When Is The Best Time During A Car

When is the best time to buy a car?

Ive been in the auto industry 14 years in executive sales management positions- now that we have that out of the way, there is no "best time of the year", "best time of the month", "best day of the week" to make a purchase. Yes dealers have sales goals, but we as employee's do not want to wait to the last week of the month to work bell to bell to make it happen. We would much rather cruise at a steady pace to hit the goal- HERE IS WHAT MATTERS- what tools you use to purchase your car- I strongly suggest utilizing Truecar. Dealers hate Truecar deals ... why? Because we understand that Truecar uses true data to give you the consumer a good idea of what you should be paying for that vehicle based on what that model has sold for in your area. Data never lies. When a customer comes in armed with information, we as employees (most smart dealerships) understand this is just a notch on the board, hopefully we can make some money in finance on them but lets just move the metal.Cars are just metal and they can be replaced, but customers- we gotta keep them.PS if you need to get an auto loan and get matched with a dealer in your area go visit Buyacareasy- Get approved now -

When is a best time to buy a car in India?

As suggested by people below, buy cars during Diwali time, as lot of offers goes around at that time. This may come from dealers or manufacturer - depends though.But if you really want to make good saving on your car purchase, please buy it in December.The reason being, dealer and manufacturer both make their efforts to clear current year stock. Customer do not prefer old model in next year (starting Jan). Year of manufacturing for a car, though NOT very imp in terms of resale, is considered a factor by many customer.Due to which Manufacturer and dealer will give huge discounts in Dec - Its a benefit for you as well as to them.So the hack is, you book your car in Dec (or complete the payment process) and get it registered in Jan (any date). This way you get a car at much lesser rate and the recent "year of registration". Also IMPORTANT part, its the "year of registration" that matters the most while resale - if at all you want to resale.

When is the best time to buy a used car?

Used or first hand, it is generally believed that December is the best time to buy a car since there are lucrative deals and discounts. Thereafter, the festive season extends until new year. Many buyers also choose to wait until the new year to buy their dream car, as this means that this car will get the new year’s date of registration, which in turn, has a substantial impact on the resale value of the car. You can do your own math by finding out the resale value of the car that you are planning to buy. In short, it is advisable to make a cost-benefit analysis before simply going for December deals. You may get a lower price if you choose to buy in December, as an additional year is added to the age of the car though it is hardly a month’s difference. On the other hand, to buy used car in January means that despite missing out on discounts, there is a better chance of earning a higher resale value of the car due to a new year’s date of registration.It goes without saying that the prices of second hand car are usually much cheaper than brand new ones. while there is always the apprehension of inheriting the problems left behind by the previous owner, you can minimize the anxieties by buying a certified vehicle from a trusted vendor. First and foremost, a new car depreciates at a much higher rate than used cars and the buyer can gain tremendously on that front. The highest depreciation occurs in the first year of a new car which is close to 40%, if used extensively. A buyer does not have to confront a huge depreciation when buying a used car. Also, he/she need not fret about a chip in the paint, or parking lot scratches.According to a report on India’s used car market by Indian Blue Book, a pricing guide for new and used cars, the pre-owned car market in India stands t 3.3 million units a year, which is 20% bigger than the new car market. A study by Deloitte has suggested that 73% pre-owned cars buyers are first time car buyers. Many people prefer to buy their cars on a festival. No wonder automakers respond to this demand with various alluring schemes and freebies. A prime advantage of buying a used car is that these days many of them are fairly new. Previously, people used cars for at least 10-12 years. However, in recent times, this time period has come down to around 5-6 years. This implies that you can buy an ‘as good as new” car at a much lower price and use it for longer.

When is the best time to buy a used car?

The best time to buy any type of car is at the end of the year or the end of each month. Car companies have to pay taxes on every vehicle on their lot so they like to push them out toward the end of the month. Also salesmen get their bonuses at the end of the month so you are more likely to get a better deal.

When is the best time to buy a new car for less?

Any car is best to buy from a dealership at the end of the month as sales managers try to meet their goals set by the general manager or by their franchise. This is an old piece of conventional wisdom which is still accurate.There are also other considerations that are less obvious such as the amount of time a dealer has owned a vehicle. "Stale" inventory that has been on the lot 45-90 days (depending on the individual dealer's "turn time") or even longer may be approaching a floorplan curtailment (interest payment due to their inventory-financing bank) and a deal is much more likely to happen than on a fresh trade or auction purchase which only recently came available.The end of the year (October through the beginning of December) are very slow for most dealers and they are more motivated to put together a deal, but they may also be reluctant to cut a steep bargain on a cash sale where the dealership keeps a lower back-end margin. Every deal has a larger affect on the dealership's average profit per unit, and cash sales are typically low profit as the customer is less likely to purchase a warranty or other ancillaries. Do not walk in saying you are willing to pay "cash money" as that will actually have a negative effect on your bargaining position.If you are buying a brand new vehicle from a franchise dealership you will typically see a "model year-end clearance" or other such year-end promotion which is usually sponsored by the manufacturer and is intended to liquidate the remaining inventory to prepare for the next year's model line. Finance rates and sales prices are usually at their lowest just before the introduction of the next year's models.

When is the best time to put antifreeze in your car?

You can tell, I'm totally don't know anything about cars. I want to know when it the best time to put antifreeze in your car because I was thinking about doing it but the moment I open the cap, the water that is in there is still full and I heard that if you don't put antifreeze in your car when mandatory that it's messes up your car. So please ladies or gent's... help me out....

When is the best time to put antifreeze in your car?

Today's cars all require a coolant to prevent summer boil and winter freeze. You should always have this protection. Also there is a certain type recommended for other reasons by each auto manufacturer.


What's the best time during a car model's life cycle (in terms of reliability and build quality)? Right after launch? One year into production? Just before being replaced?

Great question. The first year generally has a higher infant mortality rate that drives quality improvements in subsequent years so it's out. The last year prior to a redesign does a terrible job holding value as it is clearly an old model so it's out as well. If it were up to me, I'd look at the third model year of a current design as the sweet spot. Quality should be stable and devaluation slow to moderate.

Best time of day to take a picture of car?

You can take a photo of a car anytime during the day, or night even. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. Shooting under a blue, slightly cloudy sky is great for closeups of details, especially chrome, since you can get dramatic reflections.

If you want the most accurate color posible, shoot under shade. This will keep unwanted reflections that can change the look of a car to a minimum. Park your car on a light colored surface. This will make your tires look darker and help underlight the carriage. Also park away from anything, such as light posts and signs, that will put weird reflections on your car. Depending on how you want your car to look, you might want some sky reflecting off the top of the car as this will accent the curves. The point where the top of a building stops and the sky starts looks great when reflected on the fenders.

Check out for ideas on the set up. Notice almost all the photos were shot in the shade, but they use light and reflections to exagerate certain parts of the car.

Car photography is all about using reflections that exagerate the curves of your car, and blocking the reflections that make your car look bad.

What is the best time of day to wash a car?

You can wash your car at anytime of the day, as long as your car is cool to the touch and is shaded. I just washed my car today at 6:30.It was about 83 degrees out.

Here are some car washing tips/steps for getting the best results.
1) Rinse your car
2) Use a soap made for washing cars
3) Start washing from the top of the car to the bottom
4) After you are done washing one side of the car, rinse that side (from top to the bottom)
5) After all 4 sides of the car is washed and rinsed, get a chamois cloth or a drying towel made for drying (you can pick one up for $5 at any automotive store)

The use of the chaomis cloth and/or drying towel will wisk off the water on the surface of your car, therefore removing water spots.