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When A Person Just Wants To Bad Mouth You Or Should I Say Put You Down Do They Just Really Hate

When sorry means nothing anymore....When do you say enough is enough and walk away?

My father has a tendency to point the finger at everyone else including me when he doesn't understand something. He has been doing this my entire life. Im in my mid 30's. He continues to say that he is "sorry" (making it alright for him to continue to bad mouth my mom and me)
Ive come down with a rare eye infection and my father continues to tell me that im not doing the best job in my power to see the perfect person to resolve this issue. He claims that "he" only knows the best route to take and that everyone else is completely wrong (that includes the eye specialist) He writes me nasty emails, puts me down tells me that he will never forgive me and that my mother is not doing anything. I attempt to talk with him and explain the situation over and over till im blue in the face. He doesn't listen to me. He doesn't hear me. He thinks that he knows better. Sometimes It works for a second and he will apologize over and over.He will write me letters saying how sorry he is and that he didn't mean all those terrible things that he said.
That it wont happen again. A day later he will drill me and say all these horrible things all over again. It makes me hate him. How could he be so mean this is suppose to be my father. Someone who supports me. Someone who gives me guidance. this man has put me down my entire life and my mom. When is sorry just not an option anymore. When does someone say "that's it"! I'm done I cant do it anymore. I cant live my life like this and have a relationship with my dad... Ive had enough. Enough is enough... Im stressed as it is and I feel that he adds more unnecessary stress to the sitation. not to mention his "words" are suficating me. I just can't forgive him anymore. His sorrys are not good enough anymore...

Don't you hate it when someone swears at you?

I just got sworn at on the IMDB discussion board by some random stranger. My first reaction is offence, then upset, then mad.

I don't swear much myself, but I really don't like it when people swear.

I don't come from a religious background, but I get very offended, upset and mad when someone swears at me, even if it's casual. Just a big No-No.

I absolutely HATE giving oral sex. My husband takes it personal. Any suggestions?

Believe me, I used to hate it too, I mean I used to be disgusted with the very idea....but then he used to take it personal as well. You just need to sit back and think, being so intimate and close with someone is a privilage we get, he won't zip down in front of everybody but you. If you say no, he thinks of something wrong with him, he has these ideas that he ain't good enough and given the age nowadays he also probably thinks he can't fascinate or arouse you.

If hygiene is a matter for you, make sure he's had his shower. What I did was I told him directly point blank, we talked and we understood, I forced myself at first and gradually warmed up to it, now I love it and more so because I love to see him liking it. Move your focus from how it tastes and feels inside my mouth to his face. While doing it look at him, hear his moans, feel the pleasure in giving him the pleasure. It worked for me.

Why is man utd so hated? please read on before answering, thanks. :) only non man utd fans should answer this.

I am sorry I am answering this question BUT I think I should answer...
I dont know WHY is man utd hated soooo much....But yeah I know we play rough but not as rough to be hated by everyone around....
Yeah Man Utd is not a BEST team but its not that bad to be hated...
I really feel bad to see hatred all over this forum against man utd so much....
You guys never hated them so much before so why now???
I mean did we all man utd fans did something wrong??Then why to hate them??

Whatever maybe the reason I am proud to say:

Glory Glory Man Utd

How can I tell if someone is jealous of me?

I had a colleague who was very jealous of me, at least that is what people told me when I complained of her behavior. Here is what I experienced:She would copy me. If I got a new piece of jewelry then she would get something very similar shortly afterward. If I traveled somewhere, she would go on a trip also to some place similar.She would be very nice to me to my face but them put me down behind my back. People would tell me about some of the things she said I was doing. Not of it was true.She was constantly complaining about others. No one was very competent in her opinion. I was one of them when my back was turned.We were friends outside the work place. But she would like to purposefully exclude me and tell me about where she went and what she did.She would never compliment me or ask about a trip.I always had the feeling that she was trying to “ put me in my place”.These things went on for quite a few years. I tolerated it because I worked with her and wanted to keep my work environment as peaceful as possible. She must have taken this as permission to keep doing it. Finally, the last straw came. I had golfed with her and a couple other ladies for about 8 years on Wednesday afternoons in the summer. She had recently been particularly difficult to work with and had alienated several other people with her negativity and complaining. She was going to schedule a tee time for the following week. I asked her to just let me know. She never told me and I found out that our group had gone without me. I finally confronted her about it and told the entire group that I would never do anything with them again. They were not “friends” if they were going to treat me like that. At work I had asked to be reassigned to a different area so I wouldn’t have to work with her again.After breaking it off with her I realized a few things… Her negativity had unconsciously rubbed off on me. I had to work on not criticizing and complaining about others. She really had been toxic. I developed better friendships with other, more positive people. I was so much happier!

How do I react when people talk behind my back?

Here are a few ideas -Plug in your earphones. Squint your eyes and like a ninja, quickly glance left and right. When no one is looking, discreetly turn down the volume to zero. You’re a sneaky little devil, aren’t you? Crafty too! Everybody around you thinks that you’re listening to music. That you can’t hear what they’re saying. So, they’ll immediately start bitching about you. But you, like a pro ninja, would be listening to every word they utter. Every ten seconds, start headbanging or swaying your shoulders to further enhance the illusion.Buy a cell phone. Actually, buy a hundred cellphones. Turn on their voice recorders. Then visit the homes of all your friends and relatives who you suspect bitch about you behind your back. Ask them for a glass of water. Wow! You’re a master spy. James Bond would be so jealous of your moves right now. When they go to the kitchen, plant a cell phone under their dining room table, ’coz… u know… dining room is where the bitching takes place. If you want to be on the safe side, plant a cellphone in every room of their house. Boy! you’re gonna need a lot of cell phones.Ask your tailor to sew a microphone in the back of your every t-shirt. Develop a machine learning algorithm to analyze the data that your microphones collect throughout the day and identify the most bitchy bitchers. Sell that algorithm to Google for a billion dollars. Retire and spend the rest of your days in Hawaii, basking in the sun on sandy beaches, sipping virgin Mojitos and bitching about your old friends.Or you could… you know… just stop giving a fuck!

Is it RUDE to chew loudly with your mouth open???

It's rude
unpleasant sound..

that is at the top of my hate list... i cannot stand it, it puts me off doing things, like eating or when im watching tv and i hear people chewing out load... YUCK.. hearing the food, and then the whole "dchut" sounds lol

Girls why do some of you hate giving head?

oral sex is very intimate and most girls like to feel secure in a relationship before they do it.

guys on the other hand are rather selfish and sometimes push the girls head down. all very nice for him but very uncomfortable for her. another reason some girls don't like giving head is that semen tastes rather revolting and some cannot accept the guy coming in her mouth.

the best way is to wear a flavoured condom.