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What Would You Name A Sib-set With My Favorite Names

What would you name 6 siblings using my favorite names?

I hope you don't mind if I do 2 sib-sets, because I absolutely adore so many of these names, and I can't choose just 6! I'll also add ages.

Set 1:
Annabel Scarlett Adeline - 8
Oliver James Ezra - 6
Isla Madeleine Olivia - 6
Matilda Ruby Alice - 5
Declan Rhys Addison - 3
Finley Emerson Caleb - 18 months

Annie, Ollie, Isla, Tilly, Dec and Finn

Set 2:
Lucas Avery Maxwell - 9
Genevieve Katherine Ella - 8
Emery William Nathaniel - 5
Charlotte Isobel Clara - 5
Eleanor Margaret Eloise - 3
Jude Alexander Hadley - 6 months

Luke, Evie, Remy, Lottie, Ellie and Jude

Funnily enough, Annabel Scarlett, Oliver James, Isla Madeleine, Matilda Ruby, Rhys Addison, Lucas Avery, Charlotte Isobel, Eleanor Margaret and Jude Alexander are all in my top 10 for each gender! All the names I chose are on my favourites list.

- Ella :)

Looking for a name for Zoe's sister, which sibset is your favorite?

Zoe & Adelyn is the best I think. The names just sound nice together. I can hear a mother introducing daughters with the names.

--Adelyn Camille
--Adelyn Sophia
--Adelyn Noelle
--Adelyn Brie
--Adelyn Soleil
--Adelyn Brenna

What names would you put in a sibset with Georgia?

Not after the state, but for a character. Georgia Skye is the name of a 4 year old little sister. I need names that sorta go with it (NO STATE NAMES! That's not what I'm asking! I used Georgia as the feminine form of George) as a brother and sister. The brother is about 14, the sister 16. Thanks!

(PS: In case you wanted to know, the surname is Fuller, if that helps any)

I asked this before but only got one answer and I like my options.

Favorite middle name for Leda?

I'm pretty dead set on naming a daughter Leda..(lee-duh) I just need to settle on a middle name.
Also, what do you think of a sib set of Leda and Leon? Do they sound too similair?

Anyways, pick your favorites:

Leda Alliander (Al-lee-an-dur)
Leda Ashland
Leda Calixta (Ka-lix-tah)
Leda Celestia
Leda Giselle (Gi-zell)
Leda Hellenan (Huh-lee-nan)
Leda Helen
Leda Maple
Leda Monroe
Leda October
Leda Ophelie (Oh-fey-le)
Leda Ophelia (Oh-feel-ea)
Leda Orabel
Leda Reverie
Leda Salome
Leda Soteria (So-tear-ree-ah)
Leda Tzipporah (Zip-or-rah)
Leda Vasilia (Vuh-see-lee-ah)
Leda Wisteria (Wys-tear-ree-ah)
Leda Xiomara (Zo-mahr-ah)

Baby name to go with Connor as a sibset?

My wife and I are expecting a baby in two months. We don't know the gender and won't until birth. For a boy, we love the name Connor Matthew, and are 99% likely to name our baby this if it's a boy, or a subsequent son this name if it's a girl this time around. We are having a hard time picking a baby girl's name that we both love, although we have a few... any fresh ideas? Must sound good with Connor! :)

What would you name a brother and sister for these sibsets?

I will give the first names of sibling sets, and I want you to add one boy name and one girl name to each set that you think fits well. You don't have to like the name, it just has to fit with the others:

-- [G] Holly, Nikki and Katie [B] Riley
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Ella [B] Jackson, Max and Charlie
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Charlie, Frankie and Billie, [B] Phoenix
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Sasha and Nikita
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Amelia and Caroline, [B] Jack and Thomas
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Keira, [B] Isaac and Lucas
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Katelyn, Ella and Paige
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [B] Jayden and Ashden
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [G] Zali, [B] Kobe
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

-- [B] Byron and Spencer [G] Isabella and Charlotte
+ Boy ____________ + Girl ___________

BQ1: Which sibling set is your favourite?
BQ2: Which sibling set is your least favourite?
BQ3: If you knew that two of the sibling sets (eg. Set 1 and Set 3) were actually cousins, which sibling sets do you think they'd be?

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What do you think of this sisters sibset?

I think the names go excellently together. Rosamund, Adeline & Matilda are all strong, substantial, traditional names, with several cute nickname options.

I really like the first two names, they're stunning! Especially Adeline Charlotte Wren. I think that one flows best of the three - the flow of Rosamund Ivy Anneliese doesn't seem perfect, but it's still a gorgeous combo.

Matilda Isla Shenandoah seems slightly like the odd one out, but perhaps that's just because I don't like it as much as the others, or because Shenandoah is so much more obscure than all the other middle names.

Matilda Isolde Sabrine
Matilda Ellen Lucille
Matilda Simone Pearl
Matilda Bryony Jane
Matilda Gwendolen Lisette


Who named China, China?

The Portuguese, but also sort of the Romans and Hindi/Sanskrit speakers of India.The Portuguese were the first to round the Cape Horn and the first to set up shop in the Far East—they’ve also been one of the last to really lose their empire, though it was a pretty painful, slow death. They used the word China (pronounced SHEE-na), and everyone after them copied it, along with their business models, and they may have either taken the name from Hindi and Sanskrit (चीन (cīn) and चीन (cīna) respectively), or they may have used a modification of the old Roman name for China, Sina. Both the Roman and Sanskrit are thought to be taken from the word Qin 秦, as in the first state that unified China and start building a presence in what would later be called the Silk Road, although the Han and Tang would have been doing most of the trading. The Arabic and Hebrew words for China are also both Ṣīn صين and Sin סין.The later popular name for them in English and other European languages, Cathay, used in Marco Polo and Shakespeare, comes from the Khitan’s name for themselves and their empire, Khitai, during what’s called the Liao Dynasty in Mandarin. A lot of central Asian and even eastern European states (Russian, Slovenian, Kazakh, Mongolian) also use various names derived from ‘Khitai.’Ultimately, probably mostly the Indians. They would have facilitated a lot of the China-Roman trade as well as the later Portuguese trade.