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What are some slang terms used among police officers?

The most derogatory terms for the bad guys and citizens who are just pains in the rectum:A.H. = Adam Henry (A-dam H-enry) If you don’t get it…..sometimes you will hear it as “Jack Hole”… what starts with an “A” that ends with HOLE ?RICHARD CRANIUM= What starts with a “D” and is a nickname for Richard ? What is the non-medical layman’s term for the Cranium ? Do these clues HEAD you in the right direction ?

Guns and Firearms: How dangerous are modern air rifles?

It depends on the projectile and pressure. Most modern airguns are small-caliber and moderate velocity, similar in performance to a .22 Long Rifle in power- a 5.5mm, 3gr conical lead bullet travelling approximately 400m/sec. Lethal, potentially, but not tremendously damaging without hitting something vital.However, there are larger caliber airguns that fire heavier projectiles. The famous Austrian Windbusche repeater was 13mm, or .51 caliber. Modern hunting-type airguns are available in a plethora of calibers, and while not as popular as cartridge firearms, still quite viable as hunting rifles under appropriate circumstances- they were extremely popular at the turn of the century for poachers due to a relatively quiet discharge, and are frequently used for pest and small game hunting worldwide, and models in larger calibers can be used to take deer and boar quite effectively.However, mechanically, the pneumatic rifle holds two distinct disadvantages to a cartridge firearm- they're relatively limited in terms of power due to the speed and pressure at which compressed gas can be discharged, and they're mechanically complex compared to a cartridge firearm, with more wear-prone components such as seals and valves.Basically, the advent of cartridge firearms using smokeless powder simply evolved the platform to be more robust and powerful than the airgun by a wide enough margin there's been little interest in them since.

As a conservative, do you distrust the "main-stream-media", and if so, do you trust Fox News? As a Liberal, do you distrust Fox News, and if so, do you trust the "main-stream-media"?

First off, even though my current views align about 90% with “liberals", I am not a “liberal". I call myself an “anti powerist”. (I wish I could come up with a less silly word for it). I believe in a balance of powers.I was a libertarian for about 20 years because I felt the government had too much power (I grew up in the era of Nixon). Now I'm a democrat, partially because I feel business and the rich have too much power. But more than anything, it finally dawned on me that the poor, handicapped and weird have always had far too little power and it's getting much, much worse recently.FOX? They pretty much are the “main-stream-media". They may have started out as the opposition to the big 3 (CBS, ABC, NBC), but they are completely dominant now. I not only know they're ridiculously slanted and grossly inaccurate, they have the strongest tendency to sensationalize the news. That's what the “main-stream-media” does. That's their raison d'être. Ever since the fairness doctrine was eliminated and broadcasting companies were expected to make a profit off of the news instead of treating it as a community service, they have to provide entertainment. Sensationalism, fear, hatred and anger draws eyeballs and makes money.You can't get real news from “main-stream-media”. As much as I love some of the MSNBC shows, I do tire of the constant excessive emphasis on what the bad guys have done. If you want actual news you can only get it in print with an occasional smattering of PBS and BBC.But FOX is much worse than any of them.One thing that some people seem to think is indicative of an “unbiased" slant, is when they present the “good” side of what trump does. They actually praise trump when he does things that normal, decent people do! That's bad! Believe it or not, yes, that's bad! When you're dealing with a poorly behaved child, you have to do that in order to gradually adjust their behavior. But when you're dealing with a world power, treating normallity as praiseworthy defines normallity and goodness downwards. I have seen almost nothing trump does as “good" so I refuse to define the “normal" things he's done as good.

What is American dream?

Immigrants to America, especially during the industrial era, came from countries where regardless of their work and effort, they were still starving and poor. The idea of the American Dream is that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That in America, anyone can own property, start a business, educate their children, etc. If you work hard and want it bad enough, you can rise higher and higher. Whether that means having all the things you mentioned, or just having a decent home and taking a vacation once in a while without having to file bankruptcy in the process.

Are there any trillionaires?

NO. There are no trillionaire’s.Even though if you ask for trillionaire families, you would find that the wealthiest Rothschild family - Wikipedia is considered to be only around $400 billion.Now coming onto the current richest people on 01/01/2017 are,Bill Gates - $83.7 billion2. Amancio Ortega - $73.3 billion3. Warren Buffett - $73 billion4. Jeff Bezos - $64.9 billion5. Carlos Slim Helu - $49.6 billion6. Mark Zuckerberg - $48.4 billion7. Larry Ellison - $47.7 billion8. Charles Koch - $43.5 billion9. David Koch - $43.5 billion10. Michael Bloomberg - $40.3 billion