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What Would You Say If You Could Go Back To Your 16 Year Old Self And Give Them Advice

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Don’t move in with him!… Too late, you did it when you were 17.Don’t compromise your education for him. If he was worth it, you wouldn’t have to. So turn around, go to UT, and study biochemistry like you’ve always intended.DO NOT GET A LOAN IN YOUR NAME FOR HIM. I guarantee he’ll miss the first payment! Same thing when you buy him a car in your name. He’ll miss that first payment, too.Stay away from pot heads. They’re just going to be bored all the time and want you to be bored with them. Stay busy, keep your mind sharp, and save your money.Be nice to your little sister. Mom will play into it, choose her side, and pit you against each other. Don’t fall for it. Just be nice, and be the better person.You’re hot. There’s nothing wrong with showing some skin. You’re always covered up to your neck! Once you have kids, you’re going to wish you had a picture of teenage you in a bikini. It doesn’t make you trashy.You don’t have to marry the first person you sleep with (*GASP!*). Figure out what you like so you don’t miss out in life. Go against everything you were taught, otherwise you will have regrets later.SAY NO TO CREDIT CARDS. That “food” card Dad said will help your credit? Yeah right. He’ll miss payments and then hand you a card with an excessive balance at 28% interest that day you graduate college at 21. Super cool to start life in the red. Thanks Pops!You’re not better than anyone. You’re an 18 elitist-wannabe.Chill. Stop being angry. Keep active. Work on being beautiful inside and out. Everything your parents taught you is wrong.

What life advice would you give to a 16-year-old?

It’s really great that you asked this question. Because no teenager likes to be told what to do. And let’s face it, 16 is not an age you would actually listen to those advises.Okay, anyways I’ll tell you a couple of things I’ve learnt so far.Be yourself. Be true to yourself. Don’t change your ethics and morals and principles just to fit in with the crowd and look “cool” just like the others.Go for respect, rather than popularity.Dream big. Dream HUGE. Everything you dream of, every single thing you want, it’ll come to you. As long as you want it so bad, as long as there is a passionate desire and as long as it is for your absolute best, it’ll come to you. Just be patient.Don’t live for the “likes” and “friends” on Facebook and “followers” and “hearts” on Instagram. Instead start living and enjoying your life, your present moments.Travel. Keep on moving about. Keep on discovering new places and people. Keep on discovering yourself.Read. A lot. Keep on reading. The books you read now will decide your future.Take care of yourself. Love and respect yourself.Do not smoke. No “once in a month”, no “only when I drink”! Just don’t smoke. It’s not “cool”.Follow your passion. There are jobs in India other than engineers and doctors and accountants. Find something you’re absolutely good at, improve on it every single day and make a living out of it.Always choose to be happy. Your happiness is in your hands. Let no person or thing or the past or future worry you and ruin your happiness. Life’s going to be hard, yes it is. It’s not always going to go as you planned. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Be patient. Be consistent. Better things are on their way to you.Keep on improving. Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself. Keep on getting better, every single day.Your life is your life. You just have to live it out. Listen to yourself and yourself alone. Do what you love. Have fun. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Improve. Laugh. Love. Be broke. Be heartbroken. Learn to move on and let go. Just live. Life is amazing.Hope this helps.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would you say?

I’d advise myself to keep doing exactly what I was doing then, because I couldn’t help it anyway.However, I would have told myself to relativise things earlier than I eventually did. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that I realized what had to happen actually made me much stronger than I would have ever dreamed. At age 13, my parents divorced and there I stood. Like so many others on this planet, my parents followed their own path after a series of unfortunate events which have driven them apart.There I stood. Right in the middle of puberty. Handling myself while I couldn’t even figuratively go to the toilet all by myself. If I really had to give some advice to my younger self, I would tell him to showcase a little more self-confidence and wear that rhino skin you need so hard during a divorce. Some young people can, you know. That’s a mystery to me and I really want to know their secret. The elephant skin needed to endure this type of drama was absent, although I did see a psychologist once in a while. At school, I wasn’t able to cope with reality anymore. Absent-minded I walked and absent-minded I’d stay. Others would run over me for two years and longer, until I finally managed to protect myself and act more confident.Back then - 10 years ago -, I didn’t want to fall out on my fellow man, since this doesn’t solve any problems and makes matters worse. However, in the meantime, other people in my vicinity took advantage of me during the hard times I was going through. And I’ve let that happen, pretty much like a castrated lamb. I would have advised myself to be prepared for that. I’d have warned myself earlier. Perhaps, I would have never seen those difficult years. Ever. You’d better tell yourself, because you never know. Many warnings, for sure. I’d warn myself multiple times. The imaginative and hypothetical scenarios in life are lying around for the taking but you often can’t get the angle to grip it.Peace.

Women, what advice would you give to a 16 year old girl about life?

Honor yourself in the way you talk, dress and behave. Listen to your gut-- just because it seems like everyone else is doing it doesn't make it right. Guys truly are a dime a dozen at your age and none of them is worth losing yourself for. Strive to be the best you can be-- be spiritual, compassionate, well-educated, hard-working and positive. Be humble. Take life as the gift it is.

Thank you so much for asking this question. I have sons, but lost my only baby daughter-- she'd be about your age now. Thank you for letting me give you a little bit of advice in her honor.

As a 15 year old girl, what advice do you have for me?

This is what I'm gonna tell my daughter.

1. Never Despise Yourself.

You are great and capable of achieving great things so believe in yourself. When things go badly never stop believing. Some girls get depressed, blame themselves and lose self-esteem. All sorts of problems can follow.

2. Never Get Obsessed with your Appearance.

We think you look great (though some of the outfits you wear worry us!). Please be happy with the person you are and the body you have. Eat sensibly, take exercise and be healthy. Some girls become obsessed with losing weight or getting the perfect shape. You look fine.

3. Never Live Beyond Your Means.

Throughout life try to keep your spending within your income and so save a little. Avoid getting into debt if possible. There are some exceptions – like getting a mortgage to buy a house – but generally if you can live within your means you will avoid all sorts of problems.

4. Never Compromise Your Personal Safety.

Never put yourself at serious risk. This means that you cannot trust people until you really know them and that sometimes you have to avoid things that look like they might be fun. Never get drunk or take drugs. Unfortunately there are some malevolent people out there and it is best not to take undue risks.

5. Never Get Involved with a Married Man.

There are plenty of great single men out there. Don’t get entangled with a married man no matter how attractive he is – it will end in your tears.

6. Never Give Less Than Your Best.

We are very proud of what you have accomplished so far. You should be proud too. Keep doing well. Keep trying your hardest at everything you do. No one can ask for more than that.

7. Never Forget that Your Parents Love You.

Whatever happens in life, your family will still be your family. Whatever difficulties you encounter you can always talk to us and we will try to help. We are here for you.

8. Remember : Don't have sex. It only leads to hard times for someone as young as yourself.

P.S. This is a great site for teens ( girls only ) it gives you even more advice