What Would Happen If A Retard Asked A Question

You would get a clear explanation of you doubt right away.If you still dint understand the TA will help you after the class.If you still dint understand, you can get the doubt personally clarified by your lecturer.If you still dint get it, you can discuss with your friends about it.If you still dint get it, your seniors will help you.If you still dint get it, message me on Quora, Ill do my best to help you. (I’ve got amazing friends who basically understand everything!)

Asking illegal or unethical questions during an interview shows the interviewer in a bad light and the candidate automatically associates such unethical behavior with a company culture that he/she most likely does not want to join.Interviewers can basically ask what ever they want as long as they are not building evidence up of any discrimination (how can an interviewee prove in an 1 on 1 meeting discriminative questions to a third party?).The more important question is how the interviewee should react if the interviewer really asks an illegal or unethical question? The classical answer suggest that he/she could reject to answer stating that this an illegal question or answer truthfully or lie.I recommend another much more successful method. Candidates assume that interviewers are always highly professional, well trained and have a ready made question list. You will be surprised how often they are less prepared than the interviewee.So it is not a bed that the interviewer is not even aware that this particular question was crossing the line.Therefor it is helpful to evaluate first the importance of the question by simply asking how the question is related to the job interview. With that you give your counterpart the chance to reflect and withdraw. If he insists you have the option to answer generically or to ask the same question back to the interviewer.The interview situation requires sound and mature judgments by both parties. At the end both sides should be able to work many years good and trustful together. Unethical behavior from any side at the beginning of the relationship defines already a bad ending.

The people who wrote answers to the question will get a notification about your edit.One or more of them will report that edit as vandalism.Some of the people who answered your question will probably block you. This means that you will not be able to comment on their answers, send them private messages, suggest edits to their answers, comment on questions they’ve asked, or send them answer requests.Someone will revert the edit to restore the question to its original state.If you try to get into an edit war with another user, the question will get locked and you’ll see something like “your edit has been submitted for review” or “the question has already been edited and is under review.”You could get a warning like this one:

Let’s assume you can type a question into Quora in thirty seconds. If we assume this, it’ll take you 30 million seconds to type in a million questions. Assuming you spend eight hours a day, every day, it’ll take you almost three years to type in all of these questions.Unless you worked really hard at formulating these questions, the odds are that someone would notice that your questions are repetitive, formulaic, or otherwise basically duplicative and start merging them long before your three year typeathon is complete. You would almost certainly come to the attention of Quora Moderation, and it’s likely that, unless you are really really creative, you’d end up banned for spamming.This is even more likely if you used some sort of automation to try to submit questions faster than once every thirty seconds. Such questions would almost certainly end up appearing to be formulaic or repetitive, and would likely be identified as spam.To avoid being identified as a spammer, you’re going to have to put a lot more than thirty seconds into each question, but that’ll just make you take that much longer to hit your goal of one million questions. At five minutes per question, you’re now looking at a thirty year mission. I’d be surprised if Quora were be around in thirty years; even three years seems fairly iffy.

What happens to the mentally retarded?

the genuine comparable ingredient that takes place with the souls of "person-friendly" people. God would not have various diverse contraptions of regulation books. there is one set of regulations for Himself and the comparable regulations and regulations for all of humanity. Ezekiel 18:20 states "The soul that sinneth it shall die." So, for this reason a retarded individual who's an unsaved sinner will die and be buried in a grave (hell) in basic terms the comparable as the different individual. all and sundry who's stored (retarded or no longer retarded) might have won a thoroughly NEW SOUL from God it sluggish for the time of their existence here in the international. Then, on the 2d of dying (earlier the rapture), that soul is going on the instant to be with Christ. The ineffective physique is then buried in basic terms like the physique of any unsaved individual.

What happens to babies that are born from mentally retarded mothers?

It doesn't always mean that the baby will be born retarded although they run a higher risk than those born to normal mothers. Is the father retarded too? If they are both retarded then the baby runs an even higher risk of being retarded. Have you ever seen the movie with Sean Penn called I am Sam? If not go to your local video store and rent it. He is retarded but his child is fine and he tries raising her. It's a really good flick it can answer a lot of your questions.

Usually, yes in my experience.We’ve already decided we are interested in finding out more about you and we understand everybody is busy, like us.I would suggest calling them back if you haven’t heard in a couple of days, as it may simply be stuck in somebody’s inbox, waiting for them to check their calendar.

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Am i actually a retarded person?

My tutor was explaining a concept and he asked a question that if i had a choice among three people to talk to who wud it be :
a. A five year old
b.Someone my age
c.A fifty year old
He expected my answer to be b and when i said i wud prefer to talk to a five year old he kept laughing till the class got over and said that i am a retard ?? What do u guys think? I'll turn 18 on 9th August.

First let’s move to the newer diagnosis - Intellectual Disabilities (ID). ID replaced Mental Retardation a few years ago legally as the appropriate term. The second thing to keep in mind is that ID is a diagnosis. This means it’s like any other diagnosis that a person might have -Vision, hearing, health, etc. The diagnosis does not make the person anymore than wearing glasses makes the person who wears them. Just like the person is aware of glasses, the person with ID is often aware of his or her diagnosis. This is especially true for people who have mild or moderate ID. They can usually tell that they are “different” or they “think different” than most people. Some of them will state things like, “I’m a little slow” etc. It’s a general self awareness that anyone could have about a diagnosis.I remember sometime ago talking with a man who has a diagnosis of Mild ID. We were having a casual conversation when he told me that sometimes when he and others in his home go out, he feels uncomfortable. He said that people will stare and him and others because they “know we are different.” The funny thing is that this young man is very aware of his disability. He is also aware that other people sees his disability and sees the disability as “him” instead of simply a diagnosis that is part of him. So ultimately, yes, the majority of people with ID are aware that they are different - I guess it would just be nice if the rest of us would not treat them differently.