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What Two Political Parties Evolved From The Early Political Debates Among American Statesmen

What two political parties evolved from the early political debates among American statesmen?

Federalists - pro British and wanted a strong central government

Democratic-Republicans - pro French,wanted the a weak central government that allowed the individual states to mostly run their own internal affairs.

Americans - I have questions about american politics, do you know..?

>>I am european - And surprised to find out recently that the presidential candidates for the american election wasn't "just" a democrat, a Republican and someone (you haven't really heard anything about) from an independent party..

>>But this election you're having in November has, as far as I understood, more than 10 candidates from all kinds of parties -american parties I have NEVER heard of - Is it just me, because I'm not american? Or is the american people also unaware of this and how many different parties these candidates represents?

>>And, as an american; would you say you know a lot about all of these parties?

>>Are they any good at branding and marketing themselves???<<

>>Are they just not that "good" so they can be big and important parties, or are the democratic and republican parties so wealthy and influential that they push the other parties away from gaining any kind of power? Does the other parties have good politics and strong profiles?

>>My question is without any prejudice towards the american political system but is merely out of curiosity about how the american people look upon this- I could easily add another question ..

>>Are the american media political neutral "enough" and do the media in USA spend enough time on every single issue for the general american for you to get "the big picture" in a specific case? And would you say they have informed the public about all the other presidential candidates so that the american people has a solid background knowledge from the media?? If not - do you have any access to information on politics from other sources than the tv, internet and newspaper-media?

>>Feel free to refer me to books or websites on these issues! - Though I am mostly interested in your own opinion!! :o)

>>I hope you can enlighten me!

What two political parties evolved from the early political debates among American statesmen?

Federalists - pro British and wanted a strong central government

Democratic-Republicans - pro French,wanted the a weak central government that allowed the individual states to mostly run their own internal affairs.

Do you realize that political parties have changed over time?

i would not call our events awful. i might basically say that they are the two consistently arguing with eachother. that is our government device that is screwed up. It encourages consistent battling over each thought. Democrats and Republicans have self belief in 2 countless issues. they are the two consistently filibustering eachother and battling against eachother. it is not their fault for what they have self belief. the element that is killing this usa is that little or no is getting executed while it desires to. while Democrats are in capability, Republicans combat them - And while Republicans are in capability, Democrats combat them. WHY? because of the fact they have self belief in countless issues!!! that is truly all that straightforward. I easily have self belief that if basically one in all the two events soley ruled the rustic, it may be extra suitable. because of the fact issues might get executed. yet usa is in contrast to that. there's a majority on the two aspects of each argument that consistently pushes for capability. basically take any important political subject count and you will see it. the two aspects think of the different area is loopy... a minimum of in a Dictatorship, issues get executed. they could no longer be the main suitable issues, yet they do get executed.

Can anyone tell me where political parties are given the power to run our country in the Constitution?

Because unfortunately, the People for the most part do not realize or some may not even care or even support the fact that, today, we are being RULED, not governed, by the present administration. Want proof? They keep debating "healthcare reform" despite 60% of We the People being against ANY LEGISLATION! Also, I predict after Obamacare fails they will push a version through under a reconciliation vote... the People be damned! Your political neutrality serves no purpose; sides MUST be taken to fight the socialism enveloping the country today with a wary eye pointed to our own to avoid "meeting the new boss, same as the old boss"... Do you join the fight or sit on the fence?

Since only two parties matter they use two different methods.Republicans use a straight popularity vote. They have primaries and caucuses which all end in a convention where delegates from each state vote for the winner. In general the delegates vote as their respective primary or caucus voted. However,  delegates don't have to vote threat their popularity vote went. If there is no clear winner, then revotes happen in the convention where candidates try to convince delegates to support them, which is when you see candidates drop out and votes change. For the most part Republicans follow the popular vote. Although,  during the convention even a new candidate could be introduced and win.Democratic party methods are similar. However,  Democrats have what are known as super delegates.  These are Democratic party elites, about 600 of them and they can override the voting of normal delegates and of course popularity can be overridden. The super delegates allow the Democratic party elites to effectively appoint a winner or at least ensure someone tolerable to the elites wins. Take Obama, the elites wanted Obama in, so they made sure he was in. Bill Clinton was unknown until the convention. With no clear leader, the back room deals with super delegates meant they could appoint him.The Democratic party leadership has significantly more control over who wins in their party. There are some interesting states with primaries. California is new to the open primary.  This means a person can vote in any primary,  you do not have to because party member.  So what has happened so far is Democratic party members will in fact vote in the Republican primary as a means to sabotage the Republicans by voting for the worst Republican in the hopes of making it easier for the favored democrat to win in the general election. California also uses now a 3rd world country style system where the top two candidates are two who received the most votes. This means it is possible California could have no Republican candidate for the general election.  Unlikely but possible.

When Rome was established as a Republic, there were two major political groups. First came the Patricians, who ruled the Senate exclusively. Then emerged the Plebeans. The Patricians were made up of upper class, wealthy or landed individuals, while the Plebeians consisted of the lower classes. A third group was the Equestrians, who were the growing merchant class. Eventually as Rome grew in wealth a power, the Equestrians grew more dominant as well. Ultimately, two political parties grew up out of these various groups. The "Optimates" or what was essentially the Patricians and Equestrians combined versus the "Populares," which represented small merchants and the lower classes. The Optimates represented the interests of the wealthy and the Populares the interests of the poor.  An association could easily be made with the modern political parties in the US to the Republicans being the Optimates and the Democrats being the Populares.   Rome evolved into the Emperor system when it became evident, that the Senate was no longer effective and couldn't seem to get anything done. A circumstance becoming more and more evident in the US governing system as well.

The five major federal parties in Canada are the: Conservative party, The Liberal Party, NDP, The Green Party, and the Bloc Québécois.The Conservative party:The Conservative party represents views that would be considered right wing. The Conservative party is becoming more socially progressive, for example they now support gay marriage officially. They believe that there should be less government assistance given to people (Welfare, EI).The Liberal party:The Liberal party forms the current majority government in Canada (as of Nov. 2016)The liberal party is in the middle of the political spectrum. They continue to have progressive views. They believe that the wealthy should pay a significant amount of tax. They favour allowing more refugees in to Canada then the Conservative’s do. There main platform is to make life better for the middle class.The NDP (New Democrats Party):The NDP are more left leaning on the political spectrum. They believe in a more socialist nation. The NDP believe that everyone should be equal no matter their current living situation. The NDP strongly beleive that taxing the people is the best way to make their lives better.The Green Party:The Green Party is mainly focused on protecting the environment and the world we live in. On the political spectrum they would definitely be more left wing. There platform is genera based around investing in our future by saving the planet.The Bloc Québécois:The Bloc Québécois only runs for seats in the province of Quebec. They campaign on Quebec separating from Canada due to there different culture and language used in Quebec.The purpose all these parties serve is that it gives every voter a chance to vote for a party that best represents them.