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What Was Your Reflection About The Movie The Patriot

What was your reflection about the movie the patriot?

The one staring Mel Gibson, good movie. Better than most.

What is your reaction to the movie the Windtalkers?

What is your reaction of the movie the WIND TALKER?I wanted it to be better. It’s such a brilliant concept and a much forgotten part of the war.But alas, it proved to be a rather conventional war movie, and had too much focus on Nicholas Cage.

Can sOmeone give me a short summary for the movie Patriot.... due tomorrow.. please and thank you?

Late 18th Century Mel Gibson is a widower raising seven kids, Gabriel the oldest is anxious to join the American forces fighting the Brits in the war for independence.
Against his father's wishes Gabriel does join up only to return home wounded as he is carrying dispatches between commanders. The war has come to their piece of the world and the family entire, get's gaught up in it. Mel's second son is killed trying to free Gabriel as he is taken prisoner which forces Mel to first free his son and then join up. Mel takes the battle to the Brits leading his rag tag band of farmers and ex-indian fighters as the Americans defeat the British and he get's his revenge on the one who killed his son.

Is “Roma” an accurate reflection of Mexico’s past and the present, as the movie tried to capture the plight of Muchacha?

It is not a reflection of Mexico’s past. It is a reflection of Mexico City’s past.Although I’ve lived in Mexico City, I was born in Guadalajara, and Guadalajara had at that time a very different culture. Most of us didn't have a full time maid or nanny (even less two). And even if we could afford two maids, we wouldn't have the maids sleep in our houses. So, we don't have this romantic approach that Cuaron has about the maid. Everything was more family-centric (and, at some extent, still it is).The scene I felt more familiar with was the one where the kids spent time with their family. In Guadalajara we would rather call an aunt as mommy than the maid, as Cuaron did in Mexico City.Additionaly, the outer space of our city was not a ugly poor place, we had ranches and ‘haciendas’, and we didn't have students killings as Mexico City had. We also didn't have soldiers marching in our streets, by the way.When speaking of Mexico you have very different places, people and cultures, it's a country of high contrasts. Or, maybe, it's like several countries in one.

What is the reason for the release of so many nationalistic movies at once? Both Satyamev Jayate and Gold were below average movies which seemed to have been made with the intent of spreading forced patriotism. Why are Indians so easily influenced?

In words of Moeen Cha-cha from Kurla“APNE KO KAAM SE FURSAT NHI, PAISA KAMANE SE FURSAT NHI ,SANDAS KA LINE MEIN FURSAT SE KHADA NHI HO SAKTA ,PAR MEIN MERA DESH KO BOHOT PYAR KARTA HAI AUR JAB KOI MERA DESH KA ACHA BAAT KARTA HAI TOH ACHA LAGTA HAI”So it's not about forced patriotism , people who don't like to discuss about it feel it is forced for other it's a proud thingPatriotism and Nationalism is a proud subject with country of 1.2 billion we shouldn't be ashamed of it and today's world of internet it has diminished from being national sentiment to personal sentiment.About movies if agitation aganist illegal child trafficking was national mood we would have gotten more movies like Mardani . Cinema is reflection of national mood in india.Mood is Patriotic and Nationalistic nowadays so if lots of people in india are seeing gold or satyamev jayate it's because they like it they are not stupid or easily Influenced .There is a space of dissent if you don't like it you don't have to see it but keep question that is the part which makes your nation stronger .Peace

Was only one movie filmed in space?

EDIT: 2017–06–09:It has been brought to my attention that a very short film, Apogee of Fear (2008) was shot mostly onboard the ISS. Having viewed what is available, I believe that a better quality version could have been shot on the ground at JPL. If this was the “movie” being referenced in the question, it should have been named accordingly.I would like to know which movie you believe was shot in space, because there hasn’t been one. The best movie to represent zero-G in space was Apollo 13 (1995) in which the zero-G sequences were shot on board a Vomit Comet—an aeroplane deliberately designed for nose-dive plummets to simulate zero-G for astronaut training in 90-second bursts—it then has to climb again for the next plummet.Still maintaining its exquisite quality for zero-G representation is 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) which was shot entirely on the ground. 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) comes in very close in its desire to remain faithful to the original, but was also shot on the ground.The most notable single sequence in 2001 is Bowman drifting inside HAL’s central core. This was shot inside a lift-shaft and Bowman is suspended in a harness from above while the camera looks upward. By inter-cutting alternate views from either “end” it creates the illusion of zero-G.The scene in 2010 that kept many people guessing was the use of two pens hanging in mid-air to demonstrate lashing Discovery One and the Leonov together. Each pen was attached to its own pane of glass in front of the camera. Obviously this required clever lighting and shooting to avoid reflections in the glass.The opening title sequence to Barbarella (1968) features Jane Fonda floating in zero-G. She removes a space-suit and proceeds to strip completely naked, with letters from the titles cleverly covering up the “rude bits”. In one of her music videos, Kylie Minogue does an almost exact replica of this sequence. You tell me how alike they are:Even in a Digital age of movie production, some of these old Analog effects are still in use augmented with Digital technology.I’m still curious as to which movie you believe was actually shot in space.

Congress calls The Accidental Prime minister movie as fiction and not a biopic, what is your opinion?

If it really feels so then it has nothing to worry. I saw Robot1 of rajnikanth. And in that fiction robot loves aishwary rai.Nobody hurt due to such fiction.And if the accidental PM is a fiction and nothing is true then no body has to feel hurt and take it personal.If you have heard the Congress ppl saying so and you believe they are true to their words then I hope that the Congress ppl will not indulge to violence to stop its release and let those who want to watch that movie freely and as long as they want like sholay.I too believe that its not a biopic as if it is a biopic it covers only the story of MMS his failures, struggles and achievement.Just like many movies this also will be a story that happened during a particular period of time. And could not be biopic.

What is globilazation and their impacts?

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Anyone watched the movie Amistad?