What would you do if your spouse or bf made an important decision without even talking to you about it?

My husband makes decision without asking me.?

I agree with iyamacog... you need to talk to him when you are NOT currently fuming about a particular episode. Wait until a time when you've calmed down and he isn't mad at you for being mad at him, and then bring it up.

I don't think he understands how serious about this you are. You sound upset enough that this could be a threat to your marriage. He needs to know that.

But how well he accepts your commication is going to depend on the perspective you approch him with. If you approach him with the concept that his behavior angers you, you'll be talking to deaf ears. But if you approach him with the concept that his behavior is hurtful, he may be more accepting. When my wife gets angry with me, I start to shut down and get defensive, because sometimes I don't agree that what I did was wrong. But if I know that my behavior hurt her, but she's not mad at me and yelling, I am more likely to feel bad about what I did, wrong or not. For example, my wife gets really uncomfortable when I talk to people about how much money I make/don't make. Personally, I don't agree that it matters much, but she doens't like it, and she feels hurt when I do it anyway. So I don't do it. But I only quit after she calmly talked to me and told me that it was hurtful to her. Before that, when she would just get mad at me and yell at me I would react back and tell her that she was being unreasonable.

If he loves you, he will try to work on this for you... but only if you ask nicely.

What are some important decisions made by Augustus Caeser?

Among them: he made himself pontifex maximus and initiated emperor worship. Augustus also decided in principle to end the exapansion of the Roman Empire, by establishing its borders along easily defensible rivers. (When the Varrian disaster of 9 CE prevented use of the Elbe as a frontier, he established the border at the Rhine.) He conquered the cantabrians or basques of NE Spain, and also put down the Ilyrian revolt of 6-9 CE. Augustus established peace with Parthia by having the Parthians return the Roman standards taken at Carrhae.
His most important decision,or achievement, was to hide his powers as emperor i.e. he ended the obsolete republic while fooling the Roman masses into thinking it still existed.

If your spouse made a large purchase without talking to you about it, would you be mad??

okay, for everyone who is having a probelm with the whole 3 car equation. let me break it down for you.

I have a 1998 chevy tahoe (my dad brought it when i graduated high school) and i am saving that for my son when he turns 16 in 2 years. it's mine, but i dont drive it.

a have a 2007 chrystler pacifica that is my everyday ride. I have 2 older children, a teenage step daughter, a newborn and a dog. so this car is for everyday use.

and i had a 2001 lexus gs400. that was my "rolling solo" vehicles. for when me and my girls going out, or i just wanna be fly. no kids, no dogs allowed.

all i really did was upgrade the 01 lexus for an 08 lexus. so i still have 3 vehicles... just 1 is brand new. and when my son turns 16, i'll have 2.

but hubby is no better. he has a 06 denali, a 05 s500, a ducati motorcyle and is trading that denali in december to get a range rover but i aint complaining about that because he spending his own cash on it. so why can't i spend mine?

Who is more important: a wife or a sister?

Always remember one thing that - your wife has come to you by leaving her father, mother, brother, sister, even her home where she spent her childhood.She left everything after getting married just for you.Now it should be your responsibility to take care of her and treat her well.Your sister will also do the same, she will also give up her family for her life partner and after this it would be her husband's duty to treat her in the same way like her family used to do with love.Now after this your sister will find her husband more important than her family because she has started a new family and it should be her top duty to give importance to her new family.In the same way you as a husband should also give priority to your wife and your new family first.But it doesn't mean you should forget your sister and your parents, you should always support them whenever they need you and your wife's duty should be to support you in doing this.A good wife is someone who treat her husband's family in the same way like her own. And same definition is applicable with husband too.But if your wife's behavior is not good and she always tries to see your sister down without any reason then for sure you need to see who is right and according to it you should try to make justice and support the one who deserve.I have heard of many cases where a person had to leave his caring parents and his kind sister just because of wrong behavior of his wife.So, it's somehow depend on the character of your wife and also of your sister.Thanks.

My bf doeant feel comftroble talking to me becuz my dad made him promise he wouldnt talk to me?

This makes absolutely no sense to me, you just lost me with this question. Why would your father tell your boyfriend such a thing, does that make any sense to you, honestly? If your dad was joking, which dad's do, and your boyfriend took the comment literally, I would drop him; the light bulb in the attic is dim, love or not!

Ending situation talking to a dude with no job, but I want traditonal relationship,Was it the right decision?

I agree with the person below. You're a strong independent woman with your own set of standards, values, and goals for your life. That being said many people are going to come into your life be it friends, boyfriends, or whatever who you may like but who ultimately don't fit the life you're trying to build or want for yourself. There is nothing wrong with liking or having feelings for a guy that has ambition and goals in his life and wanting to start a relationship with that guy. And just because this particular guy didn't have a job or his GED doesn't make him any less of a man than some dudes getting an education. However, since you mentioned and told him what you were looking for (ie: the traditional relationship) at the start his actions should have started to reflect that. I'm not a female but you all have crazy intuition for real and I believe you were feeling the way you felt for a reason. Granted, one month is kind of short time to expect a complete 360 degree turn in his life that doesn't mean he couldn't turn like 45 or 90 degrees. A wise woman once told me that "actions speak louder than words" and from your description it seems like his actions weren't matching up. As for him trying to make you feel bad by saying you would leave him if he lost a job later down the line, I don't think you would've. I know you're a very loyal woman and if you were in a relationship with him, I think his actions would indicate whether he could bounce back from a setback from something like losing a job. However, remember in a relationship you're not married and its not till death do you part so you are not obligated to stay if you don't feel the relationship is headed in the direction you want it to head. Like o girl said it seems like you want a man that is self motivated, and could support you if it was ever necessary. And if that's what you want, that's what you deserve. I highly doubt that you would leave a man just because he lost his job if you were in a long term relationship simply because like you said you would have a good indication of his traits, qualities, and resilience by then and would know whether or not to sever ties. Anyway, the decision you made was a tough decision but I believe your intuition was correct in this instance.

What would you do if your husband bought a car without consulting you?

Well he told me after the fact that he'd put a deposit on one (I didn't even know he was looking). I said NO. He bought it anyway, and now I'm the unreasonable one!! What would you do?

So bf made me squirt but?

im 20 and have tried to make myself squirt since i was about 16, bought a sex toy that was especially for it, didnt work, an my 2 ex bfs (both who i was with for over 2 years) couldnt get me 2 do it either..

been with my new bf about a month & we was a lil fk'd on mdma (no lectures please it was a one off experimental thing lol) i wasnt thinkin about squirting atall n he wasnt tryin 2 make it happen, but it did, it soaked us both and the bed! amazing feeling! an now everytime we have sex in this 1 position (my legs over his shoulders) it happens! BUT the last 2 times its been yellow instead of it smells faintly of urine!?! but it doesnt feel like im peeing atall durin the orgasm.. even if i go to the loo before sex to make sure my bladders empty.. an sometimes straight after it, im busting to do a pee.. so wtf?!