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What Too Do Someone Told Me That Aduld. Showed His Privat . Parts To A Young Boy U

My Bf touches me on the private parts?

yup i agree that he want to have sex with u but with your age not suitable try to tell him u can do that in the next 2 years or 3 most of the boys wont accept because he cant get rid of that think keep thinking about that private part try to make him occupied with other thinks until 2 year lol he is 17 i also 17 and i m male to he already touches girl private part i havent i do not have a gf yet lol i do not care that either no one is going to trust this cause it rare to hear a boy age 17 has no gf

Should I tell a neighbor that her daughter is showing her private parts to my boys?

I have 8 year old twins. They like to play with the neighbor's son. There are a bunch of boys on my block and only this one little girl. She is 7. My boys told me that she gets mad at them and always wants to play but they don't like to play with her. Today she asked my boys, "What does sexy mean?" My son said that he wouldn't answer her and then she showed him (them) her private parts by pulling up her dress and pulling down her panties. I reamed my boys! I told them that they are not to play with her alone and never, ever ask her to do those things and never touch her or show her their stuff. I worried about going to her parents because I don't want them to be angry at me...and I don't know how to approach the subject and I don't want her to accuse my boys of doing anything to her. I know they didn't and wouldn't. I once caught her showing the boys her panties in my house when I heard all the boys yelling at her to stop. But, its a slippery slope. I don't want my boys in the middle of that stuff.