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What Would You Suggest I Study At Uni

Can you suggest me the best university to study medicine in Ukraine, Europe?

These are some of the good government medical universities of Ukraine:-Bukovinian state medical university, Chernivitsi(Best if you want to come back to India as Good MCI coaching given and lots of Indian community around 1200 indian students)O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev (capital) also called Kiev national medical university.(Best because kiev city has many government hospitals with which university is affiliated and university has lots of international relations)Odessa National Medical University, OdessaKharkiv National Medical University,KharkivDont go for Private universities abroad likeKiev Medical university of UAFMIt's not that studies are not good in private but your profile will be more valued back in India or if you wish to go to USA or Germany for pg if you have done from Government.

Should I study in Australia?

Yes its a great place to study if you can afford it as an international student, but knowing how expensive American universities are you won't be much out of hand anyway.

But, I wouldn't recommend Flinders Uni, basically because its ranked badly and wouldn't really look impressive on an resume if you went back to the states, I don't think it would matter too much if you stayed in Australia. If you can afford it aim to get into the best university as possible. Queensland uni fares a lot better ranking wise and has a better reputation.

Is studying languages worth it in university ?

I'm senior at the moment , and intending to study languages next year , like Japanese or Arabic . But the problem is I'm not sure its really worth it to study any language at the university , people say to me that you can learn any language by yourself or by travelling to the country you want to learn it's language . Actually , i'm infatuated with languages . I think about them all the time , and i want to learn more and more . Moreover , my father doesn't agree on studying languages because he thinks they are silly and unprofitable . what do you think ?? please help me choose the best for me .

Thanks :)

Which would you suggest to study abroad in and why? Limerick (Ireland), Glasgow (Scotland), or Winchester (England)?

I studied abroad at Univeristy of Limerick, fall 2011.  Limerick has an amazing study abroad program that is always there to support you.  They make the process of getting a visa for your extended stay, pick your classes, and find housing, extremely easy.  They even help you find clubs to join on campus (I joined the Outdoor Pursuits Club, Windsurfing Club, and International Students Club), which often take trips out to other areas of Ireland to do activities and see more of the countryside or other cities.  Limerick is very safe as long as you watch where you are at night, and don't walk back to campus after dark - just take a taxi.  Tons of pubs, clubs, and sites to see there.  You can't beat Shannon airport being so close, and it was easy to fly out for the weekend to other places in Europe.  Even taking a 2.5 hr bus to Dublin is very easy to do from right off of campus, which will take you directly to the Dublin airport.

What are the three most useful subjects to study at university?

I think your academic palette at university should span subjects that guarantee both a return of investment in your career and, nourish the mind and promote overall development by studying things you like.Keeping the above design in mind, for the former I would suggest any of the following-MathComputer ScienceEconomicsEngineeringThese increase your analytical skills. They help you to to solve real world problems logically. They have excellent returns on investment. Software engineering, finance, banking, artificial intelligence, business, algorithmic trading, engineering. All require a combination of math, CS, and economics in order to flourish. Economics may not contain as much quantitative components as compared to the first two, but it helps you understand how the world works. Also, it’s a win win if any of these subjects are something you’re interested in :DOther subjects which may not pay off as much in the future as the above three, but are still useful areComputational BiologyInformation SystemsLastly, something very important. I would suggest, instead of studying three full subjects, study one major, one minor and one skill.For example, I study math and computer science but I am interested in writing and teaching. That is why I write on Quora, maintain a blog, write research papers. I go to a writing center and constantly bombard them for tips and advice to improve my writing. I teach undergraduate students as a TA.The trick to college is not to fill up with academic knowledge, but to have an eclectic arsenal of skills at your disposal. This is what makes you attractive to employers once you graduate. :)

I like physics and I am good at maths. What should I study at university?

Maths + Physics… that’s a deadly combo! If you are proficient in both, you can probably get into any advanced studies.For university education, I suggest Engineering. It is a great mix of theory + practice. You’ll have enough knowledge of physics, application of physics and calculation of real life significance.When I say engineering, I mean actual engineering and not coding. (as per me coding is not engineering). You can go for more practical stuff such as Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Aerospace, Electronics and Electricals where the maths part is easier than say Engineering Physics where the study is more theory based and maths is much more difficult.You can also go for any B. Sc + M. Sc program. Here the practical applications are very limited and you study mostly theories.As Anthony Barker has mentioned, with engineering jobs are easier to come by. Otherwise, there are very few jobs. Most of them at the University itself (as TA, research fellow, asst. prof. etc.)Physics and maths are huge subjects. I suggest you pick some specific field and continue your studies.All the best!

Higher Studies in australia?? Kindly Help?

Check out UNSW or Sydney university for Biochemistry. Melbourne university could be an option too.

I would suggest that you appoach the faculties directly as they would be able to give you the more up-to-date information. Contact details should be available on the websites.

Anyone studying English Literature at university?

Hi Allana.

I personally have not studied English Literature, but a friend of mine is at the moment, but at the University of Manchester. She is really enjoying it as she has always had a passion for English, Language and Literature.

The course is difficult, all degrees are in one way or another. The range of texts you have to read, analyse and then write essays on is quite large, she is usually reading two books at a time for different modules on the course. The books can range from the Anglo-Saxon period, to modern day texts.

In my friend's first year, they focused a lot on what she already knew and how she can develop to be a successful graduate - most degrees do have this introductory module, usually called something like 'Personal/Academic Development' or 'Learning how to Learn at Undergraduate Level'.
The link to the UoM site actually states all the modules you can study on the course, it will vary from university to university, so you can always contact the universities you will be applying to and ask them for a list of course content, so you get a feel for the type of things you'll be studying:

University life is fantastic! With a good group of friends you can have a lot of fun. I do recommend living in the student halls for the first year and then renting a student house with friends you may in the halls. I studied a teaching degree at Uni and I look back and love every minute I spent there (ok, minus exams!) but it's definitely something to go right into and have fun with.
Lots of nights out getting drunk, but also lots of serious studying and exam preparation. Without listening in on lectures, making notes and then following up with your own research, I can promise you now you will fail, whether it'll be just one module or a full year. So while I say Uni is great fun, there's also a lot of seriousness to it.

So, definitely check with the university you're thinking of going to about what their course contains (they should all be willing to tell you if they want applicants!), and also check their website carefully as they do usually state what modules are involved.

Good luck, have fun and study hard!

Studying abroad in New Zealand?

I am a sophomore in college and I'm looking to study abroad in New Zealand. I cannot decide, which university would be best though. I can go to either AUT university, Massey University, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Waikato, or Victoria University of Wellington. I want the best experience I can. Where would you suggest?