What Type Of Truck Is This

What type of exhaust is on this truck?

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Types of trucks?

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What type of truck should I get?

I've had a Chevy 3500 at my disposal, and I swear to god the cab was bigger than my bedroom. EVERY amenity you could imagine. I love Chevy's anyways.. but was very VERY impressed with the luxury of this truck. F-350's are nice.. but they are, in my opinion, a work truck. You can get a lot of bells and whistles.. but you're going to pay for it.. and then some. They also have a lot of issues in the way of wiring problems (my uncle's owned 2 of them.. then he got a chevy3500, haha)

The 3500s are meant for hauling.. they have an impressive towing capacity and they're meant to be comfortable while you're going to and fro. That and it'll always open the possibility to getting something to tow (aka... project car, rally car.. quads.. mobile home, haha)

The one downfall.. is the mileage. I know you're not expecting much because hey... it's a heavy duty truck.. but I was a little saddened at how fast the 3500 sucked down the diesel.. it got about 13/17 mpg... but it ALSO got that while under a near full load.. towing a fullsized truck on a trailer.. which was impressive.

From a woman's standpoint... my only complaint (other than mpg) was that it sucked to park... not a very good turning radius, and I know we women-folk have trouble wielding large vehicles... well.. most do.. I've only driven trucks.. but definitely think of having your wife behind the wheel... and how bad that freaks you out, haha.

But yeah.. look at the spec's and your bank account and choose what's right for you.. Although if you're in the military (my hubby's a Marine) you'll probably be moving around and BOY is that truck comfy.

... I'd be perfectly content living in it. Seriously.

What type of truck does god drive?

How do you know He wouldn't prefer a tricycle?

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Need to know the best type of box for my truck?

Atrend E12Dsv B Box Series 12-Inch Dual Vented Enclosure with Shared Chamber is a good box for the price for sure, becuase with the shared chamber your subs still have power as if they were hitting against each other, but without the pressure it cuases on the subs! I bought it not knowing what to expect because of the fact that the only other boxes ive ever owned were sealed and they cause some serious low beats but lack highs but also cause alot of stress on the subs and i love loud systems so as a result ive blown 3sets of subs because of them so i bought new subs and a new amp awhile back and i bought this with them and they are really loud! lol!! the only bad thing is it doesnt come with wires for the inside of the box (from the box connections to the subs) but that was an easy fix!! but it still is a great box!!!!

What type of truck do you have to pull your horse trailer?

I absolutely endorse a least a three quarter to one ton truck. I have a Ford 350 auto one ton diesel and wouldn't trade this rig for anything out there. Our next one will be a Ford 450 dually. I believe a lot of people out there are underpowered and under weight with their tow rigs. An accident waiting to happen. I WILL NOT compromise my safety or my horses' safety with a smaller tow rig.

Our one ton is a diesel and gets great mileage....17 MPG with a load and 19MPG problem for it. Remember smaller engines have to work harder and will consume more fuel. Also wear and tear on the frame and engine increases with lesser vehicle weight.

I truly believe "you" cannot cheap out on tow rigs OR on horse trailer construction. As always, you get what you pay for.
Excellent information on trailer and vehicle weights and how to determine what you'll need in a tow rig and trailer to haul safely down the road.

OEMs (factories) install vendor manufactured heavy-duty clutches that are each designed for the original Torque rating of the engine when the heavy-duty truck or tractor is built. Never mind that later, while in service, the truck owner will occasionally change the horsepower and / or torque rating of the engine through modification of the electronic parameters.

They are often called step trucks, since drivers use steps to get into them.

What kind of truck is a u.p.s UPS truck?

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