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What Videos Would You Want To See

Would you want to see a video of Geof from the Ace Of Cakes?

I took videos and I want to know if people would want to see Geof Manthorn from food Networks Ace Of Cakes anwser some questions about his job and life. It would be on youtube. Why or why not?

What are movies you would want to see made into Video Games, and why?

I can’t think of ANY offhand, as they have very different interaction requirements to be a success.There is a REASON almost no “movie based on a video game” has ever been successful - the rare exceptions have had MODERATE success and tended to add a lot that wasn’t actually part of the game.

How can I keep videos from a channel I don't want to see from popping up on my front page on YouTube?

The only way that you can block a channel is by going to their about page and blocking the user.This will stop that user and all their videos from being suggested to you in the what to watch.The other easier way is just to set the “my subscription” page as your homepage for YouTube instead of their homepage.More at the blog

Can people see what videos you watch on youtube?

Can your friends on youtube see what videos you watch? I know friends and subscribers can see what video you favorited but can they see the other videos you watch even when you active sharing is off? I just really need to know..hahhahaha

What video game would you like to see as a movie?

I would love to see a film adaptation of dark souls. They could play with the idea of the hero being reborn again and again after dying sort of like they did in the edge of tomorrow. for a director I Would go for someone with a knack for gritty imagery perhaps whoever filmed cormac mccarthys the road or maybe the guy that made pans labyrinth and hellboy 2 ( Cuaron the Mexican director I believe)Now as to the lead character we would need someone whos on the older side, a sort of anti hero who can project the whole semi-undead whos a couple deaths from going insane idea. But who can also manage a action oriented role.Perhaps Viggo Mortensen after losing some weight, it could also be someone like Benicio del toro or maybe a scruffy Keanu reeves.

What video games would you like to see crossover?

My all time favorite will have to be the combination of the following:GTA VThe best open world ever created (in my opinion) and the perfect relation between graphics and gameplay quality.The Sims 3Before anything else, I prefer the 3 to the 4. It’s the best life simulator out there (again, and from now on, in my opinion), and the ability to progress effectively in life without taking much time and effort is satisfying.Battlefield 4Its movements and shooting engines and number of different and realistic weapons.Forza Motorsport 6Its driving engine and number of realistic and nice cars.Flight Simulator XThe realistic flying engine and planes. This obviously would bother a lot of people because it’s not that easy to fly planes in this game, but as an aviation enthusiast I’d love it.The outcome: Imagine constructing a life like you would on The Sims, choosing your career, earning money, having to pay for everything, going from living in Grove St. to Vinewood Hills, saving to buy that one awesome car from Forza, or going to the airport and traveling to another map in a realistic plane from FSX, or actually being the pilot of that one plane.If you chose to be an officer or a thug, you’ll have access to the weapons in Battlefield, do massive operations to defend a VIP or a military base, you have heavy military vehicles to help you, or kidnap someone and try to get a ransom with the help of a heavy armored gang.ALL of that in GTA’s fabulous open world, having the option to play online with your friends, trying to be as successful as them, or stealing all they got!I know, if you get your lazy ass out of your house there’ll be a game just like that, with better graphics, but hey, success doesn’t seem as reachable as it was online, hun?

What kind of videos do you want to see about the Libertarian Party?

First, from reading comments on Quora it is clear that most people don’t have a clue about what Libertarianism is or what we believe. To address this I think a video or series on what we actually believe would be very useful. I have seen people who think we are communists and others who think we don’t like having firefighters and police, confusing Libertarian with Anarchist.Second, at the fundamental base of Libertarianism is a deep desire for government to get out of our way. Republicans and Democrats both tout the same line, but ask for government intrusion in areas they support. Republicans want less government, (Except for the new TSA, marriage control, etc.) Democrats want the government out of our lives, too (Except for high tax rates, social controls, speech controls, etc.) When a Libertarian says we want to get government to leave us alone, we don;t reserve and pockets of accepting state control.Last, some shoots about how we really are a combination of both major parties. best halves. It has allowed me to get along with anyone sine I can stay on the half of the debate we can agree on.

Would you want to see Lisa Ann and Brandi Love together in a video? That would be hot, no?

I answered this question earlier. Go away. Lisa Ann isn't so great, but Brandi Love isn't too bad.

What type of yoytube videos would you like to see?

Hey i just stsrted s youtube account and i posted a video today but i would like to get some subscribers... h
What type of videos would you like to see? Suggest me!!!!