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What Zodiac Signs Has The Most Attractive Women

What is the most attractive zodiac sign?

I think this is all very subjective... BUT... for me personally, I find Aquarius and Leo men very attractive. I find they're both sort of extreme opposites, but I'm a hypocrite in my own head so I guess that's why it works. Most Aquarian men I encounter are sort of... they have young, inviting, almost feminine (and I don't mean that in a bad way, it's very very alluring) faces, and it makes me want to know them so much more. They're just, I guess the only word I can think of is ALLURING. You see them and want to know so much more.

For Leo, they're just really sexy. They have an air of confidence as well as a humor that makes you want to smile all the time. It's not so much cocky as it is just... natural radiance. They light up a room and don't have to try. Physically I guess you can't say they're one or the other, but they stand tall and proud and it's just... instant attraction. There's something very sexy about a mature guy who can really make you laugh.

Which zodiac sign is the most attractive from each element?

Fire: i've known alot of Aries women to have very defined and accentuated eyes with the colour so intense that you can almost see the colour of their eyes from miles away. their faces are quite angular with out-standing cheek-bones and gracefully-hung arms. Aries, from my experience, are the most attractive of the fire signs.

Air: Gemini. alot of people usually fail to realise this, but, alot of Geminis usually have quite smooth and feline-esque features that have this surprisingly enticing effect. Even if they don't have a good figure, they seem to just stand out.

Earth: Taurus. They have the most doe-like eyes, like butter wouldn't melt. They have this innocence in their eyes, and small but defined features that represent a rabbit or deer. Their eyes are so lovely.

Water: Pisces. i've found that anyone with strong Pisces aspects tends to look instantly warm and temperate in their appearance, their eyes almost 'light up' or 'sparkle' at times, and they have this 'delicate' look to them. Most Pisces i've met tend to be 'Natural Beauties'.

i'm a Cancer

Most attractive and least attractive zodiac sign women from each element?

Most Attractive:

Fire Sign - Leo. Some of them look like models.

Air Sign - Libra. Some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen are natives of this sign. They can be beautiful both inside and out.

Earth Sign - Virgo. Not necessarily beautiful, essentially, but definitely the most feminine out of all the earth signs.

Water Sign - I cannot choose between Cancer women and Pisces women. Pisces women tend to possess this "it" factor, this especially feminine quality about them that makes men feel like men when they're around them. Also, they can be adorable. On the other hand, Cancer women can be striking and beautiful in terms of their looks, not to mention sensual, demure, and quite feminine in their manner. It's a tie.

Least Attractive:

Fire Sign - Aries. They're not typically beautiful, can be tomboyish, are initiators, and do too much - initiating and "doing" more than relaxing and chatting are traditionally traits that makes a man a man, not ones that make a woman a woman.

Air Sign - Aquarius AND Gemini. Aquarians have bold features, but appear boring and empty-headed, and Geminis look like their creator wanted to make them all look like cats, but then at the last minute backed out and ended up making all of them look only okay-looking with somewhat-slanted eyes.

Earth Sign - Capricorn. Mannish and haggard-looking by nature.

Water Sign - Scorpio. Possesses bold and mysterious looks, but never truly beautiful. Grace Kelly was an exception.

What zodiac signs has the most attractive women?

im a sagitarious female and my boyfriend is a cancer. Typically because my sign likes a more masculine confident make, I wouldn't find a cancer man attractive, but gosh darn I just do. Anyway just saying you can find anyone attractive if you love them and also everyone finds different things attractive because even though you have one main zodiac sign you also have your whole birth chart in which you might have everything in virgo, which could overpower your sun sign for example if you were a Capricorn and you would like a completely different sign than what your sun sign says you should like. Just don't pinhole people. Thanks

What zodiac signs have the MOST beautiful women?

Capricorns of course (because thats what I am ^_~ haha). But rising sign also has a lot of influence over how you look. I have a scorpio rising. There is definitely an allure to the scorpios.

Most attractive female zodiac signs?

Obviously everyone is going to pick their own.
Lol you should of said, OTHER THAN YOUR OWN SIGN which sign has the most attractive females or w/e.

Anyways I think ermm..
Taurus's aren't my fave but I gotta admit some of the women are insanely beautiful.

Some Gemini ladies are beautiful too eh
Marilyn Monroe IS A GEMINI :]
Yeah baby.

Anyways I don't know, other then that got no idea.

What zodiac signs has the most attractive females?

The most attractive female i've met so far physically and personality wise is a scorpio. I've also met scorpios that have downright repulsed me. I've seen attractive females of all signs.

I am a cancer

Which zodiac signs are attracted to Virgo?

Virgoes are best conpatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

Which zodiac signs do have the most beautiful women?

For me water and air signs - scorpio would top for water sign and libra for air. Fire and earth signs are sexy but not necessarily beautiful in my definition. this is how I would define the girls of each zodiac:
Aries- tomboy
taurus - sexy
Gemini - charming
Cancer - sweet innocent
leo - grand ..queen like
Virgo - sexy with a bit of charm
libra - classy...well balanced ...
scorpio - mysterious
sag - hot sexy...a bit spunky
Cap - got her sht together. .serious mature
aquarius - her own thing
pisces - deep and dreamy

Which zodiac sign has the most beautiful women?

Absolutely any placement can be thought about beautiful however there are some palcements more frequently commemorated for appeal than others.If you haven't seen your cosmic energy profile before make sure to check it out: Cosmic Energy Profile the internet is full of videos with people who don't believe in astrology being stunned by the kind of insights complete strangers get into their lives.Let me start out by saying that I subscribe to Vedic astrology and not western. In Vedic astrology the degrees go back 24 degrees and many times it takes you to another indication.E. g. state in a western chart you are a Virgo moon, in a Vedic chart you are most likely a Leo moon.Let us go by the significance. Venus is the world of charm, sensuality, type and femininity among many other things. One would anticipate this to extend also to physical appeal.Therefore it follows that Libra and Taurus would absolutely rank among the most gorgeous, because these two signs are ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus particularly for facial beauty, given that is symbolises the face. However, Venus is likewise exalted in Pisces, for that reason one would expect this sign to be very appealing also.Then there is likewise Sagittarius and Leo, which emerald offers a really pleasant look to its native, with a feline touch and pretty features on both ladies and males.Google well-known fashion models, especially Victoria secret designs and their moon positionings., if you change the charts to Vedic or rather sidereal you will rapidly discover a pattern.. The majority of vicotroia secret models have their moon in either libra or Sagittarius.E. g. Giselle Budchen, Adrianna Lima, Candace Swanepoel, lily Donaldson, Emily Ratajowski etc.