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Whats A Good Counterexaple For Walmart

Whats a good counterexaple for walmart's slogan "Save money, live better, walmart?

One. This isn't math.
two. waste money, die poor

Whats a good cheap beginner deer rifle I can buy at WalMart/Academy/etc. Cheap?

I'm new to hunting and have borrowed rifles the three times I have gone hunting. I believe I used a .223 rifle.
But i'm looking to get my own Deer Rifle for the upcoming deer season...
I've seen some come with a scope already and just need something begginer like that I'm assuming but like most others i'm on a budget and can't spend a lot.
My question is can anyone recommend a Cheap Rifle with scope to buy that can be used for Deer Hunting... ? ? ? A link to any possible rifles and the Store where to purchase it would be awesome...
P.S. I'm From Texas and in the Hill Country Area...

Stealing at walmart? whats gunna happen?

YES, your parents are gonna find out. I am surprised the store let you go home with someone other than your parents, but I also chalk that up to the responding officer being lazy...they REALLY don't like to transport juvies, esp for this type of offense. They like to scare you more so you won't do this again....I highly recommend NOT doing this again.

If you don't have a citation in your hand, one will be coming in the mail. If you gave the wrong name or your wrong address that could end up hurting you, so if you did, you might want to put a call into the police station for that area and let them know you lied. Likely they will put a message to the officer so that he/she can ammend the info/report and juvenile services will follow up on that.

you wil likely see a judge or a juvenile appointee who can basically hand you a standard 'plea bargain' and you will be put in a young offenders program, sort of like counseling. There is usually a program speifically for shoplifters that addresses the underlying reasons for why teens shoplift. Your folks may have to attend some sessions specifically for parents of teen offenders.

Most likely you will not see the inside of juv hall. Obviously you didn't get arrested, and as long as you don't offend again, you will likely be told that your record will be sealed and/or expunged in a year or at 18.

curious...what age did you give them? anything less than 18 is treated the same by the courts.

This isn't a traffic ticket that you can hide from your parents. They WILL find out. You are not done with this, but don't sit at home and stress too much. You should try and tell your parents before the letter comes as they will be more upset if they get it and you didn't tell them.

*A2AMy favorite is probably Skewes's number. Some context:So, you may have heard of this thing called the Prime number theorem, which states that the number of primes less than or equal to some number [math]x[/math], dubbed [math]\pi(x)[/math], can be approximated by[math]\pi(x) \sim \dfrac{x}{\ln x}[/math]where that twiddle means that the approximation gets better and better as [math]x[/math] approaches infinity. It turns you can do even better using something called the Logarithmic integral function:[math]\pi(x) \sim \mathrm{li}(x) - \mathrm{li}(2)[/math]In fact, this approximation seemed to have the nice property that[math]\pi(x) < \mathrm{li}(x)[/math]no matter how large the [math]x[/math].Well, it may have seemed that way, but Stanley Skewes begged to differ. In 1955, Skewes proved that there existed such an [math]x[/math] where [math]\pi(x)[/math] was larger than [math]\mathrm{li}(x)[/math].This counterexample, dubbed Skewes’ number, is very, very big. How big? Bigger than any computer at the time (and even today) could have verified itself. The upper bound on Skewes’ number is about[math]e^{e^{e^{e^{7.705}}}} < 10^{10^{10^{964}}}[/math]You ever heard of a googolplex? He’s equal to [math]10^{10^{100}}[/math]This guy? He’s miles past even [math]10^{\mathrm{googolplex}}[/math].Nobody was expecting this result until it surfaced. The counterexample is so mind-mindbogglingly large that it’s a surprise somebody found in the first place. New research has reduced the upper bound originally given by Skewes, bringing it down to about [math]e^{728}[/math]. A big improvement, relatively speaking.

Whats the best Airsoft guns in Walmart?

I've bought many airsoft guns. Lots being from here. And they ALL SUCK. except one, the black ops 1911 pistol is pretty nice! Go for it and it only. All other guns there suck, including the black ops m4.

Going to walmart what concealer?

Omg, i totally understand what your talking about. I have always had heavy dark under eye circles, ever since i was little:( Theres only one technique that successfully covers mine completely! At walmart, purchase a creamy cover up that is lighter then your actual skin tone. The maybelline cover stick will work well! Then, use your finger or a concealer brush to dab, NOT rub, the concealer over the circles. Then, put on a foundation/bronzer/pressed powder (whichever you use) that matches your skin tone. The colors will blend and your dark circles will remain hidden. I dont know if i explained this well, but it works for me:) If you make a trip to target, you can pick up an ELF cover stick, which is what I use. It works wonders! Good luck:)

Be able to pay for the gun. They’re funny that way.Bring your driver’s license or state ID card. You’ll need that.Bring a recent (30–60 days) piece of mail that has your name & address on it that matches what’s on your ID. The mail should be a utility bill, rental/lease agreement or similar document. Some states require this to confirm your address. If your car registration matches you can use that.Check with Wal*Mart or a local gun shop if there are charges to conduct the background check. In some states it may cost you an extra $19–$25.Also ask the above if any special documents are required. Some states or jurisdictions require you to have a permit to purchase or some other document - a firearms owner ID (FOID) card (Illinois), Firearms Safety Certificate (California). Costs for these are extra and you may need to obtain the document in advance.If buying a handgun bring a lockable gun case or purchase one from Wal-Mart with an inexpensive padlock or keylock. Most states require the gun to be in a locked container when transporting it. Do not assume the glove box or console to be a legal locked container.You need to be able to answer NO to the following questions on Form 4473:Are you under indictment or information in any court for a felony?Have you ever been convicted in any court of a felony?Are you a fugitive from justice?Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective or committed to a mental institution?Have you been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions?Are you subject to a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking, or threatening your child or an intimate partner or child of such partner?Have you ever been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence?Have you ever renounced your United States citizenship?Are you an alien illegally in the United States?The dealer will contact the FBI background check system for approval to release the firearm to you. If you live in certain states (like California) there may be a waiting period before you can take possession of your firearm.

Unfortunately there are not any great foods from Walmart. Most of them are ground up beaks and bones and full of grain fillers that will eventually cause health issues such as cancer. Read the ingredients on the bags of food and do not buy one that has wheat, corn, soy, bonemeal or by-products in the first five ingredients.