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Whats It Like Using Female Jail Toilet

Is it illegal for a man to use the women's bathroom?

Apparently not. I just left Wal-Mart after using the women's bathroom. Grandchild had to go. Mens bathroom out of order and family bathroom locked. As the last woman I saw enter walked out I started to walk in. She said it was a women's bathroom. She offered to take the child but I asked her to watch the door. I went in and the child “stinkyed “. I heard someone but thought it was the lady watching the door. It wasnt. She raised hell, ran out and told her husband. I tried to explain. Didn't matter. Police were called and they even watched the video. Saw me try to get in family bathroom 3 times after walking thru walmart trying to find “granny”. After all the discussion and apologies the lady just wanted me arrested. Cop says I had broken no laws. The woman asked to watch the door even wanted me arrested because I went into a women's restroom that she admitted was empty when she left and she admitted that she volunteered to watch the door but let the lady walk in. I left with them arguing with the cops. I wonder if a 3 year old crapping in the isle is against the law? I don't know what the law is but I did it, admitted it, would do it again, and didn't get arrested.

Whats female prison like?

You see all these movies/tv shows like OZ and others right
Well you never see any about female prison
Everyone knows what its like in male prison; fights, rape, etc etc but what about female prison?

I dont imagine it to be bad....i know theres no make-up and yoda yoda yoda but I mean come on a place full of girls.... whats the worse that could happen. They cant get raped, they "probably" wont get into a lot of fights. What do they cry together or something I dunno.

Heh I dont mean to sound like a pig or nothing but I was just watching something on tv and my cousin asked me this same Q.

What is Jail really like?

I've heard all kinds of stories. It depends on where the jail is and what the crime is. Sometimes you have some characters in there, people who are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. They might tell you not to sit in their spot if there are chairs in a room, and they will say that many of the open seats are theirs. They will say you need permission to sit down. To get permission, you must bribe them with something (money, cigarettes, food, etc.) And the police won't intervene because they know if they upset this man it will cause a big disturbance. Disturbances cost money, so to speak, to the police. So they try to avoid them.
I know a guy who had to sit with a drunkard psycho in jail. The man had been shot in the head, and was medically missing part of his brain, but he lived. And the guy I talked to said being in jail with this guy was not cool at all.
Some jails in the USA are festering and overcrowded. Some are poorly managed, and have no real standards of order or safety.
However like I say it depends where. If it's in a tiny little town in Wyoming, a jail cell isn't that bad. If it's in an affluent town it probably will be fairly nice, for a jail. If it's in Miami or Boston or LA, it's going to be rough.
ACHTUNG! This is all hearsay and observation on that hearsay. It may be embellished. Or it could be true.
Who is to say?

What is it like in jail?

Boring. VERY boring. There's nothing to do - unlike prison, where you can go to classes, etc. In jail, you are locked in a 2 by nothing cell with a punk who snores LOUD all night, and has forgotten how to get to the shower.

You may get some decent free time, in the day room - but not necessarily. If you do, there's usually a TV either turned to the facility channel (rules/regs), or to BET playing rap videos.

You get to wear nasty clothes that don't fit, sleep on a bunk that has a thin, cracked exercise mat as a "mattress", and wear shower shoes. If you're lucky, you'll get 4 changes of clothing for the week.

There are very few things to read - jail libraries suck - but you can have religious books brought by the chaplain. Oh, meals - lots of stale bologna sandwiches, rice, and beans. Your bunkie will fart a lot.

You don't have to worry too much about rape and violence - you are locked down too much for for most of that. Remember, this is jail, not prison.

So your days and nights will consist of reading the Bible, eating bologna, smelling your bunkie's farts, and trying to sleep while he snores. Oh, and trying to get toilet paper! And as a woman, trying to get pads for that special time of the month? You have to BEG for them, and the cops love it.

You will most likely spend 20 - 23 hours a day, just laying on your bunk and reading the Bible.

That's jail, baby.

Just sentenced to female state prison..Need informations...???

Privacy as you know it will be non-existent.

Depending on your classification, you may be handcuffed anytime you are out of your cell, except for meals and an hour a day in the yard.

You will likely be stripped an showered during intake, in a semi-private shower room with a partial wall. There will be no doors for the toilet either, just a partial wall.

Cameras will be everywhere but the shower and toilet, unless you are in a high-risk cell, then there are no barriers at all.

The chances of the opposite sex seeing you naked are pretty rare, but the same sex will have access to you at any time.

Having a cell mate in prison, how do you use the restroom if they’re asleep and you have to go really bad?

First of all, many prisons don’t lock you in with a single cell mate. If you are in a two man cell, in many lower custody level prisons, it just means that you have someone that you’re sharing a space with, but aren’t locked in with. You can get up and go to a bathroom (in another room) anytime of the day or night.If you are locked in a cell, then it’s different. I spent time in Leavenworth CCA where we were locked ten men to a cell with a single toilet that didn’t have much in the way of privacy. There was a waist height wall that went around the toilet except for the entrance area. This offers zero privacy. Typically, we suspended a sheet over the entrance area, using books at the top of the wall on each side to hold it in place. This gives the illusion of privacy, but that’s all. There were guys on the top bunks, so if they rolled over they’d see whatever you were doing.Etiquette is important in this situation. If you’re having to sit atop the toilet, you need to spray a bit of talc powder into the air to cover the smell and you MUST flush throughout your stay on the toilet. You will hear about it if you don’t. No need to lecture me on the health concerns of talc. I already know. In prison, it just doesn’t matter. When in Rome, try not to look like a Visigoth.While at CCA the toilet malfunctioned. It wouldn’t stop flushing… It was one of these power flushing jobs that used 1.6 gallons to flush in about three or four seconds. Let’s say 30 gallons a minute for the 84 hours it took them to apply the five minute fix… 151,000 gallons of water for one toilet over one long weekend… Even if you don’t look at the lives that are wasted in prison, look at the other stuff! Eventually, I devised a muffler to keep this toilet quiet at night (it was amazingly loud), but I’ll confess that I grew to like having my backside continuously misted while I used the toilet. ;-)Anyway, if you’re locked in a two man cell and your cellie is sleeping, you just use the toilet. If you can (and you’ll find a way - believe me), you’ll hang a sheet to give a small measure of privacy. You and your cellie will both learn to sleep facing away from the toilet. Many of the guys in prison also sleep with a sheet over their head so… you invent privacy where you can.