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Whats In That White Liquid They Make You Drink Before A Catscan

What should I do if my dog is throwing up yellow/white liquid/foam?

This is normally just a bit of stomach acid and it's ok for them to vomit this up, the problem is why they're doing it.One of my two dogs sometimes does this after eating grass, in which case I ignore it. Recently she ate the cap of a water bottle, some of the plastic got stuck, and trying to retch it out some of this foam came out. She also once ate the stuffing from a dog toy and did vomited this about 6 times, and then I was worried, but it was over pretty soon and she was fine. She sometimes also eats fox shit, and then throws it up, and keeps vomiting until there's nothing left except this foam.You can guess that the other dog is my favourite one!If they are sick once or twice and there's not much in it I wouldn't worry, especially if you know the likely cause like one of the above examples. Keep and eye on them and make sure they have some water. If their stomach is sensitive then maybe give them some bland food for the next meal (e.g. scrambled eggs).If they don't have much of an appetite when you next feed them, or if they're lethargic, or if they keep on vomiting, take them to the vet immediately.Better safe than sorry!

Why is my cat so picky about how he drinks his water?

I fill my cat's water bowl every day with fresh bottled water. She'll drink from it only if I'm gone for a long time and there's no other source of water in the house. Otherwise, if she's thirsty when I'm home, she'll go into the bathroom and meow loudly until I go in and turn on the faucet. Then she'll sit and stare at the water for a little while before doing anything. Just as I'm about to lose patience and turn off the water, she'll either bend down and drink the running water or she'll paw at it and then drink it off of her paw. For the longest time, I thought she was the only cat in the world that did this, but I happened to read a book about cats and this was actually mentioned in the book. I don't know if this is true or is just theory, but the book said that cats prefer running water because in the wild, running water is safer than still water, although they will drink still water if it's their only choice. Also, the book said that the pawing motion (which my kitty also does) is a way that cats mark the territory around their food or water source so that other animals will stay away.

What would happen if you drank liquid nitrogen?

When I was a 21-year-old college student in Chemistry 101 at Brigham Young University in Idaho, our chemistry professor, himself a brand new instructor, was doing demonstrations with a vat of liquid nitrogen and asked the class if anyone wanted to drink some. I raised my hand.I went to the front of the class, and he poured around a teaspoon of it into a plastic cup and handed it to me. He said the trick was to keep swishing it around in my mouth, not letting it sit too long in any one place. After he was satisfied I knew how to do it, he gave me the go-ahead.This was a pretty small amount - under a thimble full, and it was boiling away in the cup before I had it in my mouth. As it hit my tongue, I immediately began swishing it around. The feeling was very interesting - It felt cold and crunchy, and had no taste. I can assume it was instantly freezing the spit in my mouth as I swished it around, and then, as I kept swishing, it melted again and froze in a different place. It didn’t freeze the tissue of my tongue itself, because the water in my saliva was protecting it.All this time, I was exhaling through my mouth, and there were white clouds of nitrogen with every breath. Not quite like a smoke-breathing dragon, but more than you’d see when exhaling on a really frosty cold day outside.After several seconds of swishing it around, it had almost entirely evaporated, and I instinctually swallowed. I was kinda hoping for one last cloudy white burp, but that was it. By the time I sat down in my seat again, I couldn’t tell anything had happened.Nothing about this was painful, and I didn’t suffer any negative effects.Not sure I’d recommend other people do it without some kind of expert around, and in retrospect that young professor may in fact not have been an ‘expert’, but like I said, no harm done in my case.

How is barium sulfate eliminated from the body after a CT scan?

It will be eliminated during bowel movements. They should have given you a stool softener. It will come out as little white rock like substances. You may just notice your stool being white. Not always pleasant and easier if you have taken a stool softener. A laxative may make cramping worse. There are softener available over the counter at most drug stores like Walgreens. You may feel constipated for a day, but eventually, they will pass. Keep drinking the water.

What should I do if my cat is vomiting white foam?

If your kitty is vomiting white foam, check to see what kind of plants you have in the household. If your kitty is chomping on some of them, put the plant up away from where the kitty can reach it and purchase some grasses some of the pet stores sell. I had a pet sitter at my home, I did not know the plant on my formal living room table was poisonous to cats, she always stayed upstairs but the new person, left the door open and she came down stairs and decided to nibble. When we got back, she was at death’s door and they asked me if she had been outside maybe got into something poisonous and we said no but now, thinking back and remembering the conversation of what the sitter said, we realize she probably munched on that plant and it killed her. The ER Vet could not bring her back, it broke our hearts that we lost her due to that plant. Same thing when we visited a friend, they had inherited a dog because his brother had passed away. They had a beautiful backyard with lots of plants and the dog was allowed to be out they at all hours of the day and night. The dog munched on something that was poisonous and it killed him. Please be aware of what kind of plants you have that will kill pets….lillies are one of them, there are many more.

Tell me what the barium sulfate liquid does to you?

Ok, the reason people think the barium is nasty is because of the consistency and not really the taste. Just be prepared for it to be thick tasting. Shake it up really well, and it's better if it's cold like a smoothie.

It shouldn't give you diarrhea. And it might make you constipated like the other poster said. BUT that does not happen very fast. Usually that is only with people who already tend to get constipated a lot, elderly people, or people who are on medications like pain killers that slow down the GI tract. Getting a laxative is not necessary in the least. I usually tell my patients to drink a lot of extra fluid, and if they don't notice white stool for a could of days, THEN take a light laxative to try and move things along.

Barium sulfate is made from rock. Think of it like concrete. It is liquid at first, but it becomes solid. The barium sulfate takes a long time to do that, but it is possible.

It will be fine. You will be fine. Just think of it as a smoothie, and down the hatch. Just drink extra fluid after the exam, and watch to make sure you pass the barium within the first few days. That's all.

Don't stress it. Really, it isn't that bad. Lots of people tell me that. The worst part was the anticipation. Good luck!

Thick, white saliva type substance out of my cats mouth?

i have no idea what this is and it has never happened before with my other cat, butsometimes my cat will start getting crazy, run around the house <-- thats al the time, but sometines a thick, whilte, saliva substance comes out of his mouth. its like non-stop. its weird! i come to wipe it off and he's all defensive and such. what is it? and what can i do to prevent it? he's an indoor cat and eats indoor specific food, i dont buy the commerciales, but wont hurt...right?? HELP!

CT Scan - Contrasting Materials?

About 2 years ago, I had a full body CT scan and bone scan - due to being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
They made me drink a huge jug of clear awful liquid. I don't remember being injected with the burning iodine.
After the CT scan was over, the stuff I drank made me really sick, diahhrea all day & night - and a burning throat from drinking the liquid that lasted 3 days. I came down with a cold because my system was so depleted from the awful drink.

I need to get another CT scan. I don't want to drink the liquid again because I don't want to be that sick again.
My doctor did not want to do it without any Contrast materials. She said they can't see anything without the Contrast materials.
I don't mind being injected with something if need be.

Are there other contrasting materials they can use?
What about a CT scan without contrasting materials ?
They are checking my body for tumors, so thats what they need to look for. Does the Contrast drink really make a difference?

My cat is throwing up foamy stuff. Some of it is yellow/white. What is this and what can I do?

Take it to the veterinarian... as in yesterday.As Catherine Spencer said it could be a hairball, but there are other (scarier) options.One of my cats got really sick, the same symptom, starting a bank holiday, I thought if it was hairball it would eventually go out.When I got my kitty to the vet she was almost dehydrated, and I was giving her water with a syringe (without needle, of course), but she vomited out more than I managed to make her drink in. So, make sure your cat is hydrated. My vet stressed it a lot.Second problem, if she has stopped eating it's a bad sign. As my vet emphasied cats should never fast, not even for 24 hours, it could damage their livers.Then, she would need high protein canned food to recover. Mine didn't like it, so I mixed it with water and I gave her with the syringe.As I found out, it is not normal for cats to vomit.The vet run blood-tests and x-rays to rule out some other disease, everything looked normal.Treatment:My kitty stayed half a day at the vet's hooked up to a drip administering intravenous fluids.She got two types of shots, one of them to make her stop vomiting, during five days in a row.The vet let me take her home with me, but we were visiting day in day out for almost a week.High protein canned food.Make her drink water.Recovery signs:When she drinks and eats by herself.We never got to know what was wrong, but she recovered just fine. My heart began to beat again, so happy ending for everyone.P.S. If you haven't got syringes, get some; they are very handy.

Does a patient have to drink the colonoscopy fluid to clear the gut, before an MRI or CT scan? Why do they do a colonoscopy when the latter seems so much easier?

Yes, a patient still requires preparation of the bowel before an MRI or CT Colonography. Also, the patient needs to have the colon insufflated with gas as well, causing distension and discomfort during the scan. In addition, interpretation of the scan images is very much dependent on the radiologist and the quality of bowel preparation. A 5–10mm piece of faeculent matter adherent to the wall may appear to be a polyp, and the result is a referral for a follow up Colonoscopy to remove the polyp.Now, during Colonoscopy, the patient is sedated. Air is insufflated but this is under my control. If there is over-insufflation I can suck out air. There is no discomfort during the procedure. There is of course a small risk of 1:1000 of perforation, but thinking that there is no risk of perforation during CT Colonography is a misconception. Insufflation during a scan is not well controlled. Imagine a balloon being blown up.As I withdraw the scope, air is suctioned out. That means the patient wakes up with a colon that is as collapsed as I can get it - that leads to better comfort post procedure.The other advantage of a Colonoscopy is the ability to immediately remove polyps that I find, during the endoscopy. Compare this with a referral for a follow up Colonoscopy to remove a polyp found during a scan. And a second bowel preparation.Colonoscopy is still the gold standard technique for evaluation of the colon.