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What Would You Name Three Daughters Out Of These Suggestions

What do you think of these baby names; plus more suggestions?

For girls:
Alice! That is a beautiful name and by far my favorite of your choices.

Alice Scotlyn would be cute.

For boys:
This was tougher but I have a top three!
1. Kenneth- I have always liked the name Kenny! Kenneth Oliver perhaps?
2. Duncan- Cute! Like that My Date With The Presidents Daughter character! Duncan Kane!
3. Oliver Jude! I just think that's cute...

I also like Kane but prefer it spelt Cain or Cane, so it didn't make my top three first names. Still slipped it in as a middle name though!

Should i name my daughter Persephone?

Sorry, but no.

Should I name my daughter Kaliopsis?


Unique is right - there is no such name. Perhaps you were thinking of Kalmiopsis? Which is a rare flower in Oregon?

The other three also sound like you are making up names. For the love of the future, find something EXISTING that has MEANING. Your child will be thrilled to have a unique name with a story behind it, rather than be like all those other poor kids whose parents just made something up to sound fancy.

Read some mythology, look at other languages, crack open a book by a foreign author - all good ways to discover unique names. Here's some examples:

Kuanyin - Boddisatva of kindness in Buddhism
Nephele - muse of the sky in Greek mythology
Lotus - sacred flower in several cultures, esp Buddhist
Hadiya - "gift" in Swahili
Selah - similar to "amen" in meaning

The name of marlan brando" daughter?

Cheyenne Brando

John's father has four sons. Three of them have names March, April and May. Then what could be the name of the fourth son?

Really people, John’s father? One of them has to be named John

If you had to name your daughter Rosalie, Dahlia, or Shoshannah, which would you choose?

My cousin is Shoshana, spelt the shortest way. She goes by Shoshi, which is a nickname I'm not too fond of. People who aren't familiar with the Jewish community or common Jewish names may find it to sound silly, or at least the nickname Shoshi. In Israel, the common nickname for Shoshana/Shoshannah is Shani ("SHAH-nee"). Shani on its own means "scarlet color" in Hebrew. I like this nickname much better, personally.

Dahlia is the name off a flower named after a botanist called Dahl. Personally, I don't like names that are named after people I don't know much about. However, Dalia (pronounced the same way) is a traditional Jewish name. It means "long branch" in Hebrew. You can spell it Dahlia, too, but I feel the "h" is unnecessary. Perhaps you feel the "h" makes the name more complete?

Rosalie would be nicer without the Twilight association and the surge of recent popularity. It's a lovely, classic name though. Were you intending on using Rosalie as the secular name with Shoshannah as the Hebrew name? That would be nice.

Conclusion: I'd personally pick Dahlia but spelt Dalia.