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What Would Be The Two Hardest Things .

What would be the two hardest things for you to choose between?

I believe that this would be the ultimate choice
life or death

Life: What are the hardest things to do in life?

You are with someone for years, gradually you accepted her as an integral part of your insignificant life.Your day starts with her melodious ‘Good morning’ and ended with her lyrical ‘Good Night’. After each passing day, she starts roaming in uncharted territories of your unexplored heart.Sometimes you think, after your mother she is the one who can predict your bad or good mood in a blink.You let your guards down, you embrace her togetherness.Eventually, you believe she completes you, and her absence shows you enormous emptiness in your life. That kind of attachment you nurtured with your soulmate in a couple of years.Out of nowhere, She invites someone special in her life. Gradually, she is doing the same thing which was limited to you only.Your dream of togetherness is slowly dying, your ‘happily ever after’ dream starts mocking you. Her insensible deeds start ripping your blessed senses.On the contrary, you are losing your sane mind, and faith in humanity too.Life: What are the hardest things to do in life?You wanna fight for your dying love to the person whom you love beyond any explanation, you wanna cry, you want separation from everything which made you to roam again into once-pleasurable-but-now-shattered memory lanes.You wanna hate her, you wanna curse her. You wanna crush her face in one damn punch.But you take a pledge to do one of the hardest things in your life,You do nothing, you put forced smile on your face. Your heart is on fire and you already lost your mind a while ago. You can’t even recognize your face in same mirror.You are silently there to see your whole crafted dreams are mercilessly burning, but you do nothing. You chose to do nothing. You are just a silent brave spectator, maybe pretending to be a brave one.Because you love her.

What are the two hardest things for you when looking for a new job?

The two hardest things I have found are:Defining the role I'm looking for: My roles have always been pretty broad, but recruiters seem only to understand single faceted roles. If I'm not clear enough about what I want, they lose interest or think I can't help. So I have to try and narrow the focus enough for a recruiter to actually think they can help me, without actually restricting my options.Time: My CV has some impressive companies that recruiters like to send to employers to show them that they have high calibre people looking for work. The problem is that these jobs aren't always suitable or what I was looking for and it just waste of my time and interviewers’ times.As you can see there is a common theme here, recruiters. If you had asked for the five hardest things when looking for work, it would still have involved recruiters. I'm not saying they are universally bad, but let's just say the competent ones, shine bright.

What are the hardest and the easiest things to do in life?

To make a movie is the hardest thing. So many people contribute to make a movie. They work for 3 months, 6 months and even more than a year to make it. But it is easiest thing to just say whether the movie was good or not. Some randomly say that the movie was bad just because they don’t like a particular actress of actor. Is it fair?To impress some one is the hardest thing. You do what not to impress the one whom you love. You go beyond your comfort zones some times to make them happy. But it is easiest thing to just ignore certain things if you don’t like that person.It is hard to give a speech or present in front of hundreds of people but it is easy to just pass a comment about that person sitting in the crowd.It is hard to grow your hair long. You will have to take a lot of care, oil it frequently, nurture it. But it is easy to cut your hair short (Smile)It is hard to stand in long que to withdraw money (in the current situation) but it is easy to spend that money. In fact its is hard to earn money but its is easy to spend money.It is hardest thing to lose weight but it is easiest thing to gain weight. (It can be other way round for few people like me :-))

What does this mean ? "The 2 hardest things to handle in life are failure and success."?

it is what it is, those are the two hardest things in life to deal with.

Someone once said: "The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success." What do you think of this?

I would say it depends on the person.An example is to look at young cricketers who came with great promise was toasted and paid lots of money and stayed at limelight for sometime.Then they became wayward, undisciplined, arrogant and totally lost in every way.With great power and skill comes great responsibility and that can be handled only with sense, patience, discipline, self control, respect, dedication, determination and humility.To listen to right people and right advice and to have right thoughts and right life style and sensible approach and decent education and knowledge is what is needed to handle success.Success can lead to down fall and to recover takes lot more effort than first time success journey. Having the right team around can help handle and continue the successes. Having one success is not enough but continuing success is more important and that is possible with inspiration, innovation and initiative and investigation of new means, methods and ideas. Only a team can help.Failure is tough it can break a person. The same characteristics is required patience, determination, dedication, discipline, strong will, skill building, sensible lifestyle, thoughts, guidance and self belief and coaching and support and a team maybe required. New ideas, innovation, investigative approach to new means etc are required.Right team and right approach and ideas and innovation and will and determination, dedication, discipline is required in success and failure.To win and keep winning. To fail and then recover and win and keep winning takes a lot.