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What Would Be A Good Name For A Pair Of Criminal 17 Year Old Twin Boys

Good Names for Criminal Boy?

My advice is to not waste your energy on finding a name with such specific meaning.

Go into it with an open mind. Go and have a look at a baby name website, see which one you like. But honestly, nobody is going to look at a name and think "Oh yeah, that means evil!".

Truth be told it is pointless. Think of a country of origin for your character and look at names based on where they're from. If you go into it with an open mind you might surprise yourself - you might find a name you love, regardless of its meaning.

We moved into a new neighbourhood for work and this area is dangerous or ghetto. How do I keep my 12-year-old daughter and my 13-year-old identical twin girls safe?

I lived in South Central Los Angeles when I attended USC. The south of USC was dangerous and ghetto. The area was and still is known for crime. We were always taught by the campus police as to how to be safe. Here are some tips:Pretend that you belong there. When your daughters act like they are not scared and they are just one of the locals, they won't be harmed.Get to know your neighbors and be super kind to them. They will protect you.Teach them not to go to a neighbor’neighbor's house or car alone even the person becomes a friend.Do not carry anything expensive while walking on the street -headphones or laptop or even holding the phone on hand. Everything should be hidden inside their back pack. No expensive bag either.Sign them up for karate or martial arts ot st least self defense class. They should know how to kick and elbow someone for self defense.Buy some pepper spray and make sure they hold them while walking.Teach them how to be aware of their surroundings while walking and not listening to music.Have someone take them to school and bring back.Install cameras around your home. If you can't afford cameras, at least buy “24 hr video surveillance type of signs and post everywhere.Make sure doors and windows are closed at night and when you are not home.If no one is home, leave the tv on. People will assume someone is home.

Hi can you please read my persuasive essay and told me any grammar errors, or if needs something else. Thanks?

...Willingham was complaining and crying out for a nurse to help him because of the pain from his extremely minor *wound/injury*.

...demonstrated that he was guilty because he didn’t even care that his children were *dead*. his parents that there was something about the day of the fire he had lied about*:* he said (admitted?) that he had never actually crawled into the children’s room.

Therefore*,* the state of *Texas* should keep the death penalty...

I would also find a new word other than "sociopath" to subsitute in a few occasions. Your use of it became repetitive. I would also do the same for "said" in the fourth paragraph. Lastly, I would reword the hypothetical question in the second to last paragraph to avoid making a question. Leave it as a statement.

All in all, not a bad essay. Just some minor corrections and advice, not anything that offended my eyes to read.

What does it feel like to have a twin sister or brother?

TWIN TROUBLE AND DOUBLE DELIGHT!They were lying side by side,she turning right and he to left. He was sucking his left thumb and she, her right middle and ring fingers thrust deep into her mouth.Suddenly she turned to him,blew bubbles and uttered “Bu-bbu”.He immediately responded with a smile and uttered “Mu-mmu”.It was a defining moment in their lives,for the names stuck !He was Bubbu and she was Mummu for everyone around them.They were born on the same day under the same birth star in the same maternity ward one minute part to the same mother. Bubbu ,for having emerged earlier, was the elder brother ,or Anna. He was very fair, chubby with thick black hair.She was reasonably fair ,lean,with brownish thin hair on her pate.Her eyes were glowing brown and his were shining black.She loved people and had smile for everyone.He loved machines and watches.Anything that rotated caught his fancy and mesmerized him.They were twins but most “untwin”-like in their manner and temperament.The Anna that he was ,Bubbu loved his younger twin.He hugged and kissed her often.Any goodie that he was given would be fed to her before he even tasted it.Like a typical younger sister,she accepted these attentions as her right,not bothering once to reciprocate.MOTHER AT WORKThe parents,both being professionals,were too busy to attend to the mundane childcare tasks,and had a nanny to tend to the twins.A sunday evening saw the mother taking them out to the park in a twin-stroller,the nanny being of-duty.Both the babies immediately put their favourite fingers into their mouths.Mom decided it was time they were weaned of this habit and proceeded to begin with Mummu. She pulled her fingers saying it was a ‘no-no’.She put it back and looked away.Mom persisted and held on to her hand to prevent her from sucking.She howled and burst into tears .Just then one of mum’s colleagues came that way.Mum left her hand and turned to the friend.Mummu immediately pushed her fingers back in. But the big brother was watching!He took over from mom.He pulled her hand and held on to it.Mummu howled again and it melted his heart.He removed his thumb from his mouth and carefully choosing,thrust his middle and ring fingers into her mouth ! Once mom was done with the friend she turned back,to be greeted by this spectacle !Epilogue:“Hi Bubbu,Why’s mom crying ? I see tears flowing down,What happened?”“God knows.It’s hard to understand grown-ups.”- Thankyou Kumuda purushottam :)

What t.v show or movie was based on the fairmont hotel??

The 1983 TV show named "Hotel", which starred James Brolin.