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When Minorities Flood Into The Usa With Their Third World


I believe it will eventually our way of life will be destroy by ILLEGALS. You see alot of immigrants come to this country to better their life styles and adapt to our culture by learning the language, and helping their communities were they live. BUT NOT THE ILLEGALS they want to come here and force the AMERICAN PEOPLE to speak Spanish, push our children out of school so they can send their 7 or 8 they have per family, force our school system to teach in SPANISH. STEAL IDENTITYS from HARD WORKING CITIZENS, causing all kinds of credit problems to those unfurtunate ones. I believe eventually the UNITED STATES WILL BE ANOTHER MEXICO were you see garbage everywhere we will see more 12=17 year old girls getting marry and pregnant we will see an increase in crime,we will see total DISTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN CULTURE. That is why all CITIZENS MUST UNITE TO PUT AN END TO THIS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Why are some white people worried that immigrants are flooding their countries with non whites?

I just want to say that I’m not a a liberal, I don’t support illegal immigration and I don’t care if white people took land from other peoples in the past. The past is the past and it doesn’t affect me.

I also understand that people are worried that their county can get full of immigrants believe me I’m from Brazil and I don’t mind that Argentinians move to Brazil. I just don’t want to many. My grandparents are Japanese and in Japan they like foreigners just not too many.

But white people are worried that they would become non whites.
But make up about 950 million people. Yes I know that many of you are old and some are tan like the Italians and Spanish. But still you don’t count the 150 million whites from Latin America and the 200 million extra light skin people from North Africa, South Asia Central Asia and Middle East.

Why don't minorities assimilate in America?

I agree! Minorities should follow Americans ancestors example of assimilating where they go! They assimilated into native Americans culture in the areas they were in. They also assimilated in Mexican Texas, learned Spanish and converted, obeying Mexican laws!

oh..wait..they didn't. They killed, massacred, and discriminated native Americans. They forced their language, religion and culture on the NATIVES. They didn't assimilate ONE BIT.

in Mexican Texas, they came in great numbers, and did not learn Spanish, convert to Catholics, nor cared about Mexican culture. And in turn, they rebelled against Mexico and Mexico lost Texas, and Mexican law required them to learn Spanish, convert, and assimilate, but they didn't care.

I find it funny when Americans complain about people not assimilating...

Is there a plan by the unseen powers that be to flood white Western nation states with Black and brown 3rd world migrants?

This unasked for, unrequired, unvoted for immigration is being increased upon the UK and Western European nation states and seems to be increasing year on year, coupled with media bias towards immigration and cultural appropriation within media and advertising alongside race hate speech aws designed to silence any logical dissenting voices.

Is deporting illegal immigrants necessary? In essence, what are they as a group doing to make the world worse?

I have been in the construction business for 38 years. I started out as a laborer at 17 years old and have moved up to project manager/supervisor. Maybe this should be posted under "What needs to be said" but I will post it here. Without the immigrant worker nothing would get built or be maintained in this country. Why? The American born worker of today sucks! There it is. I deal with hundreds of contractors a year. 90% of their workforce is Hispanic. They all echo the same sentiment. Now before someone chimes in about how all of the money earned leaves the country let me set some facts. It's true the "one truck Johnny" may be paying someone here illegally in cash but this is a micro fraction of the construction and maintenance industries. Any company of even modest size must employ by the law. There is no way around it. So every worker must have permission to be here, has payroll taxes taken out of his or her check and pays into social security (even if they don't have the right to ever collect) It does not matter if they are citizens, here on a green card or work visa they have the same paycheck deductions as everyone else. They live here the best they can, meaning they pay rent, pay for food, clothing and entertainment the same as the rest of us. If they manage to save a few bucks and decide to send it back to their home country who is anybody to object?Getting back to the quality of worker, 9 times out of 10 when an American born worker is hired their first concern is when is break time, or when is payday, or when do we quit for the day and don't get me started with the cell phones. When they do work it's like they are doing you a favor. However when it comes to the immigrant worker 7 times out of 10 its like they are on a mission to prove that they belong and will not be outworked by anyone. The work is appreciated and many are better skilled than their American born counterpart.  I realize that this post is going to anger many people. I don't consider myself a bleeding heart liberal. I am an independent voter and have voted for as many Republicans as Democrats. I am just giving you a real world perspective. I invite all who make a living in either the construction or maintenance industries to chime in. I'm confident that many will not like their answers.

Which of the following was NOT a consequence of American involvement in World War II?

Prohibition was ended.
World War II brought the Great Depression to an end in the United States.
Minorities that had trouble finding work during the Depression had no difficulty getting jobs in factories that were producing military equipment.
Factories switched from the production of consumer goods to the manufacture of military hardware.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone?

Gilliegrrl: What are you talking about, "no mongoloids migrated to America", what do you think native americans are? They aren't a unique race, they're Mongoloids.

Yeah, there are no "only white countries" and even suggesting a white only country is evil, bigoted, racist, etc. But take someone who advocated for say, black only countries, like Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, and they're heroes. Take someone who advocated Jewish only countries like Ariel Sharon or Benjamin Netanyahu, and they're firm allies in the war on terror. What is wrong with having a country that is for white people only?

What am I afraid of? I'm afraid that my culture is being wiped out by immigrants who refuse to assimilate, blacks who refuse to adopt our culture, whites who teach that our culture is wrong, that it caused all the ill of the world, etc. I want a place where Western culture is embraced and celebrated, where one can be proud of ones races achievements without being branded an evil racist.