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What To Write In An Informative Speech About Movies

Informative Speech Topics?

Your speech can be on anything you find interesting.
The challenge is determining from your own psyche which one to talk about.
What is your favorite hobby? What is your favorite subject?

Usually, a student in your position is shooting himself in the foot because he thinks that the subject MUST be interesting to the AUDIENCE. Just because none of your classmates like stampcollecting like you do, is no reason to skip using that as your subject. Just because you are the only one who likes to bake cakes is no reason to not explain the process.

Sometimes, the best sollution is to write down 6 things that you know how to do... bake, solve for X, change a tire, prepare for a party, dance. Then roll a single die and curse the fates for assigning a bummer. Or pick out 6 subjects you find interesting... student government, chemistry, rap music, muscle cars, fashion trends... Roll the die and curse the fates for assigning the most abstract.

For a speech class, the subject DOESN'T matter much. Organization, preparation and presentation does matter.

You still need to follow the rules of writing an essay when writing a speech. Introduction, body and conclusion.
The introduction must NOT say anything like "This speech is about ..." Instead, present your main point in a short sentence. Like, "Baking is not as difficult as people assume." Present 3 topics that will relate to the main point state those subtopics in a few sentences that are seperate from the main point. Like, "Baking a cake requires measuring, mixing, cooking, and frosting."

The body should expand on each subtopic and keep the order of those paragraphs in the same order as they were introduced. Connect the subtopic to the main point. "Measuring is as simple as counting out 3 eggs."

In the last paragraph, summarize the subtopics (in sequence). Finally, restate your main point but do it as a conclusion or a deduction based on the subtopics. "Because measuring is simple, mixing is like playing in the mud, and frosting is easy as fingerpainting, I conclude that baking is not as difficult as people assume."

How to write a thesis statement for an informative speech?

I would break down the box office into two: the marketing of the movie (before and after opening) and then the race to become the top grossing picture of all times internationally. Focus on the different strategies used to market the movie, it was extensive. Not sure how much $$ they spent but I am sure it was huge. Then, look at the strategy to open first domestically and then abroad as well as the focus on the 3d-theaters. I wonder what is the split between people who saw the movie in 3d and paid a higher $$$ vs. the people who saw it in 2d only vs. those who saw it in both.

First of all, make a plan about what you’re going to tell about yourself. I believe that the main points that must be presented are:Your personal information like name, surname and birthplace;A place where you studied/are currently studying;A place where you worked/are currently working;Your achievements at college/work;Your life goals.I believe that if you’ll follow this plan, you’ll have a good informative speech.

I need help on my Horror Move informative speech?

So, I have to give a four minute informative speech in class on Thursday (3 days from now). I was planning on rehashing an informative speech I did last quarter (Male and Female preference when selecting a romantic partner, and how those preferences change over time), but my friend told me it would be embarrassing :p So, I decided to do it on horror movies since that might be something that the class could be interested in (It's an intro level college class on public speaking). Here is a rough outline on what I have so far:

Title: Horror Movies

Specific Purpose: To elaborate on the three major categories of the horror-movie genre

Attention-getter: Who here likes watching movies? Who here likes going to the movies and watching an romantic-comedy to pick your spirits up, or watching an action movie that gets your adrenaline pumping? Who here likes watching a movie that just leaves you borderline traumatized and scares the hell out of you?

Preview: I enjoy horror movies because I enjoy watching something that makes you jump and sends you home shivering.

Thesis Statement: Horror movies are movies that seek to play on the fears of the viewers and thus are portrayed in many ways; the three major categories being: Slashers films, possession films, and films about the monster that can't be seen.

Body 1: Slasher films-

Body 2: Possession films-

Body 3: The monster that can't be seen-

Summary- There are many other kinds of horror films--such as psychological and monster films--and they all have different executions, but the one thing that they all have in commong is their goal; they all want to send you home terrified and afraid to go to sleep.

Memorable Statement-

So, I plan to fill this with a lot of fluff and audience participation as a way to easily kill 4 minutes. I'm not planning on this being a masterpiece speech. I just thought it might be something the class was interested in, considering it is almost time for Halloween. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is this fine? Even if it only gets me a "B", that's fine. I just don't want something that "embarrasses" me.

Or, should I stick to the partner preference speech?

Ideas for informative speech on spongebob?

firstly you need to include the intro song : who lives in pinapple under the sea? sponge bob square pants,
yellow and holy , and pourous is he
spongebo square pants
if nauticle nonsense is somthing you wish
then drop on the floor and flop like a fish
sponge bob square pants
sponge bob square pants.
second you should talk about how sponge bob is like the innocent inner child in all of us
reference the "bubble blowing baby" saga in the movie. hope this gets ya started me hearty lil one. arrrrr

I need help with my informative speech topic?

I'm having a little trouble deciding what topic to research for my informative speech ... My first choice was Cult Classic films during the Midnight Movie era, but my teacher told me that I "would not be able to find sufficient college-level sources" for my research.

So, my ideas for topics are either:
1) European art of the late 19th century.
~Specifically, I was thinking of discussing the life of either Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet.
2) Japanese culture
~Japanese cuisine, delicacies; history of Japanese food.

I think I'd like to research Japanese food rather than the life of an artist. I love art, but I'm planning on majoring in Cultural Anthropology so I figured I'd get a taste of some culture.

My teacher wants us to present our topic in this form:
Topic: Japanese Cuisine/History of Japanese food
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about _______.

I'm not sure exactly what to research or what to write for my specific purpose. I'm having trouble narrowing the topic to something more specific. She told me that it shouldn't be too general, but I don't know how to narrow it down anymore. The speech is only four to six minutes.

Any help anyone???????

How to write my informative thesis statement?

I am currently writing the outline for an informative speech on Drowning that I have to give in a couple days for my communications class. My speech is on how drowning can happen and I further go on to discuss the importance of water safety and swim lessons. Every time I begin to write it it sounds like a persuasive can I put this to just inform people about the percations they should take ect.

Can someone please help me come up with a strong thesis? Thank you in advance