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What Would My Reaction Mean

What would your reaction be if everyone starts being mean to you?

There’s one thing that quantum physics has discovered and it is - we create our own reality. The question becomes what lesson am I to learn from this and how am I responsible for what’s happening to me. It’s EXTREMELY hard to accept responsibility for our own behavior. We all have egos and while it appears to protect us it also makes us fragile. However, we are much more than our ego….we are SOUL and Soul is a divine spark of God. Those who live from this lofty state experience a different life from those who are just beginning the journey.The most important thing to yourself and others is being a vehicle of divine love. This is extremely difficult when being treated poorly. Believe me I understand completely. However, this is frequently a launching point for change. The change you make is your own choice. Love yourself.There’s a Hawaiian practice you can try that has been proven to change lives. Here it goes:Stay to those who treat you poorly:I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I Love YouPlease go to this site to learn a bit more: How to Practice Ho'oponopono in Four Simple Steps

What is an initial reaction?

How you felt or thought straight after you finished reading it.

What would an overall reaction order of zero mean?

The overall order in this case is not that meaningful. If your reaction is really (-2) order in hydroxide, it could be a reaction that requires two protons in steps leading up to the rate-determining step. Then, if you add hydroxide, your [H+] concentration goes down and your reaction gets slower. In other words, hydroxide is a second order *inhibitor*.

To say that the reaction is zero order overall and therefore the rate is independent of both reactants is totally wrong.

Let's say you have to protonate crystal violet in a preliminary equilibrium step. Then, the protonated crystal violet reacts in a rate-determining, biomolecular step (it reacts with itself somehow, or it dimerizes and then reacts). That would explain what you're seeing.

What is your personal reaction?

It's simple, all you need to do is write about how you felt about the story. For example, you could say "I found the story very surprising because i didnt expect...."

You can go into detail about what mood the story put you into. Did it make you sad? or happy? and explain why. It could have something do with you, like a past experience. For example, if it was a story about a lost pet dog, you could say that it made you sad because you have experienced that and go into detail

Or you could say if you did or didnt like a certain part, or the overall story, and give a reason.

The question is basically asking what you thought of the story, but they want you to make it personal so you have to be detailed and maybe relate it to yourself.

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

What does it mean when an ex tries to get a reaction?

Because she is psycho and still in love with you, even if she does have a new Man. I have had rebounds, everyone has. Doesn't mean you like them! LOL! I would never be retarded and do what she is doing that just makes her look more Single White Female then ever! Keep ignoring her, if you have to call the police (non emergency) and see what you can do to keep her away from you and your house. If you get another GF she will be worse, and probably stalk her also. Some crazy girls like the "Drama" and the "reaction" they can arouse from their ex. Don't play into it, that is what they want. Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Finally she will lose interest and go away...Unless you have one of those special ones! lol! I kid! Good luck with crazy!

What would be your reaction if you find that your brother is gay?

I do have a brother, so I can’t go by the *gasp* I have a brother?!?!?! route.Well, if Chinju grows up and comes out, my reaction will probably be “Awesome. Hi five!”And then I will proceed to tie him to a chair and show him my impressive collection of fan art.And the Richard Madden pictures too.We could squeal and fanperson together!How do you want me to react?My family is an orthodox conservative one. My parents are homophobic.If my brother came out to me, I will hug him and tell him that I would always have his back.If he needs to, he could crash over at my place.I would stand by his side, and give him the support that he needs.My brother is an annoying little shit, but he is the only person in my family whom I trust completely.He is only eight, but is aware about LGBTQ+ issues, thanks to the Rick Riordan books.I have taught him that being gay is normal and natural, and that we mustn’t hate people for being born the way they are.He understands, and is an ally. I once heard him tell mum about Alex Fierro, about they are genderfluid, about how beautiful they are, and about how fascinating (to his eight year old mind) being genderfluid is.My mum glared at me silently and told him that in India, genderfluid people would be thrown out of the house.Without skipping a beat, he said that anyone who did that would be a very bad person, as you mustn’t hate people for who they are.I love my brother.If he is gay, okay.I will be there for him, as I know that he’ll be there for me.

Does it mean anything if a girl puts a heart reaction on FB?

Totally depends on the context.I generally give out hearts pretty generously. If it’s a really nice photo, if it’s sharing a good news about that person, if it’s a spiritual awakening or a really nice video, I’m all in for “hearting” posts regardless of the person posting them. And also regardless of their gender.So, in your case…If you shared a recent achievement of yours and she put a heart to that: she is happy for you or she likes people who achieve their goals.If it’s a heart on a photo of yours: the scene might be amazing -if there is any- or it might be a photo in which you look really good. Doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll even look at the photo twice.If you shared that you have the poops coming out of you like a lava, aka that you just got diarrhea: doesn’t look that good. This girl gets pleasure out of your misery.In that case, run. Run away from her as fast as you can.

How should I react when he's eating me out?

What a charming question.

Most of the answers given are right on. If you are lying on your back, grab his head, moan (it's huge trust me), use your fingers on your genitalia, moan. Say his name, repeat it again and again. Try humping ever so slightly, moan. Enjoy it. This should be your time to enjoy not necessarily his. Did I mention moan?

If you want to get crazy... 69. See if he doesn't like it.


My boyfriend likes to say & do mean things just to get a reaction out of me. Is it normal?

My boyfriend is 18, I'm 21. He will always say he hates me or doesn't trust me just so I'll get upset. Sometimes I will tell him I know he's joking, but then he'll get mad & call me the worst names or hang up on me to upset me. He can be REALLY hurtful and downright cruel. It can last for an hour! He just enjoys getting me riled up & I don't know if I should ignore him or what. Why does he do this? When he knows he's getting to me, he'll just laugh and call me stupid for being gullible, then says he's sorry & he loves me. I love him, but I don't get it! Should I stay with him? What can I tell him to make him stop? Thanks!