When Did You Brought Something And You Think It

How do I decide whether I should buy something or not?

Well , this is something which used to confuse me a lot since I was the kind of a person who used to spend extravagantly. Returning with even a small fraction of money , which I took for shopping, was an extremely rare phenomenon for me.The easiest way to discover what to buy and what not to buy is to differentiate between your needs and your wants. But this is easier said than done. When we like something, we very well know how to fool our mind into thinking that we actually need it, when in reality we don't need it at all. And later on , when we don't find it useful , we have nothing to do except regret.Following is a simple trick which I use every time I encounter such a situation and it has worked like a magic for me.So, whenever something hogs my attention and I feel an urge to buy it instantly, I take a pause for a moment and try to answer this one question. Suppose someone puts a choice in front of me to either choose that stuff or to take an amount exactly equal to its worth, what will I genuinely choose??If , without any doubt, I found myself choosing that thing over money, I definitely go and buy that. But , if I prefer the money , then I never buy that thing. Since preferring money simply indicates that my mind has some better way of utilizing it.This one thing has helped me a lot in keeping a check at my expenses and saving a hell lot of time in regret later.Hope this helps!!!:)

Do you think Julian Assange will be brought to the United States of America and tortured??

Possibly. We tortured our own citizen over Wikileaks, why not a foreigner? This is just who we are now