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What Would An Extremely Extremely Hot Flame Look Like

Laptop extremely hot? what do i do?

normal web browsering temperature is 56-59* Celsius and idle is almost 49* celsius and watching a youtube video has temperatures up of 66-69* celsius?? my fans spin very fast on my laptop i have the back of my laptop placed with a square block under it to make more airflow but it doesnt change the temperatures at all. what can i do? (no speedfan changing programs work with my model of laptop i already tried) bios has nothing on fan speeds or even temperatures (sometimes youtube videos will play smoothly for about 30 seconds then are extremely glitchy and my mouse gets laggy and i close the webpage my cpu is around 70* or more and sometimes out of nowhere my laptop turns off. and sometimes the fans don't even spin when i turn my laptop on and i have to turn it off and on a couple of times for my fans to turn on?? what is going on?? i have windows 2000 (it runs very fast I can even play crysis on it i have a hp zv 6000 2ghz processor ati xpress 200 256MB and 348MB ram 70Gb hard drive????

Laptop fan extremely loud?

The cause would depend on what type of noise it is making. If it sounds like a loud fan and that is all, chances are that the computer is getting really hot. This could be caused by too much dust built up inside. If it does not allow the heat out, the computer will work the fan harder to cool it off on the inside.

Try blowing some compressed air into the bottom vent. If a lot of dust comes out, that's probably the problem.

If the sound is more of a buzzing/grinding chances are the fan is dying, due to any number of problems. Try blowing some air into it, but more than likely you would need to replace the fan. Some are easier to get to than others. If the fan is dying you will feel more vibration. If it is clogged you'll typically feel a lot of heat around the vents.

Why can't a flame glow green hot when it can glow red hot, white hot and blue hot?

That's an excellent question.

First, there are some weird materials that glow green in a flame, and that's what they use in fireworks to make green sparkles.

However, if you heat metal, you are right that it can only glow red hot, white hot, blue hot but not green hot. To understand why this is the case, one must understand why metal glows at all. Unfortunately, that's quite complicated and was only figured out in the beginning of the 20th century.

The gist is this: When you make metal really hot, the energy that's in the material is, in parts, in the light that's given off by the material. The color of that light can be calculated if you know the temperature of the material using Planck's law. If you look up the link I posted, you see graphs that show you what wavelengths occur with what percentage depending on temperature.

Basically, the higher the temperature, the lower the wavelength of the light you observe, but you'll always get a mixture of light.

So, if material is not that hot, you get lots of infrared and red light, but if you increase the temperature, you get the average of all the colors of the spectrum, which results in the white hot light. The white light contains some green light, but it also contains some red and blue light and therefore appears white, not green. Once you make it even hotter, you have mostly blue and ultraviolet light, so the glow becomes blue.

If Hell is burning hot with flames everywhere, is Heaven freezing cold?

No hell will be more like having 72 nagging wives nagging at you all the time:

Now think about what they tell the suicide bombers about Allah giving them 72 virgins. Those 72 virgins are going to turn into 72 nagging wives. Now guess where they are really going:
The lower levels of heaven will be peaceful and calm where the folks will be in bliss:
Valhalla or the 7th level of heaven is reserved strictly for:
U.S. Marines
Navy Sea Bees
The Comanche
We'll be constantly training to spearhead the attack in war to come at the end of time: Where Jesus Christ with King Arthur as his XO, and Chesty Puller as tactical commander, will be leading the Forces of heaven against Satan.
When I say airborne that also includes Navy Seals & Special Forces since they are also Airborne.

Are extremely old fashioned and extremely cheap pregnancy test very accurate?

Today i took a very extremely cheap old fashioned pregnancy test but i still feel like im pregnant. I have been having symptoms for 2 weeks now
- Fatigue
- tiredness
- nausea ( havent thrown up but gagged alot lik i was)
- hot/cold flashes
- cramp like feeling
- eating more
- sharp random pains from my hips down to under my stomach
- tender/ sore breasts
- achey back and knees
I dont know when my period is but i believe i should be on it now or next week. I dont know if i should take another test or not!!???
Although its only been 2 weeks since i had sex.

Do most guys want a girl that looks hot or very pretty?

Men can be picky at times lol like with the models or playmates now a days that any normal everyday woman most certainly doesn't look like this ... but I suppose some women are just as cruel though to expect such things. I find it utterly ridiculous however.. U shouldn't have to change ur looks for anyone and they should love u for u not expecting to dye ur hair or get colored contacts or breast jobs lol to look as the woman they fancy if they want all that then they need to go find that woman is all it amounts to. The perfect relationship to me is to not have to change because that person loves u for u and thats all that manners of course everyone has to make some changes in a relationship but it should only come to a certain level not of which is one ending in misery. Long winded I know sorry lol but all I'm trying to say is take care of urself be u in everywhich way and that guy will come along and like u for u not because he finds totally hot or beautiful lol that might be the first thing he notices lol but he will see even further than that

Do i look hot (for 12-14 yar old guys)?

link doesn't work.
you're asking 12 year olds if they think you're hot. I pity you.
you shouldn't care what other people think of you, especially 12 year old boys. what are you, like 9?
go die in a ditch, k thanks.

I was chasing, he was running. I got sick of it, and avoided him and often didn't want anything to do with him. For the whole darn thing to be over. So we were mirroring each others behaviours. When I avoided him, he would gravitate back. It went on and off like that for a few years. I tried all sorts of things including cutting etheric chords with awful repercussions.Ultimately for us it was fear or sick of being rejected.I never sought out another. He did. It never lasted. It gave me relief and in my head made it easier to let go. Deep inside i loved him though.Certainly there was jealousy at the start of the journey of his partnerships, but eventually I began feeling happy for him. I knew on some level he loved me. He hasn't a clue about twin flames, i have no idea if he experienced the synchronicities as I did.Whether he's in partnership with someone else or not nowadays doesn't matter. When we cross paths my energy changes as expanding energy from the chest that needs release through my mouth. Sounds weird lol, I know. Don't know what he's feeling except his body language and behaviours change and becomes excited. Energy explodes between us. Nothing else.We read about it all the time. The connection cannot be broken. It doesn't matter when he has a new partner. I don't desire to be with him in the physical sense anymore.We catch up at least once a week. When each of our lives are on track, the energy I feel that errupts between us is magical. It permeates and affects other people around us.I came to an acceptance we would never be together in the physical sense. It doesn't matter. We are both members of a community establishment and a power house when we pair up to do things in that community. Personalities are similar. Strengths and weaknesses are complimentary.So if your “other” is a true twin flame, the connection will not be broken. Look for ways to bring out the best in each other. That's an essential goal of the partnership. Be best friends first. Enjoy your life with or without the other. Keep in mind a twin flame journey is nothing like the romantic relationships we've grown up conditioned to understand.