What Were People Like During The Rise Of The Third Reich What Mentality Did They Have

What do you call people like Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler?

I'm doing a list on the 5 most important people during the Holocaust (not important, just evil I suppose) and I'm not sure what the title would be: The most influential mass murderers doesn't sound quite right?!

Are people who admire Hitler and the Nazis mentally defective?

they are brainwashed and stupid Germany suffered a lot after the 1st world war and Hitler and the rise of the nazi party created employment suddenly people had food clothing things they had gone without for a long time this created loyalty in the people toward them
that created the situation

Why is it that Nazi people say they are pure Christian and aryan and then kill have fantasies killing people?

Lets start with initials, Emergence of Nazism was peak time of poverty and low self esteem as a nation, Young Germans felt alienated, now on such times always psychy works "thats acquire the thing if you can't have it" , Germans were not fascists they as a nation felt humiliated, Hitler's rise was no exception, If you go through history of revolutions you'll come to know that there are only few factors behind every revolution.
1. Damaged Social sector
2. poverty on the rise
3. Lack of opporunity

Now your second point, you asked is this christian way of killing people?
Well of course not
But tell me something what one would do when they are deprived of everything? of course Nazism is global disease which exists even today, but we can't point them as having mental diseases or being abused in childhood,

this is natural phenomena people need change and unforunately it was Hitler who provided them, People followed him since he made some great economic reforms but in the end it all ended up as failure

How would Hitler and the Nazi party respond to these?

Sounds like a school assignment to me. The answers can be found in your textbook and reading lists. You might want to find a copy of "Ordinary Men" to gain some insights into the individual and group psychology that led so many people to abandon compassion and rationality and follow the self-destructive and psychotically deluded and manipulative regime that called itself the Third Reich.

The simple answer is that individuals like Hitler and the political groups he represented who have a lust for power always find it easier to gain support from large numbers of their fellow citizens by playing on their fears and childish superstitions by creating a mythology that demonizes some other "group" to be some kind of enemy on which to blame all the nation's troubles (in this case, Jews, Communists, Poles, Slavs, Gypsies, etc.) The reason Jews in Europe were so involved in banking and finance was because, dating back to the Middle Ages, they had been largely restricted by laws from owning real estate and property so it was among the few fields in whichs they were free to practice a livelihood. Ancient jealousies and greed contributed to the anti-Semitism as did Hitler's own conflicted pride about having been helped by a Jewish neighbor when he was a starving, ragged student.

Bullying people and making them out to be the bad guys is less effort than developing real constructive answers to complex social and economic problems. That's been the source of most human sorrow and conflict throughout history, from children tormenting each other on the playground to gain status with their peers, to all of the civil and international wars that plague humankind.

Fomenting war and intergroup strife is always cowardly. Loving your neighbor is always more difficult but working with him to create a better world for all of you is true courage.

Good comprehensive source of information on the post World War 1 climate in Germany that led to the rise of the Nazis during the 1930's is "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich."

What would Nazi soldiers and Hitler be yelling?

Okay I hate white supremacy, so odd topic I know. But I'm writing a story, and I have a brief scene where Hitler is talking to a bunch of wound up nazis. I need to know what kind of words or propaganda they would say.