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What Would This Be Called

If you could make an album what would it be called?

"When I Sing, You Cry"

It'll be a mix of country and rap....we'll call it 'crap'

What would a king call his people?

"Peasant" is not just over-used, it would be just plain wrong in 99% of cases. How often does a king have to address an audience made up entirely of peasants, or refer to the peasants and no other class of society (the artisans, the tradesmen, the proletariat, the smallholders, the yeomen, the minor gentry, etc. etc.)?

Elizabeth I addressed her subjects as "My loving people", and that's one good model to copy. Elizabeth II addressed her Golden Jubilee speech at the Guildhall to "My Lord Mayor, Mr Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen" - that's another.

If I were to have 100 babies, what would it be called?

Probably "centuplets" since the numbers are mostly based in latin
triplet, quadruplets, quintuplets, ... [wikipedia]

Mostly, I'd consider more like
" impossible" "miracle" "dead" " in-vitro insanity"

Impossible because of the way the placenta works.. if you could possibly stretch mom out to hold 100 babies and the required amount of amniotic fluid, and additional blood.. and get enough proper nutrition into Mom for the term, you still have 100 separate umbilical cords and all the extra placental tissue packed into that space.
It would be like trying to unwind a knot in 100 shoelaces, during the stress of birth or (certainly) surgical stress of Cesarian.. many of these babies would have already been starved or strangled by the mass of inter-twining cords long before any could come to a reasonable term of survival.

The odds of survival of all the children start to decline after just twins.. referenced MostOnline article uses NIH stats, saying that twins are about 2.7X more likely to die at or before term than "singletons", and triplets, about 5X higher. If there is any trend there, (eventually the odds of one or more fetal deaths approches 100%)
...MentalFloss records many of the famous multiple-births, noting that so far, even nontuplets(9) have never survived to term. Of course, even those smaller groups that do survive have much higher risk of physical and mental impairment.

Is this a logical fallacy? If so, what would it be called?

It is Argument from Ignorance (really! see the source). The common admonition against it is "absence of proof is not proof of absence."

If I had a heavy metal band, what would it be called?

It really depends on how serious I would want the band to be. If it were just a group of me and my friends play covers I would probably call it “Fucked in the Ass with a Knife”. Whenever I’m stressed or nervous I tend to use a variety of curses. The one that I use the most is fuck me up the ass with a knife. It’s a brutal image but it definitely fits the theme of a not so serious metal band.If I were trying to do music professionally, the band would be called something like “ Life of a Martyr” or “ Remnants of a Broken Life”. If I actually had to pick my band name I would probably put a lot more thought into the name and it would probably include some sort of reference to my life or upbringing. The names above are pretty badass but they like a personal touch. But, if I just wanted a cool name, I would probably pick one of the two in this answer.

What would you call your husband's uncle?

Your husband’s uncles and aunts are your uncles and aunts too — from the standpoint that you’re the wife and now part of his family as though you had born into it.In the other direction, your own uncles and aunts traditionally are your husband’s uncles-in-law and aunts-in-law — though there are no actual hard rules on this.As to how to address them, just follow your husband’s lead.

Would a fly without wings be called a walk?

Yes a walk or a crawl would be the correct answer. Like a "fly swatter" is not meant to kill a fly but just swat at it, as we all have tried to use one to kill them. It takes skill to actually kill when swatting.Flies have been around for 250 million years and through evolution, have developed a set of single wings, which distinguishes them from other insects with "fly" in their names, to survive to become a more of a nuisance to the human population. Flies are so common and have become a sport for some....."fly" fishing.

If you were to invent a unique gadget, what would it be called, and how would it be used? What would be the image of the gadget?

I have a good one. I imagine a rectangle, very thin, simplistic metal design. It’s got a screen. As a matter of fact, the whole front face is a screen. Where are the buttons? There are none! The screen itself responds to wherever you touch it. It’s a miniature computer. You can download from the internet applications and games. You can surf the web, send text messages, make phone calls, and I’ll even include two high quality cameras to take picures of yourself or whatever else you can think of. And you can edit them too! And post them onto a public server for your friends and family to see. Toss an MP3 player in there while you’re at it, and the ability to pay monthly for an online music library with almost every song ever. Can’t forget the ability to speak to it and have it respond. You can give it commands to carry out or ask a question and receive a verbal response.I call it… the eyePhone.