What To Say Back To This

Is it okay to say "reply back"?

"Hope to hear from you soon" is a much better one if you are writing some kind of letter. The above explained is a formal one. Informal way of writing has various. You can write anything until it make sense while writing it.Like, reply back when seen, reply soon, reply when seen etc.  Use any of the above thing and not just REPLY or REPLY BACK. :)

What to say back to rude people???

I am very petite (about 5'3 and 100lbs,) and I am sick and tired of people making rude remarks about how small i am. I dont want to be rude back, but i about just had it and I want to know if you guys can help me come up with some kind of smart *** comments i can say back to them, when they say something about me being short or small.

Thanks to everyone for your replys...

What do I say back to a tbh?

What do I say back? I just met this person and was curious what they would say so I liked their tbh pic and they said this I've never gotten one of these what do I say back am I supposed to write it on the say picture or his? What do I say back?

What to say back to I adore you?

say I love a door back

If a girl texted you "meow" what would you say back?

bark at her lol

How come I never know what to say back to people when they are trying to talk to me? And how do I change this?

I had this problem too before. I always felt so awkward and surprised when people tried to speak to me, so I always replied with 'oh' and then awkwardly tried to say something back. I felt like whatever I said would sound awkward.Though it made me cringe, I have a tendency to go over it in my head later on. When I'm by myself and calm, being off the pressure of having to reply back on time before things got to awkward, I could come up with loads of different responses.This continued for some while with me trying to see how other people responded to it to get a feel for how to respond, and thinking about how I feel about it. Eventually I got better at it though. Now it rarely happens to me. The trick is to sound confident when you reply. Even if you say something completely normal in reply but hesitate, it won't sound good. Also when you're relaxed, or around people you know well, this shouldn't happen. Responding to people you're comfortable with just becomes natural, but build on this to extend to more people and then even until strangers say something. That's what I did. Hope it helped! :)

What do you say back to someone who says you are sweet?

A simple thank-you shows that you appreciate the compliment but (usually) allows the conversation to proceed.It can get a little awkward when someone responds to the “thank you” with “don’t thank me. I’m just telling you the truth.” I think a reasonable response to that is a clarification of the original thank-you—something like “well I appreciate you saying it.”At the risk of being pedantic, I will consider a couple alternatives:If you express disagreement with the compliment, it calls the other person’s judgment into question, and it can make you seem insecure. It prompts the other person to reaffirm the compliment and continue talking about you, which can make you seem insecure and/or self-centered.If you express agreement with the compliment, it can make you seem conceited.In my opinion, “thank you” is usually the best response to a compliment.

Is saying "Back to home" incorrect?

Yes and no.“Back to home” would be correct if home was used as proper noun, a specific name for a place, and would thus need to be capitalized; “Back to Home.”Inserting an adjective would make it work as well; “Back to my/her/his/their/etc home” or “Back to the white home.”Inserting a noun, such that “home” becomes the adjective; “Back to home base,” “Back to home page.”Finally, omitting “to” will make it correct as well; “Back home.”

Is it correct to say ''i just get back to home from gym''?

It should be “ I just got back home from the gym”.Grammatically it’s totally wrong to say “ get back to home from gym”.Its not To home…its got back home! :)

What do you say back when someone says touche?

touche is a gracious way of saying, you win. no come back is required since they have admitted defeat, rubbing it in there face would make you the lesser person. a smug smirk is more than adequit if you must respond. i would prefer to remain silent and let us both realize who the victor was, .