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What Would You Do If You Were Sitting Down And Someone Came Up Behind You And Stabbed You

Have you ever witnessed someone getting stabbed?

Yes. My mother stabbed my father in the back one Christmas. She had passed out on the sofa and he covered her with a blanket, put a bucket by her head, told my brother and I to be quiet till she felt better. Then he went to pour her remaining vodka down the sink.She somehow got herself to her feet, lurched into the kitchen and snatched the bottle off him. On finding it empty she broke it and started waving it wildly. My Dad pushed my brother and I out of the room and she stabbed him in the back as he turned to check we were okay.Happy Christmas.EDITED TO ADD:In response to the comments and kindness of people who have posted to this answer I’d like to say thank you. Also, my father did survive. This was nearly forty years ago. My mother was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. My father looked after her for the rest of her life, and remained in love with her till the day she died.Sadly, she took her own life. She would have moments of clarity and be appalled by her behaviour. We had thought she was getting better, and she was certainly more herself toward the end. She wasn’t able to forgive herself though, and lived in constant fear that the meds would stop working and she’d become violent and hurtful again. I say this not for sympathy, but to encourage readers to always be alert when caring for those with severe mental health problems - sometimes they are more in danger from themselves when getting better.Anyway. My father was fortunate enough to meet another lovely woman, and remarried. They have been happy together for twenty years now. Thank you all for your concern and sympathy.

When someone is stabbed in the side/lower abdomen, do they die instantly like on TV/in movies? Even if the stab wound was directly in the heart, would it kill a person in a matter of seconds?

Most stab wounds to the abdomen would not, usually, result in instant death.The cause of death in cases of stabbing is most often due to exsanguination - the loss of the majority of circulating volume.Some injuries eg an injury to the femoral artery, result in rapid and catastrophic loss of circulating volume in a very short period of time. Unless action is taken to stem the flow, this kind of injury will result in rapid collapse of the individual.A well-known case in the UK was that of Damilola Taylor - he was a 10 year old who received a stab wound to his leg. The wound damaged his femoral artery. He was able to drag himself approximately 100 m, he died in an ambulance some 30 minutes later. Cause of death - catastrophic haemorrhage. are many documented cases of patients who have sustained stab wounds to the liver or spleen. Whilst they have become extremely unwell after massive blood loss, they have not, generally, collapsed and died instantly.Stab wounds to the heart can result in an almost immediate collapse - often due to an instantaneous interruption to the ability of the heart to beat in a co-ordinated fashion.Again, I have seen a great number of patients who have survived cardiac injuries.A good number of years ago, a male patient arrived in our department with a small stab wound to left chest. He had arrived by taxi and looked, fairly, well.Nevertheless, the decision was made to take him to the operating theatre (surgery) for a thoracotomy. The complicating factor was that, at that time, our hospital did not have the equipment to put the patient on bypass to allow the heart to be stopped whilst surgical repair was attempted.The equipment was 'on its way' from the nearby hospital.As the patient arrived in theatre, we were stopped by the orthopaedic team who had just completed an operation.'What's going on?''He has been stabbed and the cardiothoracic team are on the way, but he's getting worse!'(I was young and panicked, this man was dying now and nothing could happen)The orthopaedic register looked at the patient. 'It's ok' he said, 'I'll do it'He was South African and well used to dealing with stab wounds. By the time the cardio-thoracic team arrived with their equipment, the orthopaedic registrar had opened the chest, sutured the hole in the left ventricle (whilst the heart continued to beat) and was closing the chest.

Have you ever stabbed someone in the butt with a fork?

LOL! Yes to my wife all the time! I end it by saying, "Fork You!"

I laugh, she rolls her's what we do.

What does it feel like to get stabbed?

I’ve been stabbed 3 times. The first time was an accident in middle school. A classmate hit me with her bag and there was a pencil sticking out the bottom of it. That’s when I discovered what I call my birth defect. I don’t feel pain normally. I got home, took off my jacket and it felt like it snagged on something. My dad was there and he turned green. I asked if he was ok and he said, “look at your arm”. There, sticking out of my arm was 2 inches of broken pencil.The second time was in a fight in NYC. Someone pulled a knife on me and I put my hand up. The knife went through my right hand. I’m a lefty, and wasn’t using a computer mouse yet. I pulled my hand back, looked at it, pulled the knife out of it, and buried it in the attackers’ butt. He ran away screaming like a shark just bit his leg off. (pussy)The third time was again in a fight in NYC. I was checking IDs at a bar in Queens and a kid (drunk, the best kind of attacker) stabbed me in the leg. It was a fairly fleshy part, and he missed my femoral artery, so that was good. He turned to run away and I gave him his knife back - in his ass, again. I bet he couldn’t sit for a month.The leg hurt a bit, but the others either completely missed nerves, or, like I said, my birth defect handled the pain for me. The only time I REALLY felt the pain from these was when I rinsed the wounds with hydrogen peroxide. THAT hurt.

After doing sit ups i felt a stabbing pain in my heart and under it. Is this a bad sign?

I have had this stabbing pain in my heart for quite a long time but only about once every few months and not that hard.
Recently it came more frequently i am 17.
What should I do is is any bad sign?

If someone jumps me and i stab them is that considered self deffense?

She has to physically assault you before you can respond in kind. And in order to use potentially lethal force, such as a knife, you have to believe whole-heartedly that your life or the life of another is in immediate danger.
What you CAN do, (depending on the laws of where you live,) is record any contact between you and her. Text messaging, emails, messages over social network websites, and, if it's legal in your area, which I suggest you look into, because different states have different laws, recording audio or video of any contact between you two (some places say both parties must be aware of the recording, some say that only one has to be aware.) If you get enough evidence, you can go to court for a restraining order. If she violates that, she can be in a lot of trouble, so I'd suggest you keep evidence if she contacts you again.
Also, make SURE in any evidence you tell her to LEAVE YOU ALONE. It can't be considered harassment otherwise, because there's no proof the contact was unwanted by you.
As for the knifing her, I'd REALLY suggest only using it if she is beating you to a pulp, or if she pulls a weapon on you first. And then, aim for an area that can incapacitate, but not kill. The backs on her ankles, stabbing her calf, shoulder, arm, etc.
If you can't prove you were endangered, you'll go to jail. So be careful!

Is the Kidney the most lethal place to be stabbed?

Kidney wounds that remain untreated can result in severe bleeding and sepsis. That'll result in a long and painful death. However there is a major artery near the kidney. If you manage to cut it the victim will bleed out in 30 minutes. Passing out around 20 minutes.

Kidney is most easily harmed from the back. This is where the term "kidney punch" comes from, if you give someone a good kidney punch it is said that they will be in too much pain to fight back. I've never experienced this however.

Here's a diagram

The most lethal place to stab someone would be in the back of the neck. Get your blade between the spinal disks and sever the spinal cord (stab the blade down with the flat edges facing up and down so it gets between the spinal disks). The victim will be neutralized and will die fairly quickly.