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When Doing A Concert For 16-18 Is It Legal To Be Able To Have Them Come And Go From The Venue

Why is there an age restriction for BTS concerts? Like, why do people in standing area have to be 16-18 years or older?

Security issues and safety.16 and 18 year olds tend to have a better sense of maturity than younger fans; they know how to defend themselves against sexual harassment or any kind of bad things that could happen when they’re on their own as compared with 12 and 13 year olds.

If you could bring any person back to life, who would it be and why?

For me it would be DHARAMVEER BHARTI.He was an Indian novelist who wrote “Suraj ka saatvan ghoda” or “ The Seventh Horse of Sun". It was published in 1952.It is a novel which gives a glimpse in the society of that time (like all good novels should be, in my humble opinion).It is basically 7 stories which are inter woven in each other. It has a range of characters.A guy in love who couldn't propose because he is scared of his father, a lady who dreams of Prince charming, a strict father, a poor lady who dares to love a relatively rich guy but betrayed in the end.Seriously, Ican't do justice to the characters in context of this particular question but the reason why I want to bring him back from dead is following :The story telling is futuristic in its nature. It is Story in a story in a Story. Think of INCEPTION, but it was written in 1952! I I want to congratulate him for writing this.The female characters are surprisingly strong in the novel. Women's liberation was still few years away in his time. But he created female characters who were strong enough to make decisions about their life. Sadly, our movie industry still creates heroines whose only job its to get wooed by the hero and to get in trouble, till the hero rescues her. Pathetic really. Exceptions are there though.The ending. If you read the novel, you will see the ending iS open to a LARGE number of interpretations. So many possibilities. I want to ask him what did he actually wanted to convey.Lastly, we indian consider touching someone's feet to be the ultimate gesture of respect. I want to touch his feetShyam Benegal made a movie with same title in 1992. It is in YouTube. Highly recommended.PS: I understand that he is not that famous, as the question could've intended. Isn't it sad that people get famous for a sex tape, but creators of so many masterpieces do not get their share of fame.Some remain obscure even after their death.Youtube link to the movie :

How much are tickets to the Supernatural convention?

Well, that depends on which convention location you pick.Sorry my response is super long! I included screenshots of the specific information, so it made my response super long. If you don't want to read the pictures, they are for specific details so feel free to ignore them. :)This summarizes to Gold Weekend: $819Silver Weekend: $559Copper Weekend: $345Preferred Admission Single Admission:  FRIDAY PREFERRED SEATING: $50, SATURDAY PREFERRED SEATING: $110, SUNDAY PREFERRED SEATING: $175General Admission Weekend: $245General Admission:  FRIDAY SINGLE DAY SEATING: $40, SATURDAY SINGLE DAY SEATING: $70, SUNDAY SINGLE DAY SEATING: $135This is not as simple as the cheapest! As shown in the photos, Gold get to have assigned seats, which means they are guaranteed a spot. Also, Sunday is the most expensive as that is the day that Jared and Jensen have their panel.  Official List of Conventions (including Supernatural). Creation Entertainment - Supernatural The Television Series - The Vampire Diaries - Star Trek - Stargate SG-1 - Xena - The Twilight Saga - Conventions & Merchandise The specific link for the information I showed here for Dallas, TX on September 16-18, 2016. I opted for Dallas as it was the closest to my location (8hrs away, sob.) I have also never been to a convention! The website mentions that if you get a hotel the convention is associtated with, so keep that in mind. Good luck. Have a nice day. :) PS: you were specific about ticket prices, but I'd like to mention that professional photographs with the actors or signatures are extras and not included in the ticket price. Here's a picture of Jensen, Jared and Misha to inspire you to get the money.

Why is Taylor Swift so popular? What makes her different from other female singers in her age group?

Why is Taylor Swift so popular?Taylor Swift is popular largely because she makes conventional music. Making a conventional sound lowers the risk of alienating listeners. Like Ed Sheeran and others, when listening to her, you can routinely expect an agreeable sound that is designed for top-chart contention. You are yet to be lyrically, topically, or creatively challenged by Taylor Swift.What makes her different from other female singers in her age group, like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez?I don’t think of Swift as radically different from the three but she is different in that she legitimately has a background as a songwriter.She’s not some mind-bending wordsmith but a hallmark of her records is her lyrical style. When listening to Swift, it’s evident that she draws from real life experiences. Therefore it’s easier for a listener to latch onto her music on a personal level.Contrast with Perry, Grande, and Gomez. Their lyrics seemed very corporate-created, formulaic, and mostly detached from any real-life inspiration. With them, its like lyrics are there just because it’s necessary to make a song.She appears to have more of following than them. Why?I kind of liken it to someone like Adele, Eminem, Drake, and even 21 Pilots. With each, a bulk of their audience relate to them on a personal level because their lyrics appear to draw from actual inspiration and real life experiences. Swift’s lyrics, for the most part, aren’t programmatic. They’re not just pumped out of the Music Industry Machine. They ostensibly come from a genuine place.And in comparison, her music is more friendly and catchy. Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande all make somewhat mature songs related to female sexuality. Songs about seduction, sensuality, and intimacy is more likely to divert listeners than very innocent, saccharine songs about romance and heartbreak.How can she sell so many albums in the U.S.?The reason is largely for what I said before. Making safe music increases the likelihood of mainstream appeal, and her lyrics have a degree of conviction, which add to the appeal.What do you think?