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What Was The Fastest Time Someone Under The Age Of 12 Ran A 5k

What is the fastest time that you can run 5K?

Knowing someone’s fastest 5K time is interesting, but I think more important is the similar set of questions I use as a coach:What is your lifetime fastest 5K time?What 5K time could you run right now?What 5K time could you run after a long period of optimum training?What 5K time could you run with the amount of training you are actually willing to do?The most important question is the last one. I often have runners tell me they are willing to do whatever it takes (legally) to be the best runner possible. But that is almost never actually true. Are you willing to quit your job and just train for the next 5 to 10 years? Highly unlikely. What people actually mean is I want to run as fast as possible given a set of personal limitations.Here is an example, using myself:Lifetime fastest: 15:00. This was over 30 years ago, but is still somewhat relevant now. As a coach this indicates a certain level of talent that should still exist at age 51. It also indicates a runner who understands how to run fast and the level of training it takes.What I could run right now (at age 51): 16:37. My time from my last 5K. This establishes current training targets.Fastest I could run now with optimum training: 15:30? Even for an experienced runner, this is very hard to estimate. There are so many variables with how someone will respond to years of intensive training, with one of the largest being how much the runner can handle and stay healthy. It is safe to say that at my age my 5K PR is out of reach, so it is good to have an idea what kind of time is achievable.Fastest I could run with the training I’m willing to do: 16:00. I’m not willing to run 120 miles a week. I’m not willing to gear my entire life around training, recovery, and nutrition. But I still train at a high level, so I could probably run just 30 seconds off what I might run if I totally devoted myself to training. For most people the gap between #3 and #4 is much greater - usually at least a few minutes.

What is the fastest mile time a 13 year-old girl has ever ran?

I just turned 13 and I'm very athletic but I want to find out the fastest time for a 13 year-old had ever ran so I can train to beat it. I usually run the mile in about 8-9 minutes (I know I'm slow). I also have late basketball practices and I'm a 7th grader on the 8th grade Varsity team & all those girls say they run about three miles a day and there fastest mile time is 5-6 minutes but I always beat them in suicides and lines, so they are pretty much full of ****. I need to know the fastest mile time for a teenage girl, that would be great. =)

What is an average 5k time?

*This is a re-post of one of my answers to a similar question.Here is a time 5k chart I made (based off males, add about 1:30 to get female equivalent)30:00+ New runner and/or out of shape person24:59 Decent runner and/or someone who is in general good shape20:59 This time will get you top-10 in most local road races19:59 You're starting to get pretty good now, most people will consider you a serious runner once you get under 20 minutes18:59 This will get you top-5 in most local road races17:59 You are now one of the “fast” guys at your local road races. This time will get you top-3 in most road races.17:58 My personal best, for perspective16:59 If you're in high-school, this time will most likely get you on your varsity high school cross country team. It will also win most local road races.15:59 This time will place you top 20 in pretty much any state cross-country championship, and you will most likely be the best runner in your team.14:59 This is an elite time for a high-schooler, but isn't anything special at the college level.13:59 You're kind of in no-man's-land here. You're not quite fast enough to make the Olympic trials, but you're also too fast to just be a regular road race guy. A lot of runners peak around here and hang up the spikes.13:25 Congratulations! You've hit the Olympic A standard. Although, you still have to get top 3 in the trials (assuming you're in the US)12:59 You're now the elite of the elite. If you're an American you are one of the best runners in American history.12:37 Kenenisa Bekele's world record. One of the most untouchable track and field world records there is.

What was the fastest 5k run ever?

The men’s world record for a 5000m race on a track is Kenenisa Bekele’s 12:37 from 2004, and the women’s world record is 14:11 by Tirunesh Dibaba in 2008. The records for 5km road races are Sammy Kipketer’s 12:59 and Meseret Defar’s 14:46.Note that 5km track races are usually called 5000m races, while road races are usually called 5km races or 5ks. This reflects the lesser precision in measuring road races. In fact, record-eligible road race courses must be measured to be 0.1% long (e.g. 5005m) to reduce the likelihood that the course is short.Track and field’s international governing body, the IAAF, publishes records at this link. They keep track of all track and field records, including the marathon, which is not run on a track but is part of track and field in international competitions like the Olympics and World Championships. Strangely, they also keep track of road race records for 10km, 15km, 20km, half marathon, and 30km but not 5km. The Association of Road Racing Statisticians publishes 5km road records at this link.The difference between track and road world records is probably mostly due to the best athletes targeting track world records more often when they are at the peak of their fitness. There is usually more prestige and money in track world records. For example, Bekele earned a $50,000 bonus for his track world record while Kipketer earned a $10,000 bonus for his road world record. Appearance fees and bonuses from sponsors are probably also greater on the track, which is considered the premier venue for racing distances of 10,000m or less.

Is running 5k in 24 minutes a good time for a male aged 31 year?

It really depends on your fitness level, and how long you’ve been training.If you just got off the couch about 3 or 4 weeks ago, then yes. This is a great time.If you’ve been training for a year, this would be a dismal time. Something would be wrong.I’m a 31 year old male, and I just ran a 5k about two weeks ago.My chip time was 18:16.Now, I’m not saying this to be like one upping you, or something petty like that, but I want to give you some context. The man who finished about a dozen seconds behind me was 56 years old.You heard that right.56. Years. Old.I’ve been training hard for almost a year. Before this I ran recreationally only. FOR YEARS.When I first tried to do 3 miles fast on my own (I was 30), I could barley squeak out a 5k in under 21 minutes. Keep in mind, I had been running for years, but without formal training.I was pushing it as hard as I could at that point. This would have been around May of last year.So, if you’ve never really run before, it’s a great time.

What is a good 5k running time for a 15 year old girl who just started running?

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Average and Above average mile time for 12 year old girl?

for a 12 year old girl that has not been training is about a 9 or 10 minute mile. But for a 12 year old girl that has been training the average time should be around 7 or 8 minutes. An above average mile for a 12 year old girl should be somewhere around 6:15 and below. I'm a 12 year old girl and my best time was a 6:08.