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What Would Be A Great Thing To Do At My Party

Things to do for an 18th birthday party?

Smoke cigars!

How to throw a great teen garden party?

So im 14 and im throwing a party but the ones that i throwed always failed :( and i got embarrased there will be about 30-40 ppl same amount of boys and girls
what should i buy for snacks?
What should i order as food?
What kind of music should i play?
What should i do about the chairs-tables
And plz give me tips

Good things to do for my 16th birthday party?

Well how about you all enroll to a 1-4 hours dance lesson? Yes that would be great! Why settle for a traditional birthday celebration at your home, movies, or mall, when you could be having a blast expressing yourself with dance at some dance studio. It is a good remedy for your boring moments. In this way you can spend more quality time together with your friends and cosuins. And have a fun and enjoying physical activity. You can also get to spend and discover your passion in dancing.

Have a happy birthday!

Fun things to do at a boy/girl birthday party?

I'm going to be 15 yrs old soon and I'm a girl. My parents said I can have a boy/girl party, and the truth is this will be my first one. I was wondering what are some fun things we could do. I have most of it planned out. I was thinking we should do lazer tag or soemthing adn then go back to my house and watch movies and eat pizza. Any ideas of what we should do before we watch movies and such?? Please help....Any ideas will help. Thank you:)

What should I do for my 15th birthday party?

Treasure hunt : make a map and clues going around your house, have a treasure at the end with some cute keepsake.Decorate cupcakes: instead of a pre-decorated cake (or in addition to it) have decorating supplies out and let everyone go crazy with their own cupcake.Dance party : the more childish and unpopular the music the more fun this will turn out. Dancing to popular music is a club like activity, and makes people think about how they look while dancing. Kids music from shared favorite kids shows, and music that has passed popularity, but that everyone knows the dance for (think ymca) make for fun, crazy dance that is a lot more fun.Random item fashion show : split into 2 or 3 groups, prepare boxes of seemingly random items (tin foil, pipe cleaners, toilet paper, string, paper, tape, etc) and each team uses these items to dress one team member for a “fashion show”. Make a crazy hat or dress with the materials on hand, and see what the other team(s) have done with their stuff.I think 15 is a great age to do some of these activities because at 15 you're reaching the age where thinking back to childhood silliness is nostalgic. Helping your friends relax and feel like they can be silly and care free is a great way to make your party memorable and fun for everyone. Don't be afraid to be a bit childish. Call it “ironic” if you must, but a party where everyone feels like they're 5 again will be a hit.

What Can I Do For My 16th Birthday BESIDES Having A Party ?

Sweet 16 party themes/activities/ideas

What's your idea of a good party?

I don't really have an idea of a good party. I really enjoy parties of all sorts, with a wide variety of different goals and intentions.Last weekend, I was at the birthday party of a good friend. It was just forty people or so socializing, playing board games, and drinking a rather lovely rum I’d never tried before. My ex was there, a bunch of my friend’s filmmaking friends were there, and the thing that made it good was spending time talking to awesome, smart, interesting people for hours.A couple weeks before that, I was at a sex party that was an absolute blast. I brought the violet wand and a whole bunch of attachments, which was great fun—people were lining up to try it out. What made that party good was getting to have some fun sexy time in an environment with other people having fun sexy time.The party before that was an anime party; a whole bunch of people getting together to drink wine and watch anime. It was the first time I'd ever seen Princess Mononoke, so that was cool.I've had or been to cyberpunk-themed parties, LAN parties for Command & Conquer and World of Warcraft, rum tasting parties, book parties, dance parties, science-themed parties, trebuchet-building parties, rope bondage parties…and whatever the party, the one thing that makes it good is awesome people.If the people are engaging and interesting, the party is good. If they aren't, it's not. That's pretty much what it comes down to.

I need ideas for my neon party!?

Kay, so I just turned 16 yesterday and I want to have a neon raveish thingie in my backyard. I don't know what to do for blacklights and finding glow in the dark stuff. and i also somehow need to get speakers and a stage and I'm really overwhelmed and dont know what to do! Do you guys have any suggestions? Thank you by the way I just really want my friends to have fun and stuff.

What's a high school graduation party like?

I think the great thing about a graduation party can be the good will that comes through. While high school should be a relatively and overall happy time - though true it remains sad and an issue to address some students find it otherwise - but its also true teenage years are a time of adjustment, awkwardness and Co.Around about 18 that often starts to change as people 'level out', recognize its a big world out there - so those who you grew up with and spent years with will always be a big part of your life - and accordingly graduation parties can be a bit surreal (but good).All up then, graduation parties are cool because its a special milestone to hit with your friends, celebrate with your grade as a whole - and even those folks who you may not yet have had a chance to meet and speak to all that much during senior year - you'll often find you end up speaking about plans for college, life after school etc etc.So, all up I would say definitely go, enjoy, but most of all just be yourself. Grad parties are great in that they allow you to reflect and 'wrap' a high school career; but also true too the day after shall arrive eventually. So, make the most of it but don't fret too much about making a huge deal of its significance; rather just enjoy yourself (and yes, maybe ask that girl you've a crush on out for a date in weeks ahead:)Ed PhillipJournalist and AuthorRead more from Ed in 60 Steps to College Success: from First Year to Final Year, Essays, Exams and More! available from Amazon Kindle (download for free until May 9 2017)