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When My Mom Calls Me The Number On The Caller Id Is Someone

When someone calls your mobile and the caller ID says “unknown number,” does it mean that your mobile does not recognize that number?

Without a Caller ID Service Enabled:If you are not using a carrier provided Caller ID service (Verizon, or T-Mobile, etc.) and do not have any third-party apps running (mainly applicable to Android, for example TrueCaller) then it likely means one of two things:The caller has decided to use the *67 feature and your carrier’s switch interprets the privacy flag as ‘UNKNOWN’, rather than what you may expect to appear if someone blocked their number when dialing (‘PRIVATE CALLER’ or ‘BLOCKED’, I assume).The caller’s carrier has set the private flag to true in the SCP (CNAM storage level), thus accomplishing the same thing as *67.Less likely, but still possible: There could be instances where your carrier’s switch did not receive the CID (phone number) and thus displayed ‘UNKNOWN’ rather than the number.With a Caller ID Service Enabled:If you are using a carrier based Caller ID service (again, think VZ or T-Mobile) or this is a result provided by a Caller ID app (again, think TrueCaller, etc.), it likely means there is no value being stored for that number or that the app doesn’t have a value for that number. With that said, the same reasons I listed for occurrences without any Caller ID service enabled could also still be a possible reason, though.

Why did someone send my mom awful thing and their caller ID says imminent extreme alert?

The Wireless Emergency Alerts system is an essential part of America's emergency preparedness. Since its launch in 2012, the WEA system been used more than 33,000 times to warn the public about dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations – all through alerts on cell phones

I'm home alone and I can't call my Mom. What should I do?

Check the contacts on the cellphone.There must be at least one Mom's friend whom you know personally.Call that friend and explain your situation.You may call your neighbour.But do not call any unknown person as you are alone.Do you have Police Helpline number?Don't worry. Mom will reach soon. You are very brave.Are you hungry?Drink water, milk. Do not get dehydrated.If there are biscuits or fruits, eat them.

What does it mean when I get a call that says prison jail on the caller ID but it's totally silent when I pick up nobody says anything?

Could be a lot of different things….could be they just hung up, the call was dropped, or my favorite….my current girlfriend’s last boyfriend was sent to prison here in Washington state. After a while when he called her, it said the number had a “call block” for collect calls on it. She didn’t put the block in there. In fact, she went and changed the phone number. He called her at work asking why is there a call block on the number. She said that there wasn’t. So she had to change the number in order to be able for him to call her. He called the old number and it still said it had a “call block” on it when it should have said “disconnected”. The same way it did for everyone else that called her. So it was the prison’s way of tormenting him, which also messed with her. No “cruel and unusual punishment” existing there now , was there? When she asked about it they lied to her telling her, “Oh, we don’t do anything like that.” Motherfucking “good government” bullshitting fuckin’ liars!

Why are random people getting calls from my number even though I never make those calls and neither do they show in my call log? And how I do stop this?

This may be someone spoofing you, which is changing the caller ID their phone sends so that it's your number. The phone companies allow this; the legitimate use case is for a firm that owns a PBX (basically its own phone system) to set the caller ID to anything it wants, so e.g. returned calls all go to the same number.If the intent of the spoofing is to defraud whoever answers by pretending to be you, it's a crime. You can report it the FCC, see Spoofing and Caller ID .There is, or used to be, an odd attitude in the phone company (I know firsthand about AT&T) that the payer for a phone call gets to control the identifying information. So for caller ID, the person making the call pays, so they get to control the caller ID. ANI is a similar system that identifies the callers of 800 numbers (toll free numbers) to the companies they call. The callers cannot change their ANI information, the stated reason being it's the receiver who pays for the call.

How can you prank call someone without having the caller id show up?

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! i just did it and she called me downstairs to her saying, was that you who just called me?i said no and now shes all confused HAHA i love prank calls

How can people call my cell phone and the caller ID shows it's me calling?

It’s called “Caller ID spoofing.” There are electronic devices that let the user display ANYTHING on Caller ID (for example, your number, “US Government” or “000–000–0000”). There are probably ways to program such devices so they automatically display the number they’re calling. I have no idea if they’re legal or not, but people who make telemarketing scam phone calls obviously don’t care about legality.

Some stranger called me with no caller id?

Ok I'm 14 and I'm a guy and about a half hour ago I was watching YouTube on my phone and I got a call from a no caller id. My mom uses "no caller id" so I thought it was my mom. When I picked it up I said hello and I instantly heard some sort of talking in the background than I heard some noises. It kinda sounds like a girl. It sounded like two people having sex which made it really awkward. I instantly hung up and started freaking out. Since my mom was home where I was I went to her and she was on her computer on a work call and she says she never called me. I'm afraid that whoever called me did it intentionally and I'm scared they are gonna come find me or something like that. I tried to get more info on the caller but it has no caller id. The call only lasted like 10 seconds as well. I'm really scared now what should I do? I haven't been called back yet but I'm scared of being tracked down!

Has your caller ID ever identified the incoming call as your own name and phone #?

Back 5 years ago, when we had a land line, we used to get calls that our caller ID showed as our number. There was never anyone on the line. This went on for about a year and a half. We were getting these calls a couple times a month, and eventually stopped picking up. Ma Bell couldn't do anything about the calls, and we eventually changed to a cell phone for home.