What Would Happen If Someone Was Caught Smoking A Joint/in Possession Of Marijuana

What happens if you get caught smoking marijuana as a tourist in Dominican Republic?

Drug possesion or consumption is very tough in the Dominican Republic. If arrestedm, you can go to jail or be deported, or both. I know many who sell marijuana at the resorts, but good judgement is required. Dealers like to sell to tourists and if you do the transaction in a discrete manner, I don't think there will be any problems.

Few years ago a Puerto Rican celebrity, Laura Hernandez, was arrested along with her husband and 5 friends for taking cocaine out of the country. They were sentenced to 7 years in prison and 3 of her friends died when a fire broke out in the prison and killed them and other inmates. Laura was pardoned after serving 3 years and was deported and banned from entering the country ever again. The U.S. embassy tried to get her release for years, but they couldn't do much as she was in Dominican territory and had to abide by laws there regarding possession.

Don't bring drugs into or out of the country. Be smart and be safe.

What happens if you get caught smoking weed in your apartment?

First off being in a apartment is be respectful to neighbors. Don't throw loud parties cause that will for sure get the cops there alot faster than some weed smoke. Always turn down your music and TV after 10pm-7am. Make sure to have fans(window fans) taking smoke out of your apartment and not blowing it in the direction on a neighbors window. Have a highpowered airfreshener or spray to mask the smell and greet cops outside your apartment and lock the door behind you. If they want to search your place just saycalmly and cooly, "Sorry Officer I know you are just doing your job but you need a warrant if you want to search." or "Sorry Sir, I don't consent to searches." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCVnMDy_7nM

Second, possession of a "pound" of weed will not be considered possession they will most likely lump that in as possession with intent to distribute. A pound has 16ounces. That is alot of weed. If they claim you are intending to distribute that is a felony offense with possibile jail time of 16mouths-3 years. It is not a simple fine.

Simple possession of over 28.5 grams (That is just 1 ounce) is a misdemeanor 6 months jail time and up to $500 fine.

Possession of up to and including 28.5 grams of marijuana is an infraction punishable by a fine of $100. So keep less than 1 ounce and you should be good.

A pro-tip would be to get your medical card so if cops do come to your house you can say you are a licensed medical user and here is your card.

What would happen if a 13 year old got caught with marijuana?

if you got caught with marijuana your parents/guaridian and guidance councellor would be informed, and you would, likely, get a visit to the boys & girls home, have to do community service, etc.

You shouldn't be smoking it, if you were old enough you could be arrested.

What would happen if you got caught smoking marijuana in Canada now, 3 weeks before it is legal?

I’d have to go look. However I think this varies by province. There has been a grey area of not legal, but not illegal. There was lots of hand wringing about it about a decade ago.Most do not seem to be enforcing anything on a personal level anymore. I’d suspect that most judges simply do not want to have to deal with it when if they did impose any penalty it might be challenged. It is a waste of their time probably. Judges get testy about that sort of thing.In my province, it was a while ago now so it might have changed, that personal use wasn’t prosecuted. DUI and such still apply.You could have personal use, use it, but not buy it I think. You could grow it, but only in personal use amounts. This was not a sure fire way to avoid prosecution though, as what that means wasn’t clear. So there are doctors who writ scripts. There are doctors who that is almost their entire practice is writing scripts for personal use.Each province, and even municipalities, seem to have different levels of concern about this and the legal and bylaw framework has been uneven for at least a decade.I could go to BC for at least 2 decades and you’d run into people smoking pretty much anywhere. Cross the border into Alberta, and you’d not find that. You’d still find cops drop by at a group smoking in Calgary and Edmonton (I walk by one somewhat regularly on my way home from work, right across from city hall). In Kelowna, not so much.This current change is a federal one, and how it is implemented will probably still be uneven by municipality and province. If you were a judge, would you want to have to deal with it? If you know the judge isn’t happy about seeing these cases at the moment, you want to be the prosecutor who suggested it? The cop who handed it to the attorneys?Actively ignoring the issue when it isn’t grow ops seems to be the norm.OHHHHH. Let me answer that outside of the legal framework. Employers will still have their own rules about it for liability reasons. So it being legal doesn’t mean without issues. If you work for a company that would not want you around after a 2 beers at lunch, they don’t want you around on this either.

What happens if you get caught smoking weed in Toronto?

I've been caught a few times by police smoking a joint.

First they'll ask you if you have more on you, its always a better outcome if you don't. So don't carry around a bunch of it with you.

Basically if all you have is a joint or a pipe, they take it from you and send you on your way.

Luckily most police officers in canada realize that a person who smokes recreationally isn't someone to plug up the legal system with, they are more focused on actual criminals here.

If you are driving and smoking, you're gonna get burnt. While alot of officers are tolerant towards small amounts of marijuana,driving under the influence is a big deal and wont be ignored.

What happens if a minor gets caught smoking weed?

all kids these days at least try pot n booze and all cops know that. possession, paraphernalia, or underage drinking tickets maybe, but they would have to actually get caught in the act. If they have ANY pills on them though, thats a real issue. even if a friend gives you the absolute weakest painkiller on the market (accident or not) and you're caught with it, its felony charges and jail time, even i you are a minor.
but back to pot. small tickets is the worst it would get, unless they are caught growing or selling.
Also, when we were kids, the only parents that denied it were the ones that already knew about it, didn't care, or gave it to us. just a fyi....

What happens if you get caught smoking weed?

yes im not sure about in Texas, but here in Illinois if you are caught with less than 28 grams of weed on you, you will be arrested. You will the get a court date, get charged with possession of marijuana and get put on probation, plus a fine. You will then be drug tested every month. So if your gonna smoke, don't get caught.

Caught smoking weed on camera?

I don't like the "can you get in trouble with the law" wording you've chosen. It's not very clear. Any officer could investigate anything, but proving a criminal charge isn't likely with the circumstances you've given. I'm also going to assume that single joint is the only marijuana you have. In a lot of states simple possession is a misdemeanor, until you get to a large amount. I'm also going to assume that your state doesn't allow medicinal use.

You can't establish that it actually is 'pot' on camera. A field test is usually used to determine if a substance actually is marijuana. Also, in my state, a police officer can only make an arrest for a 90 day misdemeanor (which possession of marijuana is) if it is committed in their presence.

It doesn't matter how obvious it looks, sometimes things aren't as they appear to be. Without having any type of evidence that the substance you were smoking was in fact marijuana, there's not much of a case. This is ignoring the minor misdemeanor offense being committed outside of the officer's presence.

Now if you are pulled over going down the road, the officer could use the tape as evidence in the case against you if you were arrested for operating while impaired (or whatever your state calls it for operating a motor vehicle while high).

Could the president legally smoke marijuana in the White House?

Well, technically marijuana use is now legal in Washington, D.C., so long as it’s not used in public, and I guess the White House living quarters are not public.However, let’s imagine that the President lights up a joint in some state where marijuana use is illegal—what might happen? It is still an open question whether a president can be dragged off to jail by local cops for violating a state law, and how the Secret Service would react. My hunch is that—short of murder—nobody arrests a President for breaking a state law or local ordinance.How about what happens if a President violates a federal law? Technically, for some FBI agent to arrest the President would be in principle the President ordering his/her own arrest—not very likely. And if some renegade FBI/DEA/whatever fed did try to arrest the President, I rather doubt the Secret Service would allow it, AND the President would be absolutely authorized by the Constitution to fire that agent on the spot.In effect, there is only one policeman a President needs to fear: the House of Representatives by a simple majority vote can impeach him/her. And there is only one court a President needs to fear: the Senate by a 2/3 vote can convict him/her and thereby remove him/her from office. THEN it is widely agreed ordinary civil cases and criminal prosecution can be brought against the ousted President. (How do we know THIS?—the fact that President Gerald Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon after he resigned, one step ahead of impeachment/conviction. However, the Supreme Court has yet to have occasion to rule on this, so we still can’t know for sure. What does the Constitution say about this peculiar issue?—whatever those 9 geezers say it says, when and if such a case is granted cert by those same 9 geezers.)