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Whats You Favourite Portrayal Of Scotland In The Movies Media Tv.whos Your Favourite Character

What are your favorite movies and why?

10 things i hate about you & A walk to rememberThese two movies i can watch like anytime it takes you into a beautiful start of a love story .2. Night CrawlerAn awesome thriller and best negotiation skills showed . a must watch for a management student or lover .3. Up in the airLovely movie teaching life lessons , i love the song “Help Yourself” . The movie relates in all possible ways .(the song )4. ExamOne simple question , one simple answer , one movie to give you simple solution .5. The Shawshank RedemptionAnother thriller and inspirational movie teaching you to not loose hope .6. Victor FrankensteinIf you love science , do watch this another lovely thriller .7. What ifAmazing love story and lovely dialogues .8 . The Maze RunnerAnother science fiction and a thriller . I read the book first which was amazing plus the movie was worth watching .9. Before seriesFantastic love series , it has three parts the actors have actually grown that old for 9 years of gap and more for each of the part to be coming out in a realistic manner .10. InceptionI don’t think it needs an explanation :)11. Into the wildI guess this too does not , movie teaching you to live .12 . little ManhattanLight heart movie , a kids love story , a to be divorce parents and lot more .13 . The imitation Game & Dr. StrangeBecause I love Benedict Cumberbatch

Actress's Name that Played.(10pts who gets it First)?

If I am right in the movie her name was Lara...and that would make it: Ashley Scott.
The Rodriguez chick was on the SWAT team and they got together in the end!