What Would This Be Rated

Does TNT edit their R rated movies to PG-13?

Yes they do edit movies so you would hear pigeon instead of the s-word.

What would the tv show FRIENDS be rated? PG-13?

yeah PG 13 for some cursing and sexual stuff

What would rated R movies in the 1960s and 70s be rated today?

PG or PG 13... a few of them would still be rated R but not many...

What happens if you get caught in a rated R movie?

If your under 17 that movie is way too violent for you to see!
there is like a 10 min rape scene, you really should wait till your older, this movie will give you nightmares!

there is a reason you have to be 17, so just follow the law

& to answer your question if they catch you they just kick you out. & make you go see the movie you were originally supposed to see.

If Jaws was released today, would it be rated PG-13 or R?

If Jaws were released today, I’m certain that it would be rated PG-13. It was rated PG when it was first released in 1975 (the PG-13 rating didn’t exist yet), and if anything, moviegoers have become desensitized to the type of carnage seen in the film, and if it wasn’t rated R back then, it wouldn’t be now.

What would u rate KirePapa(anime)?

I'm actually watching it right now ^^
I'll re-edit once I'm done ^^

and about the site: Hontou ni???
Kyaa!!! That is sooo awesome!!!!
(will there be an age restriction thing?... lol)
But seriously!!! that is sooo cool!!!
what are you thinking about having there??

EDIT: Just saw it. I give it a ♥♥. it's alright. It was kinda too "rushy" for my tastes..... if it weren't a yaoi I wouldn't have liked it as much ^^ It was kinda cute ^^ I think that the kid probably has a crush on the editor... that would be hilarious! or shuunsuke's dad... though, i prefer the editor ^^ =]

ah, i see what you mean... about the site ^^ good luck!!! im gonna go check it out =] if you need any help with anything, Light's Kira is always happy tp help another yaoi fangirl ^^

What would happen if Disney made an R-rated film?

Disney has made many R-rated films under its Touchstone Pictures label, such as:Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)The Color of Money (1986)Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)Cocktail (1988)Pretty Woman (1990)Ed Wood (1994)Con Air (1997)Face/Off (1997)Starship Troopers (1997)Rushmore (1998)Coyote Ugly (2000)High Fidelity (2000)Pearl Harbor (2001)The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)The Ladykillers (2004)The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)Apocalypto (2006)If Disney were to release an R-rated film under its Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Pixar Studios — and perhaps even under its Marvel Studios or Lucasfilm — labels, there would be public and stockholder outcry over brand confusion and dilution, and the company would take a big public relations hit.