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What To Wear And Expect From An Estee Lauder Counter Manager Interview

What to wear and expect from an Estee Lauder, Counter Manager interview?

What to wear and expect from an Estee Lauder, Counter Manager interview?


Im a guy and have an interview as a counter manager at Estee Lauder on wed. Although i have lots of experience as an Assistant Manager at Hugo Boss- i just have no idea what to expect in this field? Can anybody give me a heads up on what to expect in the interview? And what should i wear? Thanks

Working at a macys makeup counter?

I was recently hired as a counter manager for a cosmetic brand at Macy's with absolutely NO experience in cosmetics or retail. I got the job because I was persistent and the manager saw potential for growth and leadership in me.

I've only been on the job for a week, but I can tell you there is NO sitting and you get 1 hour lunch breaks if you are full time (8 hour day) or 15 minutes if you work for 4 hours. The hourly rate will depend on your area. I live in a rural-suburban area and know some people that are getting $6.50/hr. My general rule is.. ask for how much you are worth. If they offer you lower than what you expect (which is what happened to me) see if they offer benefits to make up for it. I can also tell you Macy's has some insane employee discounts on merchandise at certain times.

Does anyone know what type of training is needed for people that are looking to be MAC makeup artists?

Wow some of you have written some very in-depth and helpful answers. Thank you so much for your expertise ladies. My decision on the 'best answer' will be a tough one!

What is the hourly rate at a cosmetics counter?

Every counter is different; however, you usually get an hourly wage and a percentage commission off of everything you sell. 98% of your job is sales. They will give you a daily quota, and if you consistently not only meet it, but beat it, you will do very well within the line. That being said, if you do not make your daily quotas, eventually you will be fired. Makeup lines want to see if you can generate a revenue stream. They will also want you to develop you own client logs. These are people that come to the counter to see only you... These are the people you would call if the line is having a free gift or if the line has come out with a new product. If you don't have a good client log, they will fire you.

You also have to contend with other sales ladies/ men within your line: You all have a quota, and the competition and backstabbing is fierce. You have to have eyes in the back of your head and be on top of your game. In terms of technical artistry skill, little to no emphasis is placed upon this. The line will teach you how they want you to apply their makeup.

If you are serious about this as a career, go for it. This is a job that you can't just give 70% of your time and attention to. It is a results driven business, and if you can't sell, you will be terminated. Sorry to be so gloomy, but it's the truth. I wish you the best of luck.

One more thing: You have to look the part. Estee Lauder is an old school line.... If I were you, I'd wear your hair back in a bun, (if your hair is long enough) and do a VERY simple application. Light foundation/power and shadow with a moderate lip color and no false eyelashes. Think Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve...

Thinking about working at a cosmetics counter?

Does anyone work at a cosmetic counter like MAC or Clinique or any of those? I was thinking about possibly applying but i don't really know much about the job or what I would need to do. If you know anything about it please let me know =]

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