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What Would You Name Six Kids

What would you name six kids? (A and B names)?

1. FN: Allison, Amberlyn, Alice, Annabelle, Aria, Abigail, Adeline, Asa
MN: Brooke, Bridget, Belle, Bianca, Brandy, Belinda, Becca, Bae

2. FN: Andrew, Alexander, Alec, Arthur, Axel, Aiden, Allan
MN: Benjamin, Bennett, Becket, Blake, Bradley, Bentley, Baine

3. FN: Barbara, Bethany, Brooklyn, Bailey, Beatrice, Briana
MN: Ariana, Alana, Amienne, Anne, Addison, Arley, April

4. FN: Brian, Bryant, Benson, Brandon, Brendon, Blaine, Bobby
MN: Anderson, Aaron, Anthony, Austin, Archer, Adrien,

5. FN: Adrienne, Briah, Brynne, Avril, Abriana, Acelyn, Brianne
MN: Arynne, Aileen, Brenda, Ainsley, Beverly, Alyssa, Aleah, Betsey

6. FN: Baxter, Abraham, Albert, Anden, Angus, Baker,
MN: Barton, Allen, Arvey, Brent, Beau, Branson

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What would you name six kids?

1. Twins! If your name is from A-G (G/G), H-M (G/B), N-Z (B/B)
Girl 1: FN- Isabella, Annabella, Clarabella, Arabella, Mirabella, Sarabella
MN: Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Petunia, Lilly, Azelea

Girl 2: FN- Must be a car name
MN: Must be a pokemon name

Boy 1: FN- Desmond, Deryl, Dominick, David, Davis, Duncan
MN: Jayde, Jayden, Jace, James, Jordan, Justin, Jeremy

Boy 2: FN: Must be a car name
MN: Must be a pokemon

2. You're third child is a boy.
FN: Add -us to the end of a month (EX. Julyus/ Julius for july. You can change spellings)
MN: Must be a city

3. You're fourth child is a girl
FN: Belinda, Maggie, Karen, Paulina, Nita, Harlem
MN: Must be a gem

4. Your last child is another boy
FN: Must ryhme with Aiden
MN: Coy, Marlin, Pike, Grayling, Bass, Baracuda, Carp (Yup, fish names haha)

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What would you name six kids?

1. Girl: FN: Abigail, Addison, Adalaide, Adaline, Aria, April, Amanda, Allison
MN: Brooke, Bethany, Bianca, Bridget, Blissey, Bertha, Breah

2. Girl: FN- Caroline, Cassidy, Charlotte, Camry, Cobryn, Cleo
MN- Delilah, Danica, Destiny, Desirae, Daisy, Dallyn

3. Boy: FN- Edward, Edmund, Emerson, Emmett, Edgar, Eddison
MN- Finnlay, Finnick, Freddy, Finneon, Flynn, Frankie

4. Boy: FN- Grayson, Garrett, Gabriel, Gary, Glenn
MN- Hunter, Hayden, Harry, Harrison, Hadley, Harvey

5. Girl: FN- Isabella, Ingrid, India, Isla, Imogen, Izzy
MN- Jayde, Jamie, Jessica, Jennifer, Jayla, Jordyn

6. Boy: FN-Kevin, Kalvin, Kristofer, Klinton, Kaiden
MN: Leo, Lucian, Lucas, Lyonel, Leroy

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What would you name six kids?

Six Girls
Genevieve Rose "Evie"
Rosalie James "Rosie"
Sailor Grace
Ophelia Sawyer
Vivienne Rosamund "Vi'
Saskia Esme "Sas"

Six Boys
Charles William "Charlie"
Mathias Henry
Emmett Greyson
Theodore Thomas "Theo"
Sebastian James
Leonardo Christian "Leo"

Three Girls & Three Boys
Genevieve Rose "Evie"
Rosalie James "Rosie"
Saskia Esme "Sas"
Charles William "Charlie"
Mathias Henry
Emmett Greyson

Name six kids using these names?

these are just random names, not necessarily ones on my list. It's just for fun and to get the creative juices flowing. Use the list for both first and middle names.

Jade, Isabella, Barbara, Sophia, Rita, Elisa, Ava, Tia, Mariana, Grace, Ella, Melissa, Olivia, Willow, Wren, Ashley, Freya, Evangeline, Heidi, Kara,

Noah, Dallas, Oliver, Levi, Simon, William, Seth, Ezra, Owen, Maxwell, Abram ,Griffin, Tyler, Logan, Max, Lewis, Henry, Wade, Dean, Weston

What Would You Name Six Kids With These Awful Names?

Boy #1:
FN: Greenberry, Bone, Verian, Creighton, Amandus, or Bubbie?
MN: Weand, Carrington, Price, Larue, Ephesam or Cabbie?

Girl #1
FN: Serepta, Kinsel, Loveline, Anice, Othella, or Daile?
MN: Belva, Lavern, Carmacity, Cequine, Dimple, or Independence?

Boy #2
FN: Olen, Cleavie, Pleasant, Primus, Commodore, or Gladstone?
MN: Creed, Umbereth, Opie, Llewellyn, Ewell, or Heman?

Girl #2
FN: Leanette, Ima, Savilla, Renita, DeLois, or Dixie?
MN: Blossom, Osee, Texas, Romain, Doskia, or Etter?

Boy #3
FN: Covelia, McRhea, Gleaner, Fiett, Garvin or Tyra?
MN: Freel, Elgin, Major, Gurney, Mount, or Posey?

Girl #3
FN: Florenda, Pearlia, Mozella, Alida, Glendora, or Azariah?
MN: Jincy, Guida, Willadean, Pensana, Elsba, or Nervestia?

Have fun!

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What would you name six children?

Eoghan Malachy
Ruari Aodhán
Reilly Liam
Aoife Brigid
Maebh Claire
Caoimhe Aislinn

Eoghan, Ruari, Reilly, Aoife, Maebh, and Caoimhe

BQ: Eoghan, Ruari, Reilly, and Liam; Aoife (one of my absolute favorite names!), Maebh, Caoimhe, and Claire
BQ2: Aonghus, Eamon, Dillon, and D'Arcy; Orlaith, Saoirse, Clodagh, and Caitlin


What would you name six kids? (Girl edition)?

...using these letters.

FN: Megan, Melissa, Melinda, Macy, Morgan, Mary, Mariana, Marielle, Mariella, Maisey, Mauve, Marjorie, Maggie, Madilyn, Madison, Madeleine, Magdalena, Marina, Malina, Mira, Meena, May, Mayleen, Mackenzie, Mitchee, Melly, Maraiah, Mallory, Missy, Misty

MN: Elizabeth, Emilia, Emmalie, Emma, Elody, Elle, Ella, Eleanor, Eleanora, Elaina, Elene, Erin, Eliza, Elisa, Emery, Emina, Ebony, Enita, Elissa, Emmaline

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What would you name six children?

Just for fun! All of these lists come from Feel free to change spellings, add nicknames, or use two middle names if that's what you prefer. The first bullet under each number is first names, the second bullet is middle names.

--HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR GIRL NAMES: Audrey, Ava, Clara, Grace, Greta, Harlow, Kate, Mae, Tallulah, Vivienne
--DISNEY CHANNEL NAMES: Harper, Ivy, Juliet, Keely, Macy, Matisse, Miley, Nova, Stella, Teddy, Tess, Wednesday

2. BOY
--COUNTRY MUSIC NAMES: Ashton, Bently, Blake, Bleu, Easton, Eli, Gentry, Kiefer, Landon, Porter, Trace, Wyatt, Zac
--POET NAMES: Byron, Cullen, Dante, Dickinson, Dryden, Giovanni, Hugo, Jarrell, Lowell, Moore, Nash

--NAMES FROM CLASSIC ROCK SONGS: Caroline, Crimson, Clover, Eleanor, Iris, Josephine, Layla, Lola, Nona, Rosalie, Sadie, Valerie, Virginia
--SUPERMODEL BABY NAMES: Anja, Cecily, Dylan, Ella, Frankie-Jean, Jasmine, Kaia, Leni, Lou, Neva, Scarlett, Skyla, Valentina

--ANIMAL NAMES: Alya, Ariel, Bernadette, Cat, Fauna, Leonie, Madigan, Pippa, Puma, Rachel, Robin, Rosamund, Tala, Wren
--ANGEL NAMES: Angelica, Angelina, Dara, Dina, Evangeline, Laila, Rabia, Rafaela, Seraphina, Yael

5. BOY
--ROCKER AND RAPPER KIDS' NAMES: Ace, Cash, Caspar, Cassius, Cruz, Decker, Everly, Hendrix, Lennon, Phoenix, Rocco, Romeo, Sage, Taj, & Zeppelin
--HIGH-ENERGY NAMES: Barnaby, Breaker, Dart, Finian, Harley, Ivo, Mateo, Racer, Ranger, Rogue

6. BOY
--DARK BABY NAMES: Bruno, Cole, Donovan, Douglas, Duncan, Dunstan, Jett, Lonan, Nigel, Sullivan
--GEEKS FOREVER: Bertram, Clarence, Egbert, Elmer, Gomer, Herman, Hubert, Irwin, Maynard, Melvin, Orville, Sherwood, Wilbur

Hope you liked it! Sorry if these names are kind of weird, I thought the lists were very interesting. I had fun looking at them ;) Thanks, star if you want more things like this! Have a great week ♥

Would you rather name your kids after Starbucks sizes or after famous robots?

Ridiculous question with only one reasonable answer, since who’s going to name their kid Grande? Or were you hoping to see folks name their kids Optimus Prime and C-3PO?Still, I’ll play:Isaac (from the current TV show The Orville)Robbie (from Forbidden Planet)Marvin (the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker’s)From the show Humans (TV Series 2015– ) - IMDb :MiaMaxSimonand maybeDorian (from Almost Human (TV Series 2013–2014) - IMDb), a name I love although my main association with it before this was the unpleasant one from the book Portrait of Dorian Grayand I’ll add Norma McPhee’s very good answers (not sure why they were downvoted):Maria (from Metropolis) andEve (from Wall-E), both of whom I knew about, andAndrew, whom I’d forgotten - I think I read Bicentennial Man back in high school or early college, aka. “in a former life”.I’ll pass onData andLore (both from Star Trek) - although “Lore” sounds like a cool, modern nickname for “Loren”, he was a creep.Possible spoilers below, for names from shows that are still running and that may not ID some or all of its robots up front:Also from Humans (TV Series 2015– ) - IMDb :Karen?Leo? (love the name; six of one as to whether he should be on this list…)Sambut I’d pass on:Niska (just don’t like the name)Odi (too much like Odie, the dog from the Garfield comic strip)and a few of the others.There are tons more good names from the streaming series Westworld (TV Series 2016– ) - IMDb, includingClementine (if you can get past the song association - love the name; song is depressing)DoloresTeddy (if it can be short for Theodore or Edward)I wouldn’t personally use Hector but it’s a good nameand of courseBernard