particular, what would they find you doing? I find people enjoy doing what they're good at, but we all have innate talents for certain things, a natural knack if you will. What you enjoyed doing as a child is a a good indicator of those innate abilities.

I really dont know what I want in my life career wise. What should I do?

First thing you must do is simply DON’T WORRY. Majority of us came to that point in life. It maybe in your mid or quarter life. The good thing is that you’re now coming to a realization that you want to do something in your life that could make a difference.So here’s my advice. I hope this helpsEvaluate yourself. List the things you think your good at and passionate about then list what other people (friends) says you’re good at. Find an intersection on what you’re good at and passionate about to what the society needs. Look for a career where you can make a big impact.Invest in yourself. Read books about the career you want to pursue.Find and follow people that you find interesting. Talk to them. Get inspiration from the people you want to be like.Do “Regret minimization”, Try to project yourself in the far future. And ask yourself: “What are the things that I would most likely regret for doing or not doing?”Always remember that “The only thing that is constant in this world is change”. Perhaps you’ll have other interests in the future. So learn how to pivot. Keep the skills you learn on every career moves you make and stay grounded.To cut it short, just follow your passion and do what is important. You’ll be fine.

I don't have any dreams in life...

Stop being so emo . Listen it takes a lot of self anaylazing for a person to find themselves vy few ppl are born knowing exactly who they are . Its silly to give up so early so dont ! Dude lemme tell you a story i am the biggest procrastinator in the world and like you i had no clue what the hell i wanted to be i went through a year of college in general studies just wasting time . Till i really though about it and research some things i was into (dentistry , interior design , and a bunch of other stuff ) till finally i found graphic design it just seems perfect for me and i am starting classes next September ! I am the girl who takes an hour to pick between two pairs of shoes ! You will find your self it just takes time be open to the Millions of possibilities in the world maybe start taking a few career assessment test online (i like Princeton review it told me i should be a circus performer lol ! ) . Dont try to fit a square peg in a round hole if the career doesnt fit then it isnt right for you ! Listen to your heart and dont be so jaded about life !
There are a billion ways you can get into anime ! You can write storys for them , Maybe look into a visual arts feild most ppl told me as i was researching graphic design that you dont need to draw well to work in this feild but i plan to take some lessons in art to hep develope my skillz ! Who knows maybe with a few proper lessons you can draw better also !
Believe in your self you will find your way :) .
And dude your gonna let some student advisor get in your way ! Also you wont believe how many of your so called happy classmatres are going through the same thing as you ! Its a ton of pressure to find what you want to do and your not alone !
Izzie xx

Are you doing what you wanted to do in your life?

No, I am not...not 100% sure what I'd like to be doing (career-wise) but my current job isn't it. I'm glad to be employed and have money to pay the bills, but I'd REALLY like my job to be more than that to me.

My personal life could use a boost as well...and hopefully the future will provide that. ☺♥☻