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What Would Be A Good Quote For Someone Who Implies That She Is Better Than Others Ever Since She

What does it mean when someone says "I've forgotten more than you'll ever know?"?

It means that the person is probably an old and arrogant pr*ick.

He is saying you know little, he knows a lot. Odds are, he is talking out of his hind quarters.

What does I couldn't ask for anyone better mean?

It means what it says, who ever said it obviously cares about you alot. My advise is that you stop reading into things to much. Alot of girls do this, it makes you paranoid.

Follow my advise and the rest will come naturally.
Best of luck,

What should I reply to my girlfriend if she says "you deserve a good girl"?

When she says like that reply her...Pls don't say that I deserve a good girl than you. I love you truly and I don't want to hear from you such a this line like you deserve etc...I don't need any explanation. I love you for what you're. YOU'RE THE Most beautiful & BEST GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN. At least you don't say to search someone else I'm scared even I think to lose. I wanna be with u forever. I need you till my last breathand reply her like you're getting very angry if she says to search another girl then might be she feels very lucky to have you and will think that you love her truly, I'm not saying to pretend if you really do otherwise we shouldn'tplay with someone's feelings.

What does she mean when she says that you deserve better?

This can be interpreted in three ways -She got someone else and does not want to end the relationship because that will make her the evil one.She did something unacceptable and she is afraid to confess.You are too good for her and she is way too honest.If, first is the case (which is more like to happen), then leave her and move on. She is using that line because she must have someone else in her mind and want you to end it, so that she doesn't has to live in guilt.If second is the case then give her the comfort and conformity that no matter what happens, you won't leave her provided she should do her best not to repeat the same thing again. Everyone do mistakes whether intentionally or unintentionally and honestly you can forgive her once. But if she repeats the same mistake then mark my word, “a mistake done more than once is not a mistake, it's a choice”. So you should better let her go.If third is the case then, boy, congratulations! You won a lottery. You are very precious to her and she doesn't want to loose you by any means. If she said this then take it as a compliment and hold tight on her. She will respect you, cherish you and love you with all her heart.Now it's up to you to figure out which one is the right case in your situation.

What does this quote by sir isaac newton means? as well as your reaction and comment in it...?

In modern terms you could say that he is acknowledging the work of people before him and accrediting them by saying that owing to them he could work ahead, using the already invented wheel, so to say.

Well, in this age of programming, high end software would never be possible if people kept on trying to write the basic code or in this age of modular design, people can't afford the time and effort of reinventing the wheel. So, it holds very true in this world of rapid development, especially in the field of science and engineering. One can also say that since so much of knowledge is avaiable to the world through the internet, none can claim that his work is his alone. Everyone needs to use someone else's knowledge to accomplish one's design/device/component/product.

However, in the field of arts, one can still claim to be original.

Interestingly, except for where mandatory to share credits, people like to claim originality. Other interesting thought about whether there was a practice of patenting in those times?

What does Courting Mean and what does this quote mean?

Courting is an old fashioned idea that I LOVE. It's a traditional way of dating where a young man is very respectful and polite towards the person he is dating. They take things slow, and aren't all over each other from day 1.

As for the expression you mentioned, I've never heard it before. I would guess it means that even though a girl is not in a committed relationship with someone she knows how to give him what he "wants" if you catch my drift. :) So yes, you were kind of right when you said it means a girl is easy. It reminds me of the whole "friends with benefits" idea.

What does this quote mean? I don't have to look up my family tree, because I know that I'm the sap. ?

I guess every family has them. You know, the relatives who make your immediate family seem fairly normal?

One vivid memory of my childhood concerns a great-aunt on my father’s side. She had two thumbs…on one hand. We only visited them a couple of times, but I could scarcely notice anything other than her digital bonus whenever I was in the same room with her.

I had a great-grandmother who was known to take toast home in her suitcase after a visit because she didn’t have a toaster at home.

I had an aunt who gave her husband a gift each Christmas: a robe, nightgown or other garment that was her size. He would open it, hold it up for everyone to laugh at, and then hand it over to my aunt. I can’t recall if he ever got a gift for himself.

Hope this helps.

What are some alternative words or phrases instead of "good luck" which I can use to show my genuine support to others?

"You are going to be amazing.""You were made for this.""There is no one better than you to take this challenge on.""Can I have your autograph when you make it big?""I am so happy for you.""As you go forward, know that I am your absolute biggest fan.""I would wish you good luck, but you don't need luck. You are going to do great."

If one uses 'big words,' does this mean that he or she is intelligent?

I've always wondered this. In writing, I often use words that most people may characterize as "big words." Examples?

Words like 'Draconian.' Or 'analogous.' Words that you might read in a novel or a textbook, but words that are usually shunned in ordinary life or in mundane conversations.

If someone employs words like the above referenced ones or other similar words, does that mean that he or she is intelligent? Is the usage of an extensive vocabulary a barometer for someone's intelligence?