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What Was The Worst Car Ever Sold In The United States

What is the least fuel efficient car sold in the United States in 2018?

The Bugatti Chiron. EPA rating of 11 MPG.

Why are Peugeot cars no longer sold in the united states?

I have answered this same question twice before, and will post my answer again for you.

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In the early 1990's, yes, Peugeot cars did not pass crash tests and emmission standards of the USA.

But, since then, the emmission standards and crash tests of Europe have equalled or exceeded those of the USA. Other differences include: color of turn signal plastic (yellow or red) construction of safety glass (break and fall into pieces = USA, or break and stay in place = Europe).
(my European cars must be tested every year for pollution standards. Do they have yearly controls of this in the USA? My state, Ohio, stopped it 2 years ago.)

Now, fast forward to 2007. Peugeot is going strong in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and even IRAN (where the Iranians still make the discontinued 405 model. 500 cars caught on fire last year in Teheran).
Peugeot has invested millions of Euros in car factories in Spain. Next year CHINA will make the 5 door Peugeot 206. Other large auto companies in Asia are also licenced to make their version of the Peugeot 206. I think?? even in India.
Meanwhile, the French factories and English factories are making the 207.
CHINA is the new market for international car companies.

NOT the USA, sorry. (I am American, too). Even Buicks sell well in China.

Meeting Pollution and Safety standards are not Peugeot's problems in 2007.
But DIESEL CARS and Diesel engines are certainly 50 percent of Peugeot's business. How many Americans want a diesel car? Diesel fuel is 30 percent cheaper than gasoline in Europe/ Asia/ Africa. Diesel cars cost more, but the engines last longer, and the fuel is more economical everywhere EXCEPT in the USA.

There is just NO REASON AT ALL to overextend themselves and try to also compete in America.

Conversely, Chevrolet is trying to establish itself here in Belgium. I receive brochures in the mail, and I see some Chevys now and then.

Worst Car Accident you have ever seen?

I'm still in shock from what i just witnessed. All the cars were
fine.. just driving on the free way. Then all of a sudden i hear
a sound that was similar to a rocket launching.
I look over and i see a car two lanes away from me
in the car pool lane hit the center divider. The front bumper
comes off on impact while what's left of the car flips over.
Bits of the car were flying everywhere. I even got a crack in
my windsheild. I swear it was like a slow motion movie scene.
By this time the car driving next to me swerved to avoid
the flipped car skidding diagonally into our lanes.
I also swerved trying to miss both of the cars. Some
idiot in front of me had stopped their car completely
so i then slam on the breaks while swerving/skidding.
My breaks buckled which is when my lunatic brother
realized something was happening. I got off at the
next exit and couldn't believe what happened. I'm
still shocked

After the accident i tried to see the people in the car..
but the windows were tinted. That's the third accident
i've seen this week. Normally i only see the aftermath.
That is scary enough, but after seeing it happen today.
I don't want to drive to work tomorrow.

I know what i saw wasn't even on the scale compared
to some.. It's just that i was so close to it, and it
could have been me. Thats what freaks me out.

Whats the worst car accident you've ever seen?

Which cars are not sold in America?

GRRR! This is one of my pet peeves. There is an absolutely wonderful car I would love to buy, but Volkswagen won’t sell it to me because I live in the USA! Isn’t that crazy? It’s the VW Polo, one of the most loved and respected small cars in the world. It has won many awards and gets crazy high gas mileage. It is something like a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic, but better in every way. Depending on engine options you can easily get 50 MPG or even 67 MPG without all the extra cost and weight of a hybrid system with batteries.