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When Do We Heard From Liberal Concerning That Black Muslin Who Attacked Two White Policeman With A

Why are liberals overreacting over the protest in Charlottesville when there is nothing to worry about?

Anytime that there is a protest that leads to violence and death is a cause for worry. Were it a peaceful protest against the removal of a historical statue, it could be seen as annoying, but they are using their right to free speech. There was fighting between the groups that gathered, hateful chants, and there was a need for police. It was also such a visual story that it was quite easy to relay minute by minute what was going on.I used to live in Charlottesville. The pictures of the town were pictures I knew. The fact that there was a white’s rights meeting set up as a protest got me mad, but that was the price of freedom of speech. When I heard fighting broke out, I got scared that there was even the slightest chance that someone I knew was there. Listening on the radio as the vice major explained what was going on and that there was a state of emergency was one of the saddest things I’ve heard.I know it is likely that not every protester was from out of town and not every counter protester was a resident of C’ville, but it is easy to see this as an invasion of hostile outsiders going against the people who call that place home. The people of C’ville are the ones that pay for police with their taxes and by their votes determined that a statue should come down. Those people are also left with the scars of hatred on their city.

What are the craziest things you've heard conservatives say?

“Some girls get raped because of their behavior, it’s their fault.” Wow…“Kids keep getting shot at school, hey let’s just give weapons to teachers too, what a great idea!” Turning schools into war battle fields that’s awesome! We should also give grenades to teachers to make sure they have the upper hand.“Jesus and Santa Claus are white.”“I’m not racist, I even have a black friend”. When someone feel the need to say that, you know where it’s heading…“Trump is very intelligent”.“People are poor because they are lazy and don’t work”“I’m rich because I worked. I earned everything I have”. Daddy paying for your college, food and roof had nothing to do with it.“Spongebob is pushing a global warming agenda”. A deep debate on Fox after a spongebob episode where crawfish burn tires to have an endless summer. Debates on Fox are always very intellectual.“Man made Global Warming, are we really sure about that? Or could it be just a plot from China to ruin US’ economy, think…” No men, you think!!“USA = EU. California = Spain”. For that one I will refer you to the dictionary definition of “country”… USA = Spain. California= Catalonia.“Trump is the voice of poor America. He understands them”. Because, yes, multi-billionaire New-Yorkers in their personal skyscraper, born with a silver spoon in the mouth, know and understand poor people in the countryside. And they have poor people’s interest 1st in mind. Everybody knows that.“I don’t have any money to pay for my drugs and doctor so I’m gonna vote Trump”. Yeah great idea! Why vote for Hillary who proposes a healthcare for you, when you can vote for Trump who proposes to take it away!“In Paris there are no-go-zones ruled by Sharia Law where the police never enters, people walk around in Bin Laden Tee-shirts”. Nice! exclusive coverage inside those Parisian-Iraki-like war zones! As a Parisian, I obviously have a bin Laden Tee-shirt, it’s just at the dry cleaning today (it’s a pink one so I wash it aside, along with my Bin Laden socks).Trump to Kim Jong-un: “I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than yours!” Because taunting a crazy lunatic North Korean dictator one finger on his nuclear button with a “mine is bigger” is what a President would do in… crazy alternate world!Welcome to alternate land, the land of republicans. You can also eat mushrooms the effect will be similar.

Two Indians have been killed in the U.S. in a matter of ten days. Is this what conservatives wanted? Is it time for Indians to really leave the US?

It is very scary and it is very painful. I am Caucasian and American born and married to an Indian man. When I heard about he Kansas City shooting it absolutely broke my heart. That could have been my husband. That still could be my husband.I think the saddest part is that the death and injury of these men was due to ignorance more than anything else. That is also the scariest part. These men were not meant to be targeted, but were because of their skin color or clothing and that is it.Racism has been strong in America for a long time. I think that a lot of us fooled ourselves into thinking things had gotten better because Obama was elected president (which was a huge step for America). Unfortunately, this only suppressed racism. Now, many racist people see the election of Donald Trump as a ticket to express themselves freely once again. This isn’t necessarily Donald Trump’s fault and although I don’t think he directly caused this, I also feel like he is not helping the problem. I also feel like he is indirectly contributing to the problem by inspiring fear. A lot of focus during the little time he has been president has been on keeping foreigners out of the United States, whether it be threats of terrorists, or threats of illegal Mexicans. Unfortunately, he is doing this by banning whole countries of people. Blanket discrimination. This teaches ignorant people that if someone is from a particular country they should be feared. Unfortunately for Indians, they happen to have some similarities to people in those banned countries, especially to people who don’t have exposure to diversity or avoid it.Is it time to leave the United States? I don’t think so, but this is a decision you have to make for your own family. Are you truly scared to leave your house? Do you walk around looking over your shoulder? If you are living in constant fear, then maybe yes because that is no way to live. However, the chances of anything happening to you are really small like the same chances of being struck by lightening. The fear is more concerning than the actual chance of anything happening to you. I feel very safe in the community where I live, but I have lived here my whole life and it is fairly open-minded.Yes, it is sad and scary that innocent people are being harmed, but overall America is still very safe and welcoming to Indians. Just be glad that you have a place to go in case things get really bad. I know I am. :)

Why are western feminists silent about how Islam treats women?

I think there are justifiable and less justifiable reasons for this.It’s a bit like when you’re highlighting someone’s negative behaviour and they try to deflect attention to someone else who is supposedly worse. White Europeans aren’t all that bad, what about Muslims? Black Lives Matter? What about black-on-black crime? College rape? What about prison rape? It can be a way to suggest that we shouldn’t worry too much about problems within our own group because there are other problems, rather than an attempt to highlight a pressing issue that is being ignored.Another (IMO) justifiable reason is to speak primarily to your own culture rather than others. White people have plenty of our own problems and minimising them by claiming that they’re not that bad, relatively speaking, deserves to be called out.Sometimes it’s just because they wouldn’t be speaking from experience, and it can be difficult to separate legitimate criticism of ideas from racism.On the other hand, if black and Muslim people speak to their own groups and highlight problems there, white people should not express their awkwardness and white guilt by trying to silence them, or supporting people within those groups who are saying “what about white people/oppression/police violence etc.”. Issues deserve to be discussed in their own right and not derailed.Sometimes it’s not so much that feminists are silent, but more that when feminists speak about Islam, they want to speak to Islam, not to white people who may feel justified in their racism or less worthy of criticism in comparison.On a less justifiable level, sometimes this goes against the oppression hierarchy of intersectional feminism, and criticising it could be seen as speaking from a position of privilege. It can amount to a lack of solidarity with the women that intersectionalists claim to be most concerned about.Some white feminists can even use ways that women are treated in other cultures to suggest that they should receive special treatment, even though issues like FGM do not affect white Americans. If you oppose certain aspects of feminism and disagree with me, you are basically supporting sex slavery. This is just co-opting other people’s marginalisation, and is very exploitative.Sometimes there’s a tendency to magnify problems affecting white women and ignore issues facing POC, which is something that intersectional feminism is working to address.

What do people mean when they say that Islam is a religion of peace?

Islam means submission to God .  Salam means peace.  Islam comes from the same salam root and connotate a peaceful submission to God.  It views peace as the natural state in which humanity exists and by following the path of Islam one should live a life of peace  both in the physical sense as well as gaining inner peace through submission to Gods will.  Muslim greet each other with "Salam al-aikum" meaning "Peace Be Upon You" wishing peace to each other at every greeting.Muslims do not adopt a path of non-violence though because Islam realizes that some occasions will call for it in order to return peace.  It is in these instances when there is oppression or when one is being attacked that Islam promotes self defense.  In times of war one is told to be merciful and to cease fighting if the other person/side will desist but it is the duty of the Muslim to defend the oppressed and fight against tyranny.  Islam says to do this in whatever way you can including physical violence (defending yourself, your community, your country when attacked), speaking out against oppression and tyranny (protests, letter writing, etc...), or if nothing else simply by personally hating the oppression and tyranny (although this is the least that one can do and is the least favorable since it does nothing to help restore the peace or initiate justice).So yes, it promotes inner peace through submission to God's will.  It also promotes the maintenance of peace in the physical sense in that that is the natural state of being and that when it is not maintained the situation sometimes must be fought against to return it to that natural state of peace.

I am a Syrian refugee and an established local businessman. Why do Americans distrust me?

" I am a Syrian refugee and an established local businessman. Why do Americans distrust me? "Because your different! And in White America being different means your dangerous. The media perpetuate the myths about you in order to sale air time and make money. Politicians use you as a plateform to scare people into voting for them. Believe it or not foreign terrorist haven't done anything more than domestic terrorist her in America have done. People have been beheaded, dismembered, lynched, and set on fire right here in the United States. Just ask any minority with southern American roots about that. Distrust is not the right word to use to discribe what White Evangelical Christian Americans think about you. Try using the word HATE and SCAPGOAT to define White Evangelical Christian America's thinking of people who are not White Evangelical Christian American. Oh! And sadly there are a few Black and Hispanic Evangelical Americans who also believe as White Evangelical Christian Americans. They also have been brained washed to hate even though the Christian bible tell's them not to. That's the cold hard truth from one who use to be a practicing Baptist. And I will be austricized by those who will call me a Christian hater, racist who hates White people, and an anti-American. And thanks to the American Constitution you can verbally austricize people cause it's a right! :-)

Are people aware what is said in the Quran about non-muslims?

Why, have you read it?

Im sure it has the same base barabarism as does Christianity and the Bible.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all brother religions remember. We worship the same god, in different ways, and hate eachother for a number of historic least, the ignorant ones do. The vast majority dont need people liek you spreading your crap, ok?

Does a win for Democrats mean a loss for America?

We heard the same argument for remaining in Viet Nam. "If we don't fight them there we will have to fight them here." We finally left Viet Nam (several thousand dead soldiers too late) and low and behold we did not have to fight them here. The insurgency is far different than the war on terror. the insurgents want contro of their nation. Even after we leave they will be fighting each other (over there) for control. The war on terror will be with us for some time. Yes, we will at times fight it here and other times elsewhere, regardless as to the outcome in Iraq. The same terrorists that have entered into the insurgency there are still trying to figure out how to hit us here.

I have a bigger concern about US citizens that unintentionally support our enemies every day. There are a lot of them and they do this through encouraging divisiveness. They use immature names for those they don't agree with, are very judgmental about differing points of view, and appear to be incapable of serious political discourse. Your question sir is a perfect example. "A house divided against itelf cannot stand." Lincoln was right when he said that and the words are right for today.

Those like you encourage this nation to remain divided. The damge done by the cancer of divisiveness is far longer lasting and far more dangerous to the future of this nation than the attacks on 9/11 could ever hope to be. This divisiveness encourages and aids our enemies in way simple political disagreement never can. Those encouraging this divisiveness in the face of our enemies are aiding them in their war against us. So I ask you sir, why would you continue to do this?

Can someone tell me a little more about Condelleze Rice. I just want to know more about why she is so importan

Wow! Way to go Miss WW. She should have answered all of your questions. I wished she would have run for President because she has had more leadership positions as well as foreign affairs experience than a lot of the current politicians running for president.

I saw her speak in person at the University of Washington about a year ago and I am still very impressed with her composure and her articulation of the facts. She is used to criticism under fire and is very capable of leadership.

She is perhaps the most underrated woman in politics that I know of. But that is just my personal opinion.

Great question.