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Whats The Best Way For Me To Get Attention From My Favourite Teacher

Whats a good way to get attention from a teacher?

to get attention from the teacher u have 2 follow these rules
1. first of all u have to study and work hard.
2. always keep quiet in the class.
3. be confident
4. don't smile or laugh on silly things at front of her.
5. always try to answer the questions which she asks.
6. don't talk while she's giving a lecture.
7. always talk to her with attitude.
8. always try to help her when she gets confuse in any numerical or some other questions.( my teacher usually gets so) ;P

hope u follow these rules and get attention from the teacher.

now chose my answer as the best one lol :P :D

Whats the best way to get attention?

run down a busy street naked. that will get you all kinds of attention

Come to class on time, every class period. Don’t leave early. Let the teacher know if you have a legitimate reason to miss class (before you miss, if the event is known in advance). Pay attention and do your work in class. If there is homework assigned, do the homework on time. Be genuinely interested in the subject. Be polite.I guess most of this is pretty typical advice. Beyond that, it depends on what level of education you are in and the individual teacher. Some teachers may enjoy staying after class to chat with students, while others want to leave, but are polite and will talk to you. I will say that being an A student or the best academically does not guarantee a student is among my favorites a given semester.

I had a teacher a few years ago that was just awesome.She made class fun, helped me out when I needed it, threw shoes at disobedient kids, and was so reactive to sugar that a Skittle would have her bouncing off the walls.The perfect teacher.Anyway, I was sad to be leaving her class, and I wanted to get her a gift that would stand out. My choice?Boxing gloves.I gave them to her on one of the last days of school, and when she opened the box, her face just lit up.“Oh I know what I’m going to do with these!”She put them on in seconds, like a pro, and walked over to the door of my classroom. Putting a finger to her lips, she slipped out and into the hall, leaving my class with a wink.We heard her open the door to the classroom beside ours, heard the slight buzz of conversation that was quickly replaced with a panicked mass of yelling, scrambling kids.She was on a rampage!We didn’t go over to the classroom, because we were supposed to stay in ours, but we heard from the unfortunate kids that she ended up running around, lightly hitting each kid.I miss that school, and that teacher a lot, but it was fun while it lasted!Thanks for reading, and have a great day!—Alistair Wood

Whats the best way to get a guys attention in class?

a couple things you could do

1) if he's smart, challenge one of his answers or answer one of his questions in class
2) if he's the joker type, make a joke too (but don't try too hard, like if you're not a joker type, then make a side comment to one of his jokes, don't like... jump in front of the class and tell a random joke)
3) if he's just the lay back in class and sleep type you can try and sit next to him and poke him (gently please) if he falls asleep and crack a joke about missing all the important stuff
4) if he's really no type (of that i mentioned before) then why not ask him for the homework? it wont give him the hardest hitting impression, but hey-he'll notice you!
- or you could compare answers for questions
- if you sit really far away from him, try to get his eyes to meet yours-and then smile. NOTE: do not stare at him. just glance, and if you're lucky then sometimes your eyes will meet.

1.Create Twitter lists of editors and reporters and stay informed of their interests regarding developing news and stories.2.Interested reporters may do homework on you. Update your ‘about’ page and social media profiles to reflect the expertise they’re looking for – But remember to be genuine!3.Provide multiple opportunities for contact – include work email, cell phone, business phone, Skype, Twitter handle, etc. Be as open as possible, you never know how they’ll try to contact who you really are and do what you say you’ll do.5.Do not use reporters’ personal emails unless indicated it is preferred.

I have answered a similar question before. That being said, I will use the same answer from that similar question.I will just add some that can really get you positive attention from the teacher.Provide some positive feedback on your teacher’s lesson as well as certain things you feel that the teacher needs to help you in learning. Teacher need your feedback so if you do that, you will realized the teacher will eventually start asking you about the lesson and what other things you want to learn.This one is my personal favorite, help the teacher facilitate learning in class during the lesson activity. Let’s say if you have finished your learning activity really quick, go to the teacher and ask permission to move around in order to help other students that require assistance in the learning activity. Trust me, teachers love a helping hand from students to facilitate learning in class and they know students tend to learn faster from their peers.Raise your hand every time to ask open questions related to the topic being learned that allows you to learn more and learn deeper about the topic at hand. The teacher will naturally be aware that you are always active in building knowledge and engaged in learning.During reflection time, you should make an effort to let the teacher know what else you have learned from the lesson activity that was not taught by the teacher prior the activity or throughout the lesson. The teacher will be impressed by your creative and critical thinking towards the lesson and the learning activity.

Sit in the front of the class.Pay attention and make eye contact with your teacher. Not gazing or staring, but making sure to show your teacher that you are paying attention.Ask questions.90% of the class stays quiet and doesn’t get engaged. Participate in class and your teacher will be happier with you. They might even think other students will open up because you’re leading by example.Go up to your teacher after class and ask them anything you didn’t understand in that day’s course.Do your homework assignments.You can always go and shake your teacher’s hand after class and tell them you want to introduce yourself - if you’re unsure if they know who you are. Participating in class will not only prove that you want to learn, but it will actually help you learn better.IF you want a head start on whatever it is you want to major in through college, check out this article I wrote about free/cheap college alternatives that you can take even in high school or on summer break. Feel free to follow my website on Facebook, The Macroscopic Millennial. I write about resources and advice for our generation. Hope this helps! :)

What is *your* favourite attention-seeking behaviour?

Heart my sweet friend,i don't have one,i never seek attention,im just a happy go Lucky guy,
so take care my sweet friend,and i hope things are just fine for you.

What was it that made your favorite teacher, your favorite teacher?

She was dynamic, animated, interesting, mysterious, and illusive. She cared about me, what I did from day to day, and how I was progressing. She made my learning fun, but pushed me to be better than I believed I could be. She found a way to attract my attention, make me buy into the assignment, and made me believe my achievement was amazing,even and especially when I didn't. She made me believe all things were possible in my future.

She was also the one person I couldn't figure out, who I was always interested in, and who never let me into her own personal space.

She was extremely professional, always on my side, and would go to bat for me because she knew I would walk on water for her.

She is, and was, my hero.