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What Would You Do If Your Family Lied To You About Your Gender

Christians, would you lie to an agnostic friend or family member to get him to accept Christianity?

I would not lie to someone to get them to believe as I believe. That would be rather arrogant of me to think that he so needs my beleifs that I should be willing to lie to him. Furhter, I do not, in general, inflict my religious viewpoints onto others unless they ask.

But I am not sure what "debunked creationist lies" you are referring to. I find it difficult to believe that you can prove or debunk anything within the realm of science. In fact, it sound to me like your views on science are as a religion and not what it is meant to be. It is simply a way to search for truth. It is not the answer. Not even the most accepted Laws of science are called proven. Further, the only reason that supernatural explanations are not allowed into science is because they are not falsifiable. If youare claiming the ability to falsify them, then you are inherently saying that these supernatural explanations should be allowed into science. You are once again making claims to knowledge that you do not have and pretending that science says what it can not say.

I think you may be misrepresenting Luther a bit. Would you have considered it bad to lie to the Nazis and tell them you were not hiding Jews in your house? There are some (note very few) times when the truth is not the best choice.

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend lied?

My boyfrienf lied for two years about his age. I just turned 20 and I thought my boyfriend was 21, but hes actually 23 going on 24 in July. We been together for 2years. Today I was snooping in his wallet and saw hes driver liscence. Just for fun I wanted to see hes liscence picture and I saw the date. When I confronted him he came clean and said because of personal reason family (which i cant go into detail and it is a legit excuse actually I want to forgive him but I cant find the strength because our relationship is great beside that.

Hes very remordeful for the whole thing. i can see it by his actions but I dont know what to do. I feel Ive been living a lie for the past 2yrs

What would you do if your boyfriend lied to you about where he was and you found him in a bar?

What if he told you he was at work but he sounded like he had been drinking? what if you asked him if he was drinking and he said " No' I'm just outside in the cold and waiting on someone. Thirty minutes later you pull up at the bar beside his apartment and you see his truck. You go inside the bar and there he is ordering another drink. He goes to sit beside a girl at the bar.

What would you do if your friend did this to you?

A jerk, and in love. Love literally messes with the way you think. I'm reading a book about why we like the people we like or do what we do.

When your in love, you make rash decisions, and probably not the right ones.

Hes listening to his heart and not his brain, and his gf could probably give him more happiness (the in the bedroom way) than you. And thats probably what hes going for.

Just let him do his thing, maybe even talk to the girlfriend about letting him out for a night with the guys. If she ain't having it, plan a way to break it up of kill her. I can't stand when girls don't let guys have the guy time with there buds!

I’m 40 and I haven’t lived at home since I was 16. Of course I lied to my parents then. Not as much as they thought I did. But sure, I lived my own life, all my life. I’d leave for school and go to the park or the mall instead. I hated being a kid. I hated being poor. I hated school and everyone there. So I did what I wanted instead.I don’t regret my life choices at all, but I do regret not being honest all the time then. Not because it would have mattered to them- they woulda know the truth from a wet fish if it slapped them in the face. But because it has been a bit difficult to correct my karma of deceiving people. That has long reaching consequences I was not prepared for.

If you found out your fiance lied...?

the only thank you to tutor he replaced into there with somebody else is to the two detect a chum he went with or locate the girl he went with. one thank you to perhaps get him to admit is to press him for info on the subject of the day. whilst did he depart, who'd he have lunch with, replaced into he at one on line casino all day, why could he bypass on my own and be bored for hours on end? perhaps in case you tell him you could quite have all of it out interior the open now, so if he needs to admit you 2 can paintings it out (in spite of in case you do no longer think of you could) because of fact when you spend all that funds on a marriage, and so on. and after time is going by you will get even angrier on the subject of the lies happening for see you later. reliable success and God Bless.

I am an expert at this.Just come clean. Tell them honestly why you felt the need to lie. I used to lie all the time, until I got caught. Then I started telling the truth and actually got punished for being honest.Maybe it will matter, maybe it won't. At the end of the day, it is beneficial for us to live our truths and turn our backs on ageism. Ageism is stupid.Not one person on this planet should ever feel the need to lie about their age. Still, society is deeply flawed in many ways and this is just one of them.One time I shaved off a few years on a dating profile. I liked the guy so much, I told him on the first date."Oh thank God", he said. Turns out he had shaved a couple years off himself. Now there's a chance he would have been turned off, but could you imagine keeping the charade up? That's too much work.Another time I gave my real age to a journalist at a well known newspaper. They decided to make my age a talking point in the article, even though it was not a factor at all. They used it in a demeaning and derogatory way.There was nothing wrong with my age, but there was something very wrong with that reporter and the paper she worked for.Still, I spoke my truth and spoke out about something that is wrong and needs to be fixed. The notion that we would need to keep our ages a secret is really quite silly, isn't it?The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Come clean now, accept the consequences and tell the truth in the future. Although to be honest, I lied on my Facebook profile too and I think it doesn't let you change it back.Good luck!

That depends on the context they’re lying in.If the person is an older woman claiming to be younger than she is- this is very common, and not something notable. I probably wouldn’t even notice.If this was a friend lying about their age to me (outside of “please buy me controlled substances” reasons) I’d think it was a bit odd, but I wouldn’t say anything about it.If it was for the above reasons, or an intimate partner lying about being above the age of consent- then I would be quite angry as they’re putting me in potential legal trouble by doing so. I’d definitely have a talk with them about it, would deescalate or end the relationship (in the case of a sexual one) immediately, and would be wary around a friend asking for alcohol.

Let's think about the implications of this silly question. There are initially two situations we have to consider: if you were hiding Jews or not.If you were hiding Jews (and praise for your life) then you should obviously lie to the Nazis about it or they would simply arrest and probably kill both of you.If you were not hiding Jews then lying to the Nazis risking your own life for nothing doesn't sound like a good idea.Hiding Jews during Nazi era (or any persecuted individual in any time of violent discrimination and prejudice) meant risking your life and the ones dear to you. Those who were up to it would simply have to go through lying and deceiving their persecuters once they had already put their selves in danger.