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What Universities Would Accept Me With A 2.8 Gpa

Will I be accepted into Michigan State University with a 2.8 GPA and a 1900 on the SATs?

Hi guys,
I am currently a junior in high school, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, however, I am a Korean - decent.

During my high school years, I did not care about my grades. I obtained a 2.2 GPA my freshmen and sophomore years.

However, this year, reality hit me and I did excellent this year, exceeding my expectations, receiving a 3.4 GPA. This rounds to a 2.82 GPA. I plan to apply early decision to raise my chances, I am commited to this university.

I plan to raise my current GPA during my senior year to atleast a 2.9+

I received a 1900 on my SATs

I am a NJ resident and my family has no problem in paying for an out of state college.

I already checked collegeboard, I just want personal intake on my chances. Thank you!

Would a 2.8 GPA get me into UMD (University of Maryland)?

That depends on what program you would like to enroll in and what is your background. It might be hard for you to get in the program if that is very competitive.To tell you the truth, I entered UMD with an undergraduate GPA of only 76.37 out of 100, which is very poor. My TOEFL grade was 96 and my GRE grade was only 314. But now, I will graduate with a master’s degree of Systems Engineering. And my current GPA is 3.57.I was admitted not only by UMD, but also by several other universities like Boston University, Lehigh University, University of Pittsburgh and so on. I believe the reasons why I was admitted with very poor test grades is that I do have a strong background in Systems Engineering.I studied Automation in Xi’an Jiaotong University, one of the top universities in China. My GPA was poor because I was not very interested in studying what I was asked to learn and preparing for exams those days. Instead, I participated many professional practices and research activities.I was a member of the robot team of Xi’an Jiaotong University and we won the 3rd prize team award in 2014 ABU-ROBOCON National Game of China, which is an Asian-Oceanian College robot competition. Also, I was the technique director of the Network Operations Center of my university. And, I had quite a lot of interns in factories and power plant.I have to point out that GPA cannot represent a person’s full ability and there is chance for you to be able to enter UMD with a 2.8 GPA. But GPA is VERY VERY VERY essential. GPA not only affects your current admissions, but also your future paths.I’m going to continue seeking for my Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Although I had a research thesis and experience as a graduate research assistant during my graduate study, I was rejected by many universities like Georgia Tech and TAMU. I do believe my poor undergraduate GPA is a big disadvantage. But I can do nothing about it. Luckily, I am admitted by Rutgers University and I have made the decision to go there.Anyway, the factors are multiple and I cannot tell which is more important. There might be chance for you to be admitted but I cannot tell the possibility because I’m not the administrator and I do not know your other information. I can only say I really regret that I didn’t study hard and get a better GPA.Good luck!

I have a 2.6-2.8 GPA. What Universities in North Carolina could i get into?

Colleges are going to look at your cumulative GPA from your freshman-junior year of HS. Having over a 2.7 will make a difference. Colleges do not make a decision just based on your GPA. What classes you took and at what level - your ACT/SAT scores- teacher recommendations and your college essay will are determine if you are accepted or not.

Can I go to the University of Pennsylvania with a 2.8 GPA?

Here is the University of Pennsylvania’s statement about the kind of academic performance they expect from you in high school:“Performance in high school is the single most important factor in the student selection process at Penn. … The most competitive applicants have pursued a rigorous program of study and achieved top grades in the context of their school.”Penn is an extremely selective university. The school admits only 8.4% of the people who apply for admission. A statistically average admitted applicant has a high school GPA of about 3.9.With a high school GPA of 2.8, your chances of gaining admission to Penn are so low, you’d be better off spending that $75 application fee on lottery tickets.

I have a 2.8 GPA in college, can I transfer to a University?

It's always a good idea to try to get your GPA up before transferring! Remember that there are all different kinds of factors that Admissions Officers consider when they review an application. Yes, they'll look at your transcript and see your grades, your GPA, your test scores, but they'll also read your admissions essay and pay close attention to your goals, your resume, your letters of recommendations from professors and they might want to interview you to see if you'll be a good fit for their university (vice versa).

If there's a reason why you have a lower GPA than you'd like (for example, perhaps you were enrolled in the community college's "Education" program, when really you figured out that you want to study "Criminal Justice"), then you can explain all of that in the college admissions essay. Trust me - it's not ALL about grades -- it's really about ambition, motivational drive, dedication and passion for your field of study or learning in general.

Here's a link to some really good articles written by college counselors about what they look for in an applicant:

If you're unhappy at the community college, it's best to transfer sooner than later because you want your college experience to be the best it can be -- Don't worry about staying there long enough JUST to get your GPA up... You're GPA will be higher when you're happier with your learning experience.

Do Uc's accept students with a 2.8 gpa?

As of September, Davis has pledged to accept most, if not all, students with GPA of 2.80 or better (except in Engineering), Riverside has pledged to accept most, if not all, students with GPA of 2.40 or better to noncompetitive majors, and Merced expects to accept all eligible transfer applicants.

Source: UC Admissions Directors Updates to Community College Counselors, available as a one-hour video on YouTube -

Can I get into Purdue University with a 2.8 g.p.a?

I am currently a sophomore in high school
I attend a medical magnet h.s which is the only one in my state (Indiana)

My g.p.a for freshman year was 2.8
and sophomore year for first quarter was 2.8 also( hoping to bring it up to at least 3.0)

As a medical h.s student i take courses like:
Algebra 2
English Honors
Spanish for heritage speakers
medical terminology
Advanced high school orchestra( only full orchestra in the state) i play the violin

I have completed 2 years of Latin with an A average both years each
Junior year I will be taking college classes and be receiving college credits( average of 10 by the time I graduate)

I am hoping to bring my g.p.a up by the time i finish school but, Do u think i can get into Purdue?
I'm hoping to attend fall of 2013( if I can get in) and major in psychology

Does someone with a 2.8 GPA have a chance at getting accepted into the University of Illinois at Urbana? I haven't taken any extracurriculars but have had pretty decent grades (except freshmen year).

Im going to be honest, the likelihood is no, but I can’t say that with 100%.Ive applied there twice (i applied for my freshmen year and to transfer as a junior) and been accepted in U of I and both times, I believe, my GPA was above 3.0-i think around a 3.2 or, no, your gpa doesn’t have to be super or insanely high, but it does have to be decent. You also have to write a good admissions essay, which I believe did me huge favor in both instances. Perhaps even explain why your gpa was a 2.8 and how you can perform at a higher level. Also, some colleges are more competitive than others: it’s easier to get into the college of agriculture than it is engineering. So, there are various factors that will influence your acceptance or denial. Not just one thing.Yes, they are admitting you, but you have to make yourself an asset-a commodity for the school. They have want you rather than you meeting a checklist.I dont know if your lack of extra curriculars hurt you or not I played four sport in high school. Is there anything you didn’t outside of high school. Again, you have make the university want you or feel that you’re an asset. Grades are important, but schools want people who eventually graduate and make them look good, which helps garner interests with future applicants, donations, and so forth.Think about bill gates going To Harvard or Mark zuckerberg dropping’s out: whether or not they graduate, they bring position attention to the, keep this in mind if you decide to apply there or anywhere’s really.

Will a 2.6 GPA get me into Northern Arizona University?

Northern Arizona University is my top choice right now, and I have a 2.6 GPA. Is this realistic? I'm also applying out-of-state and I have about 3 extracurricular activities. If NAU is reaching too far, then what are some other reasonable AZ schools? No community colleges, please.