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When Addressing A Recipient I Am Unable To Add

Recently I have been unable to type in a group into my send box.?


How to Address a letter if you're unsure of the recipients marital status? (Ms. or Mrs.)?

Wrong. It's Dear firstName lastName
That goes for men, too, if that's how you're addressing your letter. The only exceptions are if the person has a title like Dr. or Sgt. but you're still better off using the full name, too.

Then again, it's very unlikely that it's enough of an issue to cost you the job (note: unlikely ≠ impossible), and the others are right that Ms. is the best bet. Still you can avoid it altogether.

"Unable to send message If you are sending a link, try adding some text to it. This helps us fight spam."?

I just added this... so let s get together and let Yahoo know that they stand a chance to lose a LOT of customers!!!:

I cannot send an email if it has links... or an attachment... or ANYTIME that I want to send an email, it seems! I keep getting a security response - and then I have to start all over with my Gmail account. Ever since you got into bed with AT&T you guys have continually gotten worse. I am not going to go through and add spaces to every single link that I have in my emails - some threads are MONTHS long in the process... and this ONLY happens when accessing webmail on the desktop (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari - many different computers and systems, as well as OS versions - ONLY when using the webmail!). There tens of thousands that are having this issue (like hundreds of thousands) - and we are starting a grass roots action to end using yahoo EN MASSE and go to Google... unless you can fix this. Social media is VERY powerful these days (I work social media for AT&T - Trust Me!!) - please fix this asap - AND respond to my email. Thank you.

Problems with typing email address in new yahoo interface?

I'm sorry to hear that you're having some trouble adding email addresses to a message that you're composing in Yahoo Mail. Unfortunately, I was not able to replicate the exact issue that you are describing. It sounds like there may be a space being accidentally included after the @ symbol. This would cause the addresses to be separated out as you describe. Please try typing these addresses out again and double checking to make sure there aren't any accidental spaces.

Please write back with some additional information if this issue continues. Make sure to include the following details so that we can investigate further:

* The interface you are using to access your account (such as: a Web browser on your computer, a Web browser on your mobile device, the default email app on your device, a Yahoo! Mail app, or an email application on your computer). Don't forget to include the name and version of the software you're using.

* A list of the exact steps you are taking.

* Any other information that you feel is important in helping us resolve your issue.


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Unable to send or receive yahoo emails?

yep, just also found out people are receiving my emails even though it says it couldnt send it. so my husband just got 15 emails from me all saying the same thing lol. glad it was just him and not something important cause i'd look really stupid sending the same email 15 times.
but if i go into my "sent" folder, none of the emails are there that i sent after 12pmEST.
and to my knowledge i am not receiving messages

Unable to add contacts in Yahoo mail?

Hi guys. I came across a Yahoo page last night that said they were making some changes to Contacts. I can't seem to find it now to see when it is supposed to be fixed. I can't add any of my work-related contacts so I understand.

I found the page! You can see it by going to Options on your Mail page. Select Mail Options. The choose Contact Options from the menu on the left. This is the message:
"Yahoo! Address Book is performing routine maintenance to improve our service. During this time you cannot modify your address book. Please try again in 60 minutes."

Why am I suddenly unable to send mail to one particular address?

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