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What Type Of Music Style / Genre Is This

What do you call this type of music (genre)?

I came across these two videos on YouTube and I really liked the background music: and (both are more or less the same)

Under what genre would this type of music fall and are there any artists who specifically specialize in this kind of music? Or is it just some random melodies put together that doesn't really have a specific genre?

I should mention that these videos are about scientology. I don't really know what scientology is about, I just know it has a bad reputation. So I'm not referring to what the videos are about, I'm just interested in the background music.

They are progressive rock but incorporates elements of 70’s hard rock, 90’s alt-rock, alternative metal and Britpop.Progressive rock as a general rule involves a mixture of various different genres and scenes into a complex body of musical styles, which usually defies any real categorization beyond the individual bands set of influences and Muse is no exception.Genres are just labels that denotes a certain set of origins, influences, and sounds.

What type of music genre is Grease?

I dont like each and every rap.......... for traditional rock.....led zeppelin,the doors, def leppard,fleettwood mac.Beatles option: Rem. Nirvana ,stay ,stone temple pilots, delicate rock: collective souls, Evaniscence,willy porter musicals: Les miserbles, sweeny todd, jesus christ celeb, like Neil Diamond,Neil youthful, John foggerty,Cat stevens

A genre is a more broad classification, that could encompass a lot of music and artists. Style, on the other hand can be a signature creation of an artist in the way they write their songs, their accent, voice modulation, performance, costumes, content and so on. For example, Psychedelic Rock is a broad genre of music under rock, but artists such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix set themselves apart from each other under this wide banner by their own styles. While Floyd heavily used their analogue synthesizers along with their guitars and vocals to create their signature sound, Hendrix played a lot more guitar centric music. (some might disagree, but just an example off the top of my head)

What genre would the musical "Wicked" be? Pop?

If they are looking for a pop, rock, or pop-rock song, they typically don't want something from a musical. Even if it is a pop type. Which Wicked isn't. It leans more towards Contemporary Musical Theatre.

The Wedding Singer, Mamma Mia, and Hairspray are examples of some Pop/Rock musicals that it would be acceptable to choose a song from.

First of all it’s not Dj music genre, it’s electronic dance music EDM & most popular edm genre is progressive house & trance.Dj like Martin Garrix, zedd, Nicky Romero plays progressive house and armin van burren, above and beyond, dash berlin, Paul van dyk they play trance music.To o know what I’m listening follow me onApple Music : : aks0078Spotify : : make monthly playlist of amazing music.Follow me

Depending on how specific you want to get with genres, there was a pretty wide variety of popular music in that decade. Generally speaking though, from 1980 to 1989 there were a few broad genres that got significant amounts of radio play and record sales. In the mainstream, there was general pop music by artists such as Madonna and Phil Collins. This could range from synth pop to light rock, but was often referred to as Top 40. There were some popular music off-shoots such as hard rock (Van Halen), heavy metal (Metallica), and new wave (Duran Duran) that still got airplay and had big record sales during the decade. Thanks to MTV and the mass popularity of music videos, the music landscape shifted toward musicians that had visual appeal.Then you had genres that were popular, but weren't a traditional part of the Top 40 family. Rap/hip hop (L L Cool J, Slick Rick)  was breaking out of urban areas and making its way into suburban teen ears--if you like Will Smith, you should listen to some DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince some time. Country and western music was hot during the early 80s, thanks in part to the success of the film Urban Cowboy (which was admittedly successful due to the late 70s popularization of country music), and mainstream country singers such as Kenny Rogers and Juice Newton offered Top 40 listeners an easy entry into country music. Regardless of what Green Day would want you to believe, true punk music perished before the 1980s, but groups such as Suicidal Tendencies filled that gap with hard hitting, angry music that had somewhat higher production values. Alternative music was a catch-all genre where most college radio bands fell. Groups such as The Cure, REM, and Camper Van Beethoven were completely different from each other, but they all found a home in this club.There were other types of music, but things like jazz or classical music weren't nearly as popular as the types I've mentioned, and I don't want to bore everyone with subcategories within genres. I'm sure I've forgotten something, so I hope someone else will help fill in the gaps.

Harry Styles as we all is a member of the band One Direction with mainly sang Pop genre songs.Harry Styles’ first single Sign Of The Times has been described as a rock ballad with overtones of David Bowie and Lana Del Rey who sang/sing mostly Rock, Indie Pop and New Wave among a few.Harry Styles’ second single Sweet Creatures has been described as ‘drifting into the realms of folk’.Some reports have also suggested that Harry's album will sound like a cross between David Bowie and Queen (which is a rock band).Considering that Harry Styles likes listening to and grew up listening to mostly songs from the Rock genre, and his singles are also based on the Rock genre there is a fair bit of speculation that his debut album will also be on the lines of Rock Music.The album titled HARRY STYLES will contain 10 songs.Here’s the album's track list :‘Meet Me In The Hallway’‘Sign Of The Times'Carolina’‘Two Ghosts’‘Sweet Creature’‘Only Angel’‘Kiwi’‘Ever Since New York’‘Woman’‘From The Dining Table’Thank you for reading my answer.I hope I answered your question.