Whats The Best Way To Pitch An Extended Warranty For Apliances

Extended warranty--to get or not on 05 truck?

ABSOLUTELY. I have two reasons why.

1. 99 Durango. I bought the extended warranty for up to 75k miles and it's paid for itself twice.

2. 03 Yukon Denali. Bought extended warranty up to 74k miles, more than paid for itself. As a matter of fact, just got it back from the shop yesterday, took another 1200 in stupid little repairs that were covered, only 900 miles left on the warranty though.

So yes, get the warranty, it may be one of the smartest decisions you make.

Do you buy extended warranties?

It depends on what you are buying. If it's a computer or big television, then I would say yes... go for it. If it's something under $100 I would probably not buy it... even more so should the actual item be even less. Please do remember that when buying these, especially on big items, businesses tend to be subversive and greedy and will count the FREE warranty time you normally get toward the extended time you buy. So think about it, ponder how much is it worth to you as well as the actual item cost... and then take your step. Good luck.

Best extended car warranty? ?

Do you believe in health insurance? How about life insurance? Home insurance? Auto insurance? etc, etc, etc.
Extended warranties on autos are the same thing, insurance. No, it's not stupid to buy them. You'll be darn glad you did if a major repair crops up. And don't fall for the old "Audi's don't break down." Yeah they do, as does any vehicle, and it doesn't matter who makes it.
(Yeah Toyota and Honda owners, I said it, and it's true. If I'm wrong, then how come Toyota and Honda dealership service departments are the most profitable and busiest service departments in the industry?)
Anyway, you need to purchase a plan that covers the electronics of the vehicle. The electronics (window motors, wipers, sunroofs, cd radio, nav systems, engine electrical components, etc) are what really can cost some money. Most manufacturers powertrains are built very well, and last for a long time with the proper maintenance. It's always the $600 power window motor job that freaks people out.
Also, cheapest is not best. You will get what you pay for.
good luck...

Like most financial decisions in life the answer is: dundundun it depends. It seems we are talking about cars so it depends on the terms of the warranty. My mother purchased a warranty from the Ford dealership where she purchased her SUV. The terms of her warranty state that she must take the vehicle in for maintenance every so often and it must be taken to them. In addition their maintenance is not cheap. Like most dealerships they actually make their money on the maintenance side not the selling side. Also when she told me what the warranty actually covers it were things that almost never go wrong in a car after 1–5 years after the expiration of the initial manufacturers warranty; for example the drive train or transmission. Much to the chagrin of my mother the sparingly used back door latch was faulty causing the door ajar light to constantly be on. She took it in thinking it would be taken care of only to find out she would be charged for the repairs. I got them to give her a discount and got her to contact Ford to reimburse her for the repair.Now you may be thinking the point of this story is to explain why extended warranties are a waste of money but you’d be wrong. My mother is happy with her extended warranty and has stated she would do it again. Why? Because according to her she has ‘piece of mind’ that if some unlikely circumstance does occur she won’t be stuck with an expensive repair bill and to her that’s worth the incredibly askew terms of her EW. I explained to her she’s already spending a lot of money just to maintain the warranty but thats immaterial to her. She writes it off as the cost of piece of mind.

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The best warranty to get is the one that works best for your housing type.I always recommend Home Warranty of America [HWA] My clients have had much success and are happy with their service.Hope this helps!

Look from the life cycle point of view, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your product, what are the failure modes that are going to bother you in field then estimate the number of failures in the stipulated time, that is warranty, based on the constraints of budget, you can optimize your warranty offer

Warranties can be classified as onsite or carry-inOnsite warranty means that the company will send a technician to the "site" (location) where the product is located and fulfill its warranty commitments. Large appliances such as refrigerator , AC, Ovens, Televisions, Desktop PCs etc are usually covered under onsite warrantyCarry in warranty means that it is the customers responsibility to get them product to the service center of the manufacturer.  Most smaller sized electronic items like Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops (some brands may offer onsite warranty for laptops), and any product in which the term Onsite warranty is not mentioned in the warranty contract are covered under carry in warrantySome companies may also allow you to mail in (courier) defective products and then sent the repaired product / replacement by main / courier.Please check terms of warranty carefully before investing in high value products.Buy everything.... Enjoy something.... Regret Nothing !!!