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What To Pack For My Trip

What to pack for my Graduation trip?

Hey, well im going to Ottawa for my grad trip in about 2 weeks.It's 4days and 3nights. So my questions are:

1. What can I bring on the bus?(4-5hours)

2. Can you attempt to give me a packing list? (please be specific and i'm chick)

3. What is the normal weather like there in mid-may. Is it really warm?Cold?

So ya thanks :)

What to pack for my trip?

I'm leaving for my flight really soon, it's 14 hours (with 3 stops and 1 night in a hotel) and the vacation in total is 35 days. I'm asking this to see if I forgot anything I might want to bring.

Here is what I have already packed in my luggage:
1 pair of Nikes (white).
2 pairs of Vans (1 neon blue and 1 black).
3 band t-shirts (Paramore, 30 Seconds To Mars and Ke$ha).
5 pairs of underwear.
6 pairs of socks (3 sport length socks and 3 ankle length socks).
2 pairs of jeans (1 skinny and 1 regular fit).
3 pairs of shorts (2 denim and 1 pair of swim shorts).
4 t-shirts (1 blue, 1 pink, 1 black, 1 white).
2 sleeveless t-shirts.

Here's what's in my carry-on:
My wallet with some cash and my debit card.
Two pens (1 blue and 1 black).
My iPod and headphones.
My camera.
My passport and plane ticket.
The keys to the padlocks on my luggage.
A few moist towelettes, a few Q-tips and a hand towel.

I won't be bringing toiletries such as shampoo because I will be going to the local drug store to get them when I reach the destination. I won't be bringing my cell phone as I won't be needing it, I don't have travel insurance (I haven't got around it getting it yet).

Is there anything I need/don't need to bring?

What should I pack for my band trip?

Sheet Music
Jeans (pants)
Longsleve shirt
Face wash

Sleeping Bag

Entertainment Like.....
Chargers for all those things

And thats all I can think of....

What should I pack on my trip to Hanoi?

Very thorough answers given, I’ll just wanna add some little thing:deodorant (It’s the kind of hot weather somebody told me they didn’t know how to explain how hot it was to other people in colder countries . Certainly not hotter than the Middle East, simply SO HUMID. I took a shower 3–4 times a day when I was there just to get rid of that sweaty feeling on my skin.) Strongly agree that you should take some facial or baby wet wipes. I don’t recommend white shoes or fabric shoes, because of dirt, dust and humidity. (If you have to wear a white shirt, the inside of the collar will turn black after a few hours.) Well, this is for summer.When you’re there, you can buy a little folding fan, made by paper or fabric. Can help a bit while you’re in the queue or sitting waiting somewhere. Some tourists and many locals wear masks, though this is not common among Western travelers. Fan and mask are up to your personal preference.Underpants better be cotton, breathable. Liners are recommended for females. Better bring your own liners if you can, coz the ones there are extremely small.Bags, purses should be fully zipped, at least the compartments where you put your most important belongings. Best to divide cash into a few different places - if you just need to pay a few bucks do not open your wallet and let people see you’ve got some hundreds in there. Minimize the number of valuable jewelries you’ve got to wear. Oh for USD, depending on where you exchange the money, but better choose the best looking notes you have to bring with you - you get less local money if your USD notes have some marks on it or so.GrabBike or GrabCar is wonderful - you know the distance and how much you’ll need to pay. GrabTaxi goes by km. Note that rush hours will be a different rate. They also give a lot of discount. Uber is similar, therefore, download both apps: Grab and Uber to your smart phone, and compare prices before you go. It takes much longer to travel within Hanoi than you may do at home - so many vehicles and nearly no lanes.To take pictures, a camera (with neck strap or hand grip) is much safer than a phone. There’s much less chance people want to grab your camera and run than to do that with your smart phone. As always, bring extra battery and SD cards if necessary.

What To Pack For A Trip To Mississippi?

I'm Going To Mississippi For My Great Aunts Funeral. The Actual Funeral Is On Saturday .I'm Leaving Tonight (Tomorrow) At 5 am. We Are Driving. I'm Going With My Mommy, Aunt 2 Cousins And My Aunts Best Friend. We Got A $100 Gift Card To Stop At A Gas Station. I Really Want To Know What To Get At The Gas Station (besides gas.) And We Rented A 2012 impala. Will We All Fit.? (The Drive Is About 15-16 hours.

When should I start packing for my trip?

Here's what I do when I'm packing:

About a week in advance, I take out everything I'm sure I absolutely can't live without on the trip. Then I start to winnow out what I really need, bearing in mind the size of the luggage I'm using. When I figure out what I really must take that will fit in the luggage, I do a "trial pack" to make sure everything really fits.

Then I take everything out and hang them in a separate section of my closet. The night before I leave, I pack. It only takes a few minutes since I know everything I'll be taking.

I also keep a "go bag" of toiletries, etc., that contain everything I'm going to need for beauty, health, safety, etc. It's always current because I always replenish what I need immediately when I get home from a trip. So I never have to worry if I'm missing something.

What to pack in diaper bag for trip to the mall?

This is the perfect time to pack your "car" bag. Keep about 10 diapers, a package of wipes, change of clothing, a changing pad, a few bibs, and receiving blankets in there. As your son gets older, you can add a few dry snacks, some toys, etc. It's much easier to not worry everytime you're trying to run out the door.

The only thing that you need to worry about bringing with is bottles, if your son is bottle-fed. If he's not, you're all ready to go. If he is bottle fed, I would recommend bringing enough formula for 3 bottles. The second you bring 2, knowing he will only eat 2, is when he will want a 3rd. They like to be unpredictable. I suggest getting one of those formula containers that allows you to pre-sort 3 bottles worth of formula.

Of course, if you are breastfeeding, none of the above matters. :)

Edit: I forgot to answer the last part! You'll want to make sure that he is fed and dressed and ready to go. Because he is so young, you can't really schedule trips around "nap time", since that is mostly what he will do for a while. My mother told me to always get my daughter ready first, and *then* get yourself ready. Otherwise you will end up with pukies down your back, and not know it until you smell it. :)

What should I pack for a 10-day trip in Colorado this August?

Some thoughts:You will need clothing for warm and cold weather. You could see high 40's at night in the mountain towns and it is certainly chilly at the top of Trail Ridge road through RMNP. But it could be in low 90's in Denver. No need to down jacket, mind you, just a good windbreaker with some insulation and a long sleeve shirt (hoody isn't enough for grandfathers - YMMV). Also, long sleeve shirts are good on hikes at elevation for both warmth and sun protection.Running shoes or light weight hiking shoes should be sufficient if going on day hikes (don't count on Vans being sufficient). You will need a hat with a wide brim - I like the floppy kinds - but the UV is intense at high elevations. A baseball cap might be sufficient if you use a lot of sunscreen on your neck and ears. Please use sunscreen daily - even in Denver or CSprings.Insect repellent can be useful, but depends where you are going. If you stay in the cities, not so much, but if you are out on the trails, especially near lakes, you will need something.Money! lodging and food can be expensive in the mountains.A water bottle - it is essential you stay hydrated at high altitude. Even at mile high (Denver, Boulder, CSprings) you can dehydrate pretty fast and it is even more so 2.3 miles high (RMNP). Some kind of hand lotion may be good as well as your skin will dry out some over 10 days. If you are under 40, it's probably not a problem, though.Oxygen - we don't have much, so bring your own. Seriously, you can buy small oxygen bottles in the mountain cities. But they are mostly for old folks my age and older.A journal might be a nice thing to bring because there is a lot to see and photograph and you may want to take some notes.I hope that helps and that you enjoy your trip here. Take some time to acclimatize at mile high before trying a long hike in the mountains. The lack of oxygen is not so apparent when just strolling through town, but you could suffer from altitude sickness if you go too high too quick.God bless,Doug

What should I pack for my trip to Ireland over the March break?

Weather-wise people always talk about the rain, but rarely mention the wind, it is very windy. If you are investing in a rain jacket it is worth while going for one that has a good tight wind proof weave.  Like everywhere our weather has gone very odd, but I would expect it to be somewhere between 5-15 Celsius in March.So pack a decent, warmish rain jacket. A few sweaters (we call them jumpers), a few pairs of jeans. If you wear shorts in Ireland in March everyone will have you down as an American in about two seconds. You will not get into certain nightclubs or pubs if you are dressed too casually. So it is worth while bringing a pair of dark shoes, and a decent shirt with you, jeans are fine. BTW I'm assuming from your name you are male. If you plan on doing any significant hiking, then you do need proper gear. People look at heights of our mountains and think they are will be easy, go for a stroll in a T-shirt and then they die. They may not be very high but they are old and covered in shale and raised bog, which when combined with fog can be extremely dangerous. Apart from that, you really only need a electrical outlet converter. Even if you forget that you'll be able to buy one easily enough in Ireland. In terms of presents...I like Aran knit cusion covers and throws, they are available in the Island shop on Inismore if you are visiting the Islands themselves. Or I'm fairly sure you can buy them in the Kilkenny stores too. Bog oak items are a nice buy I think. Bog oak is wood preserved in Bogs, most of it is at least 4,ooo years old. People make all sorts of things out it.GAA jersey's. Made out of the finest polyester, every County has its own colours. This is the best one by far.Or you could get a Hurley.Rugby Jersey's. To be fair, you can actually get these in cotton. There are four rugby provinces. This is the best one by far. For the women in your life, see if you can find jewellary made out of old Irish coins. I think they are very pretty.